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- Hide Preview | 25 Comments | submitted 10 months ago by rad_dynamic [Post Locked]

met up with a girl at her place, she looked a bit chunky but nothing too bad. she was wearing a baggy hoodie and very very tight jeans. her legs looked alright and her arse was pretty big.

came to escalating, and I took her hoodie off. I realised why it was so baggy, it was hiding all the her fat. she was literally a fucking land whale. I didn't know it was possible to hide this much fat, I was immediately turned off. I wanted to stop escalating but the bitch was already sucking my dick so I thought why not lol. luckily her parents came home before it came to fucking her and we was cut short.

I was attracted to this girl until I saw how much fucking fat she was hiding under her baggy clothes. disgusting. i didn't know what to do, I wanted to stop but I didn't want to be a massive dick and stop her as she was into me.

are all girls this deceiving? I can't believe it.