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- Hide Preview | 79 Comments | submitted 10 months ago by stokacanec [Post Locked]

I have a great career (tech, spoke at many international conferences) and average looks. But I've had trouble with girls all my life, even after discovering TRP.

What boggles my mind is that most of my friends and people I know don't care much about self-improvement and don't know about TRP, yet they have no trouble getting girls.

They don't "spin plates", but easily jump from LTR to LTR. I have many friends that have been 5+ years relationships, they don't lift and their hobbies include stuff like gaming and watching anime. Their GFs are good-looking as well.

I like to ask them "how did you meet your SO?", and the answers are usually: "at school", "at work", "got introduced by friends". There's no going out and cold approaching 20 girls per day, or attempting to game any girl in sight. No Tinder or no online dating. The "don't shit where you eat" rule is constantly broken.

When they break up and we talk about it, I can recognize many BP mistakes they made. Yet they had 5+ years of sex and love. I would happily trade my TRP knowledge for that.

Why do most people not need TRP?

The only advantage I can recognize they have over me is a more natural upbringing. My mother was abusive and my parents divorced early, I had a terrible childhood of conflict between my mom and my dad's families and my dad was mostly never available. Is it possible that I am "fucked up" because of this, without realizing it?