I’ve never posted a question in this sub until now, however, I do give advice too the younger generation of men with legit questions. Now, with that said, I see a lot of responses “downing” each other. Stuff like “that’s fucking beta AF” or “cause you’re a pussy”. I don’t understand the point of this... Do you think it makes you more alpha?

From an older males standpoint these type of comments do not make you look or seem alpha at all. In fact when I see answer/insults such as these, I imagine a fat ass wearing tighty whities, a stained wife beater shirt, with a face that is acne ridden covered in sporadic patches of what he deems a beard and Cheetos. Probably sitting in a dark room in his mother’s basement.

If you can’t give a decent answer/help/advice, then why bash? Does it make you feel better about yourself? Why not read the post and skip it if you have nothing valuable too share?