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- Hide Preview | 124 Comments | submitted 4 years ago by raredare359 [Post Locked]

Some dude nicely asked for suggestions on how to improve his face. I guess that sounds strange to the average person but I understood what he was trying to say. Some asshole spent more time shitting on him than contributing anything of substance, which caused OP to delete the topic and lowered his low self esteem even further. I understand anything goes in this Subreddit, which I agree with, however - I think that topic could have been a good opportunity for me to not only HELP him but to also help other people who might otherwise think they're ugly to reconsider that assumption. Just because the vast majority of the female population ignores you doesn't mean your DOOMED to ugliness, it just means you have work to do.

Here is the response that I spent way too much time typing.

25 year old gay male here. You painted a horror story in the description but you're not that bad. Nice eyes, fullish lips, 5'10, no overly bad facial features, and the dark hair/dark eye combo is generally well received. We can work with this. Your issue isn't your face, rather - it's everything else.

  • First things first: Your hair looks really greasy. I don't know why - are you using hair product? If so, get rid of it and get a new one because it's not working. I suggest one (or both) of the following: American Crew Molding Clay or American Crew Forming Cream.

  • I've tried at least 10 different hair products and this is by far my favorite brand and I have been using it for at least 3 years now. I'm picky as fuck too. These products will give you a styled look without looking like you're trying to style your hair...which is good, because if you're making it too obvious you're trying to look good then it ends up having the opposite effect.

  • Don't put too much product in because you need less than you think. Your hair won't look greasy with this stuff. The Molding Clay is high hold and medium shine, while the forming cream is medium hold with shine. The level of shine on BOTH products (but ESPECIALLY the forming cream) is dependent on how wet your hair is prior to applying the product. If you have slightly damp hair while doing so, your hair will have that "sexy just woke up from bed look" without actually looking like you just woke up. The wetter your hair, the stronger the "shine" will be. Once you get the hang of applying the product, you can make your hair look WET (yet with a strong hold) rather than "shiny".

  • Wet hair looks good because it often darkens the color and it will make a big difference when you combine that with your tan skin and dark eyes. It can literally take you from being a kid with dark features to being "exotic looking". If what I am saying sounds like another language, just accept it as truth because I know what I'm talking about. Keep playing around with this and find the "perfect amount" because it makes a big, big difference.

  • If you're not wearing hair product then you need to wash it. Wash it about two or three times a week but don't overdue it because I can tell from looking at your skin that you're prone to dry scalp and dandruff will show very easily with your hair color. I've never dealt with dandruff but I heard Head and Shoulders works really well.

  • If washing it doesn't fix the problem then it's obviously just your natural hair. Which brings me to my next suggestion:

  • Regardless of whether or not it was hair product or grease, I recommend cutting your hair shorter. You have what I call "straw hair", which can only be described as being similar to the texture of straw. By going just a little bit shorter it will look much, much better. HOWEVER - if you're able to get rid of the greasy look while still maintaing a straw texture then keeping it the same length can look good if you style it differently.

  • Based on what your hair looks like now, I think some sort of variation of the style below isn't too much of a stretch and would look good: Here.

  • I'm unable to pick up your vibe and I have no idea who you are though so hairstyles are tricky because they can be awkward if they don't match your personality. I feel like a style like this gives off a clean, confident vibe.

  • I recommend speaking to a hair stylist because they generally make recommendations based on the total package....and if I had to recommend further, go to a gay male stylist. Men are visual. There is a reason the best stylist in the world are often Men and it has nothing to do with the "Patriarchy". A gay guy will know what works, what doesn't, and what would look good on you. To be totally honest, a female hairstylist won't give a fuck and will say whatever. A gay guy will make it his personal mission to maximize your sex appeal if you ask him to. (Ironically...that is what I'm trying to do right now.)

  • Another big issue is your skin texture but I think it can easily be corrected. I'm going to give you a very easy skin routine to try out and I believe it will make a HUGE difference over the course of a few days. Not even exaggerating, you'll see a big difference 10 minutes after doing it.

