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- Hide Preview | 25 Comments | submitted 7 months ago by rad_dynamic [Post Locked]

met up with a girl at her place, she looked a bit chunky but nothing too bad. she was wearing a baggy hoodie and very very tight jeans. her legs looked alright and her arse was pretty big.

came to escalating, and I took her hoodie off. I realised why it was so baggy, it was hiding all the her fat. she was literally a fucking land whale. I didn't know it was possible to hide this much fat, I was immediately turned off. I wanted to stop escalating but the bitch was already sucking my dick so I thought why not lol. luckily her parents came home before it came to fucking her and we was cut short.

I was attracted to this girl until I saw how much fucking fat she was hiding under her baggy clothes. disgusting. i didn't know what to do, I wanted to stop but I didn't want to be a massive dick and stop her as she was into me.

are all girls this deceiving? I can't believe it.

[-] oytrp 131 Points 7 months ago

Any girl hiding her body is telling you she is fat.

You were not catfished.

[-] kylerosa21 83 Points 7 months ago

“If they have it, they’ll flaunt it”

[-] CocaineOnYourClit 89 Points 7 months ago

Lmao thanks for the laughter

[-] alphabachelor 14 Points 7 months ago


On the positive, you learned a fat girl tell to save you from future disgust, OP.

[-] TheTrenTrannyTrain 64 Points 7 months ago

Anytime the Tinder photos only show her face, she's a landwhale.

[-] rad_dynamic 22 Points 7 months ago

no dude, you don't understand. I thought she was just slightly chucky ALL THE TIME UNTIL I GOT HER NAKED.

I've seen the girl before IN PERSON and I had no idea how FUCking fat she was. she catfished me in person with her clothes.

[-] TheTrenTrannyTrain 27 Points 7 months ago

Oh shit, that's a whole different level of deceiving.

It's only in movies that a really hot girl will wear baggy clothes.

[-] rad_dynamic 13 Points 7 months ago

yeah. I went to her house, she was wearing a over sized hoodie. I'm pretty sure 90% of girls lounge around in oversized "boyfriend"(that's what they call em) hoodies cos they're comfy as fuck. last thing I was thinking I'd that she's hiding 60 pounds.

[-] HIJKelemenoP 36 Points 7 months ago

Reverse the roles. You were raped.

[-] Zhartho 0 Points 7 months ago

Worst if he was drugged... "the fuck is this sharp pain in my abdominal.. holy shit! move bitch!"

[-] empatheticapathetic 28 Points 7 months ago

Send her a link to r/keto

[-] Mescalean 6 Points 7 months ago

I second this

[-] xddm2653 19 Points 7 months ago

Put a bag over her upper body

[-] IncognitoMaster91 14 Points 7 months ago

A big bag*

[-] Rosace_89 1 Point 7 months ago

just put the bag on your own head to preserve your eyesight

[-] fashfront 15 Points 7 months ago

I like the attitude lmao

[-] IncognitoMaster91 13 Points 7 months ago

Been there done fat.

[-] ReddJive 5 Points 7 months ago

I am surprised you are even having this revelation.

Women will demand everything from you. You must be over 6 foot, have your shit together, own your car, your house, be a man.

Meanwhile get the point.

What this post tells me in your hubris you decided to break or at least bend the rules a bit. Her pictures she sent you were designed and taken to hide the worse of her, or were older pictures. If you followed the TRP rules of online dating this would not have happened,

How do I know?

I myself, in my ego, figured that since I knew the rules I could bend them. I am a man I know the consequences of my actions. I accept them.

I do not recommend this path. Though recovered quickly it was an unnecessarily lesson. TRP has rules for a reason. They are not just made up.

[-] rad_dynamic 2 Points 7 months ago

Even in real life, I had no idea how fucking fat this bitch was. I had seen this girl a couple times before IN PERSON. I knew she was relatively big, chunky, I'm okay with that if they're hot enough. but she was beyond chunky. She was morbidly obese and she hid it to me IN PERSON until the clothes came off. girls are weird, man.

[-] The_Guy_in_the_Glass 3 Points 7 months ago

That's why you always, always carry a bag of flour. I prefer wheat flour cause it's cheap. So before going to pound town, you cover all of her sweet hugeness in the flour. The flour now will enable you to find her gate of pleasure between all of this flabby goodness because you can easily spot where the flour is wet and sticky in texture.

I have personally tested this and guarantee it to work up to about 600 lbs of heavenly pleasure.

[-] Flintblood 2 Points 7 months ago

I would much rather someone present themselves with a different name, career, or age rather then presenting themselves looking like a completely different person, i.e. a thinner person

[-] MattyAnon 1 Point 7 months ago

I wanted to stop but I didn't want to be a massive dick and stop her as she was into me.

So you prioritised her over you? Why??

are all girls this deceiving? I can't believe it.

Basically yes, but not all are this fat.

[-] casemodz 1 Point 7 months ago

Listen brother...don't ever put the feelings of a female over yours. You can be nice about it: "I didn't know you were hiding that much, I'm sorry but I can't continue"

[-] kayfab 1 Point 7 months ago

hahah that made me laugh yup remember the push up bras, where the girl remove it and her boobs sag to the floor,,,,,, i got dressed a few times and left the cheap hotel room

[-] SummerThenWinter 1 Point 7 months ago

Lmao bruv this happened to me too. Made me realize just how deceptive girls' clothes can be.