  • Get this Toner: Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Formula.

  • Splash a tiny amount in your hand and rub it on your face every morning or every night, whatever you prefer. It is going to dry the FUCK out of your skin and minimize the size of your pores...immediately giving you smoother skin. It's also going to strip away any oil build up - which is great for people who get blackheads on their nose....and you, sir, are definitely prone to oil build up.

  • You WILL feel your skin as being very dry and tight after doing that so it's important to follow up with some Aloe Vera. The product I use (and recommend) is this: Earth's Daughter Aloe Vera Gel for Skin and Hair.

  • Apply that right after the toner and it's going to restore the "normal" feeling to your face while also moistourizing it, which is important because skin that is too dry can respond negatively after using the Toner (your face will go overkill on producing oils to restore the balance which will then cause you to break out). The aloe vera goes on like water and you won't feel like you're wearing lotion. It's also completely natural and doesn't block your skin. It is truly the most perfect skin product.

  • This is going to come off as really gay but hear me out on this because your skin is in desperate need of being exfoliated - which removes dead skin cells, promotes an even skin tone, and helps to smooth everything out. It makes a BIG difference. These are the only gloves I could find that come in semi masculine colors but they're cheap, quick and make a very VISIBLE difference. Just put them on and scrub your face. Earth Therapeutics Hydro Exfoliating Gloves.

  • I have no idea what your teeth look like but something tells me they're not pearly white. Get Crest White Strips or get them whitened at a dentist. Very clean, white looking teeth make a huge difference and are one of the first things people notice.

  • Fixing your greasy hair and uneven skin tone will make a bigger difference than you can possibly comprehend. Combining that with shorter hair or another hairstyle that looks good yet accurately reflects your personality can easily bump you from your current rating of 4/10 to at least a 5/10. If you get rid of that shirt and purchase a more appealing wardrobe and subsequently develop a more confident persona because of your improved appearance, you could reach a 6. If you bulk up and add some weight, you could even hit a 7. 5'10, dresses nice, clean & sharp haircut, nice skin, with an average to lean body can make a sizable difference in your sexual market value. You will go from being IGNORED to having options...especially if you continue mastering the Red Pill.

  • You're not're just not utilizing your features properly.
[-] thor_away92 112 Points 4 years ago

I'll take some aesthetics advice from a gay dude.

You should cook up a post for TRP main sub?

[-] raredare359 82 Points 4 years ago

Alright. I have some ideas about what to talk about. Stay tuned.

[-] [deleted] 26 Points 4 years ago


[-] ajhiggs 7 Points 4 years ago

Yeah, you could get paid doing this. Excellent writing.

[-] RPmatrix 15 Points 4 years ago

thanks for caring enough and taking the time you did doing this brOP, it's great to see men who know helping men who want to



[-] IWontpayyourprice666 13 Points 4 years ago

step 1: Lift step 2: find gay male stylist

[-] ThrowingMyslfOutther 2 Points 4 years ago

Step 3 ??? Step 4 profit

[-] BoTuLoX 7 Points 4 years ago

Step 3: You went gay for your stylist

Step 4: Go to /fit/ and join the no-homo crowd.

[-] RPSigmaStigma 8 Points 4 years ago

TRPs very own gay fashion writer. Fabulous! :)

[-] Kiltmanenator 5 Points 4 years ago

Never visited TRP community subs before. I found this on /r/all/gilded. I'd be interested in your thoughts.

[-] raredare359 28 Points 4 years ago

Welcome. Stay involved and really make an effort to learn. TRP is not a hate group - it's a community that cultivates a methodology of viewing the world through a REALISTIC lens outside of the brainwashing that modern society attempts to sell us on.

It will not only change your approach to women but it will force you to do some hard calculations about your own place and value to society (and subsequently women). You will come out a new man and I promise you, TRP will improve all aspects of your life - including, but not limited to, your career, your relationships and your relationships with other men.

[-] RPSigmaStigma 8 Points 4 years ago

and your relationships with other men.

I think this is a great point that a lot of guys here don't realize. It really does change the way you view and interact with other men.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 4 years ago

I would most definitely read this. Thanks!

Side note: I didn't know gay dudes actually read TRP. Good to see that they do.

[-] laere 1 Point 4 years ago

How often would you recommend a routine haircut?

[-] raredare359 14 Points 4 years ago
  • Depends on the style. If you're doing a close tight fade (i.e. 3 on the top, 1 on the sides) then I recommend getting a regular haircut to keep it fresh. Depending on the person, that can mean once a week or twice a month. A really tight fade is extremely masculine and can make a guy with a "beta bux" appearance take on a much more masculine role. You will notice an immediate change in the way people respond to you if you're rocking a military fade. Fades that are grown out don't look good so it's important to maintain it.

  • If you have some sort of longer hairstyle that generally involves scissors then you can get a haircut whenever you feel it's not looking good anymore.

  • I honestly am not sure if its easy for straight men to look at themselves and determine if it "looks good anymore". The reason I say that is because I am gay, and I am attracted to men, so I am capable of looking at myself and determining whether or not I would fuck a guy with hair like mine. I think straight men probably can but to ensure I'm providing clarity - I'll elaborate.

  • If you are not attractive or average in appearance, I recommend more frequent haircuts because if you can't sell them on your looks you can at least sell them on your cleanliness and attention to detail. If you were blessed with a face that is at least slightly above average, you have some leeway before an overgrown haircut goes from "An attractive guy that isn't obsessed with his appearance" to "omg what a lazy slob how dare this man try talking to me."

  • That is a double standard, yes, but it is what it is. Ugly guys need to maintain cleaner haircuts while good looking guys can let it grow a bit while maintaining the same sex appeal or becoming hotter (because it broadcasts that you don't care, and that is extremely hot).
[-] [deleted] 1 Point 4 years ago

Hi, I know I'm digging up an old thread, but do you mind if I inbox you a couple questions in regards to fashion advice? I don't want to get doxxed and would appreciate it.

[-] laere 1 Point 4 years ago

I go to a barber shop that just opened up down here. I guess you can call it "hipster" since they do a lot of sick fades and stuff that looks amazing. Regardless of what it's called they do some good shit for 20 bucks.

I usually get a super short fade on the sides and back, and still have hair up top I can comb to the side. Sort of like the picture you posted of that guy in the OP, but shorter.

Great advice, thanks.

[-] Merwebb 1 Point 4 years ago

Can confirm on the close tight fade effects on girls

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 4 years ago

what is a fade?

[-] ChadThundercockII 1 Point 4 years ago

Yeah bruh. I have no clue about this stuff, I would like a general guide for us dorky alpha-wanna be guys. Thanks man.

[-] BinglesTRP 16 Points 4 years ago

I don't know why - But I trust the advice of a gay man WAY more than I trust the advice of a woman. This is valuable information.

[-] pinstrap 59 Points 4 years ago

That guy is good looking. Fuck that guy who was a douche. A lot of the newcomers here are confusing asshole with giving direct, straight, and frank responses. I can tell a lot of people on this sub and some on the main sub are trying too fucking hard to come off as "alpha". Nothing wrong with being straightforward, but a lot of the newbies think that means being a douche.

[-] [deleted] 10 Points 4 years ago


[-] markyLEpirate 3 Points 4 years ago

Honestly I think this is true. What set the ball rolling was that stupid 4chan story about the guy letting his gf give a guy a bj cuz she lost at beer pong. It still fills me with rage, be it true or not

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 4 years ago


[-] markyLEpirate 5 Points 4 years ago

This one...

I was a party with my girlfriend and she was playing beer pong with this guy. I was pretty drunk and just sitting down, he made a bet that if she lost against him she would have to play the next round topless.

Next thing she loses- because she is bad - and ends up literally taking her tits out for everyone to see. Then the guy, presumably to try his luck, bet her that if she lost against she would have to suck his dick. My girlfriend turns to me and says "I know I can win this time! What do you say?"

I thought she was joking, so I just casually replied "Yea,whatever"

Then she loses again, and this ahole says something like "Hey, a bet's a bet." and my girlfriend responds with some bullcrap like "Well I am a woman of my word." Within the space of fifteen seconds she's literally on her knees, topless, sucking this guys dick. There was nothing I could do about it.

Because of that I just turned away and pretended to see nothing / try to not look like some beta fgot. Then after a couple of minutes I hear him saying "Go, show him. Let him see" and my girlfriend taps me on the shoulder, opens her mouth full of his cum, then closes it again and swallows in front of me.

[-] [deleted] 3 Points 4 years ago


[-] markyLEpirate 3 Points 4 years ago

It pushes me to be better than that always. I wouldn't have let it get to that point but I don't know how I would have acted in that situation

[-] a_nus 6 Points 4 years ago

It's one of the reasons I started losing faith in this sub. In recent months I've seen an increasing amount of asshole behavior circle jerking. I understand being an asshole is not mutually exclusive from being right, but a lot of circle jerking here takes place solely for being a little cunt.

[-] trpftw 2 Points 4 years ago

I'm pretty sure I read it in TRP.

bullying => insulting/disrespectful => condescension => assholes => cunts => douchebaggery => beta => low testosterone.

Correcting injustice => reasonable criticism => telling the truth without caring for backlash => being firm but understanding => being assertive => type A personality => alpha => high testosterone.

Some people seem to have it confused, and think bullying or condescending to people for not knowing something or not being good at something, is somehow alpha. You will see this all the time in like forums or TRP subreddits.

One guy will be an unnecessary disrespectful asshole, then another guy will have a similar message but phrase it right and show understanding to their situation. Difference between being hostile and being assertive/firm.

I think this sort of thing should be required reading in TRP-related subreddits in the sidebar. This is also why some people confuse misogyny with just being fair or logical (or misinterpret it when making judgments about TRP).

[-] a_nus 2 Points 4 years ago

A lot of noobs get the wrong message when they read "girls like assholes" or "assholes can get girls." It doesn't mean "be an asshole." It's only to illustrate how, despite being an asshole, a confident/assertive man will still be able to get women.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 4 years ago


[-] a_nus 2 Points 4 years ago

We must have a different definition of asshole then. What you call a "bitchy asshole" is probably what I mean when I say asshole. When a girl says "You're such an asshole" in an positive way, doesn't mean you're actually being an asshole. Which is what I think you mean. It just means you're playing the tease card right.

[-] trpftw 1 Point 4 years ago

great point. It's hard for people to understand nuance.

No one is saying be an asshole, just ask yourself why the assholes sometimes have success.

[-] rokr1292 16 Points 4 years ago

Can you start like, /r/queereyesforstraightguys or something?

Because I just read your entire post and almost all of it is very useful, surely not to just me either.

[-] Entershikari 13 Points 4 years ago

Quality post. And honestly original OP have more serious issue going in his head.

I mean I honestly find him above average in term of looks/build.

What years of game taught me is that it's all about attitude and Op should seriously work on a IDGAF attitude.

Getting bothered by getting weird look from babies is weak as fuck imo.

Stop getting so self conscious. Learn to love yourself seriously.

[-] [deleted] 5 Points 4 years ago

Man I just envisioned a frightened kid on a bus getting all awkwarded out by a baby looking at him. All sweaty and nervous.

[-] [deleted] 11 Points 4 years ago

Nice post.

I don't think he's unattractive.

He has nice hair. I wish I had a full head of hair.

His side profile is very masculine and the dark hair from the side looks thick and healthy.

The head, from the front, is narrow. However, he may be able to change that somewhat with a beard or a different hairstyle.

That said, I wonder what he would look like if he just turned his head slightly to the left or right. I think that might change the perspective and instantly improve his look.

Celebrities do this all the time. Take for instance Natalie Dormer (GOT, Tudors). It's rare to see her look straight into a camera. She's always looking off to her right or tilting her head diagonally.

Why does she do that? Because her right eye is noticeably lower than her left eye. Seriously, it's almost disconcerting if you look closely at her face because it is not symmetrical. She overcomes this by posing and looking at cameras in a way that flatters her best features while minimizing her worse.

So, he can change the way he looks at people. Just turning his head to reveal his best side can do a lot to maximize his best features. He does appear to have some asymmetry around the nose, filtrum, and mouth. Right now the face symmetry website isn't working, but if you have an app for your phone you can download his pic and see what I mean.

I'd also like to see what he looks like when he smiles, smirks, or frowns. I bet it transforms his face.

Personally, I don't think he's ugly by any standard and I suspect that he's really his worst critic. We all are our own worst critic.

[-] alagoshendi 1 Point 4 years ago

Hard to tell if it's the perspective of the shot or not, but his face looks slightly asymmetrical going diagonal up and left. I think it's exacerbated by his hairstyle also being swept up and left, which accentuates his face in that direction.

Hope we get some follow up posts!

[-] [deleted] 8 Points 4 years ago

I am the OP of that post.

/u/raredare359, I cannot give you enough thanks for posting this and giving me your great advice and feedback. This is definitely the most helpful thing I have ever got out of this community. In addition to hat, I have just returned from a haircut based off of your recommendations and bought all of the products you suggested.

Hopefully in the future, I will get around to posting a follow-up post that contains pictures of me after I have done all of the things that /u/raredare359 recommended after about a month.

As a guy that grew up with a weak father figure and an overbearing mother, I am extremely grateful to have you all and particularly this poster in a community like this for guidance and support. This sub has been one of the greatest things I have ever been a part of so far.

Thank you all and stay strong.

[-] _0x45_ 7 Points 4 years ago

Damn, now I want some advice! Will you do me if I pm you some pics?

[-] raredare359 3 Points 4 years ago

Ya fire away I'll get to it when I can.

[-] Stokestix 7 Points 4 years ago

You should create your own subreddit, cause I'm interested in some advice too :D

[-] raredare359 16 Points 4 years ago

I could possibly create a little website where myself and a few gay friends can provide feedback to men through a red pill lens. I'm very busy but I'll consider it.

I'm not opposed to another subreddit but I would imagine that turning into a shit show with people seeking advice all over Reddit. There would be an influx of advice that would NOT be recommended. I lack an ability to give suggestions outside of a Red Pill lens because I simply cannot tell a guy something would look good without explaining WHY - and that why can be controversial.

[-] blacwidonsfw 3 Points 4 years ago I'll make it for you ha

[-] Stokestix 2 Points 4 years ago

Excellent idea.

[-] trpftw 1 Point 4 years ago

Yes make sure to keep it in TRP perspective. It sounds like a great idea.

But also don't get your standards too high (or maybe mine are too low). But it's very easy to beef up your standards if you're always around very perfected men (maybe your friends). I may be completely wrong here, but it seemed a little weird to me that you called the original photo 4/10. Hopefully you won't take offense. What I mean is (random photo) is what I would conisder 3/10 or 4/10. I would consider this guy maybe 5/10 and only because of the nose otherwise 6. Again it might be my low standards or that I'm straight. But I do draw facial portraits.

I may be completely ignoring the skin problems. I don't even see anything serious other than some texturing issues from what looks like acne scars from teenage years.

reference: (1/10 ugly/disfigured/obese. 2/10 overweight/balding/odd-features. 9/10 or 10/10 model-like/great-hair/very muscular).

[-] EseJandro 1 Point 4 years ago


[-] hrm0894 1 Point 4 years ago

This guy is a mothafuckin beast

[-] pagansensei 2 Points 4 years ago

Your inbox might be flooded. Can I pm you some pics too?

[-] raredare359 3 Points 4 years ago

Sure. I have a lot in the inbox so don't nag me if I don't respond, I'll get to them all in time but I have a life outside of Reddit so keep that in mind.

[-] markyLEpirate 1 Point 4 years ago

You think you can suggest some thing for me? This one girl called my facial hair creepy but I won't shave it cuz I'll look 12, and i like it. I just think its my eye brows though lol

[-] raredare359 3 Points 4 years ago

Send picture and I'll get to it when I can.

[-] [deleted] 7 Points 4 years ago

This is going to come off as really gay but (...)

I utterly lost it here. Time to find me a gay hairdresser.

[-] ajhiggs 1 Point 4 years ago

Is there a directory for this? I think it'll be more entertaining just calling salons asking if they have any gays on payroll.

[-] raredare359 3 Points 4 years ago

I'm speaking in generlizations of course but for the most part - if you see a guy as a hair stylist (not a barber) you can probably assume he's gay. If he's not gay, he's still a guy and I would trust his recommendations over a females because they have all sorts of motives when giving feedback that have absolutely nothing to do with maximizing your sexual appeal.

[-] trpftw 1 Point 4 years ago

Where do you find them, just any salon or is there specific kinds? I almost always see women working in salons. And wouldn't it be expensive? I can't imagine getting even monthly haircuts at $50+.

[-] [deleted] 3 Points 4 years ago

That would be a law suit waiting to happen. I'll be discrete.

[-] [deleted] 6 Points 4 years ago

Regarding exfoliating gloves - I use them in the shower, with body wash, twice a week. (Otherwise its like sandpaper.). Exfoliating the whole body gets rid of dead skin, smooths skin out, and removes hiding places for bacteria that cause body odour.

And I would suggest going to the gym too.

[-] [deleted] 3 Points 4 years ago

Do u do these on your Dick and balls? Srs

[-] raredare359 2 Points 4 years ago

I do it over my whole body too. It would help a lot with back acne also if you can reach your shoulders. I personally do not do it on my dick and balls.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 4 years ago


[-] BPtoRP 6 Points 4 years ago

Hope he sees this and it doesn't get flushed down the comments: grow a beard. The right way.

I've recommended this many times and it saved many a beard, just like it saved mine when I started: trim, never shave. Some beards, like mine and from the looks of it the guy in the photos, are patchy because some hairs grow much faster than others. Some hairs grow in 3 days, others in 3 months. The solution: keep trimming the fast hairs at a steady short length to maintain a clean professional look. By time, as long as you don't clean shave, your slow hairs will catch up, and you'll increase your trim level one bit, until they catch up with that, and before you know it, within a have a full beard. Tried, proven, recommended, hope it gets out there more.

[-] Jessie_James 5 Points 4 years ago

I understand anything goes in this Subreddit

Actually, the rules say:

Please be constructive, it's ok to make mistakes.

And to that end, anyone who is an asshole in here is probably some pissed of woman, so I disregard them.

[-] DKRises 5 Points 4 years ago

Would be nice if we knew the guy's username so we could get his attention... considering he deleted his profile (possible throwaway) he might not come back here now.

Going through penguin_says_slide's profile I'm quite surprised by the comment... most of everything else he's said (from what I see) has been generally positive. Not sure wtf spurred his moment of rage hate to make that comment.

[-] raredare359 3 Points 4 years ago

I agree. I hope he sees it as well.

[-] alexkitsune 5 Points 4 years ago

Can I make a little commentary on your product recommendations?

I'd avoid using toner and harsh products that leave your skin feeling "Squeaky clean" over time these products will just in turn have your skin produce more oil, because it is constantly being stripped of its horny layer.

A good starter face wash I recommend and so does my dermatologist-- cerave foaming cleanser. They also make a good follow up lotion called cerave PM. The AM one has sunscreen in it, and the tub formula is catastrophic, wouldn't recommend.

As far as exfoliating goes, physical exfoliation isn't generally recommended (Why that St. Ives apricot crap is garbage) because it causes micro tears where more bacteria can form in the skin. If a basic face washing and lotion 2x a day isn't clearing up most of your problems, a dermatologist can prescribe tretinoin. Which makes drastic improvements in about three months. You can also use a salicylic acid like Stridex redbox to perform chemical exfoliation--its a milder version of tretinoin.

As far as hair goes, the original OP looks like he has very dry hair. Which could explain some of the frizz he has going on. I would recommend a milder version of shampoo called a co-wash, which has the consistency of conditioner but the cleaning power of shampoo. Its really great for short hair and gets the job done without stripping everything off the hair and leaving it crazy. This is a fairly good and inexpensive product to work as a cowash. It also has a very neutral smell. You just pump a quarter sized amount, massage your scalp, and rinse clean.

[-] raredare359 5 Points 4 years ago

I am sure your recommendations work very well but I consider dermatologists to be extreme. I also can't imagine taking medication and I'm not a fan of non-natural products. So, for example, you referenced St. Ive's apricot scrub which is a product I would never use because the same thing can be accomplished by the exfoliating glove - and I have yet to have a "micro tear".

I mean nothing offensively by this, honest, but a micro tear sounds like something I would read in a Cosmopolitan magazine although I am sure it is a real (albeit rare) occurrence.

I somehow find rubbing a rough glove over my face less invasive than other procedures. To be totally honest, I almost find going to such great lengths like that is "gay".

Keep in mind I am gay and I can't accurately explain why I feel that way...but I do. Men who exert too much effort in looking hot are usually not hot because they're spending too much time picking up beauty prescriptions than they are doing something legit productive.

A glove, some toner, and some aloe are the most bare-bone basic ingredients to having silky smooth skin. You can retain some sense of masculinity while still taking care of yourself.

Thanks for the input. If the simple measures above don't assist people then perhaps they could explore more drastic alternatives if necessary.

[-] alexkitsune 3 Points 4 years ago

Its fairly basic. The tretinoin is a prescription cream, not accutane. Its actually relatively common and hardly drastic.

And the funny thing is, micro tears are called micro because you can't see them. Its just adding damage and bacteria to your skin for immediate "silky smooth" gratification.

The whole routine both you way and mine take only a few minutes, using either 2-3 products. I'm just sharing alternate input from a professional point of view, not homeopathic. Seeing as you're OK with neutrogena cerave should be fine with you too. It isn't emasculating, they're drug store products. That just happen to be better in the long run for your skin. Caring about yourself isn't feminine.

I've had to go to the derm for multiple reasons, and I too take advice with a grain of salt. But I've had a drastic improvement with these products. With everyone, YMMV.

[-] [deleted] 4 Points 4 years ago


[-] raredare359 4 Points 4 years ago

Yeah I definitely type gay.

I don't act, sound, or look gay in real life but I guess that makes sense because being gay is a mental thing. Not to get philosophical, just trying to analyze how I could be so masculine in real life while still clearly typing like a gay dude.

Thanks for the brain puzzle.

[-] bicepsblastingstud 2 Points 4 years ago

It didn't come off that way to me, actually.

[-] raredare359 2 Points 4 years ago

I do think I have a tendency to type with more emotion to help get a particular point across.

For example - up above I said: "they totally understand why women are hypergamous etc..."

I don't think a straight guy would casually use the word "totally", but I think I subconsciously did it so that I could sound like a female. I have no idea, I'm overthinking this. It's hard to articulate but basically gay men are exactly like men but I'm noticing that we have an ability to "flip the switch" and turn on our hamster brain at opportune moments. By default - we are men, but there is some sort of aspect to the gay brain that is different but I don't fully understand. If you look at lesbians, they have a tendency to be manly but their relationships are filled with so much fucking drama it is unreal. Also - if two lesbians hook up, they are immediately partnered and the thought of casual hook ups is a foreign concept to them. They have a joke in their community: "What do lesbians and stamps have in common? One lick and they stick."

[-] flungpooo 4 Points 4 years ago

Hell of a post, sir.

Kudos to you for class and trying to help the dude out.

[-] Nodeal_reddit 4 Points 4 years ago

Stupid question maybe, but is TRP applicable for gay dudes?

[-] raredare359 17 Points 4 years ago

Yes- very. It made me realize that straight men often have a difficult time communicating in "hamster" while I've noticed gay people are able to switch between the two "languages" of men and women at ease. Meaning, we're able to see both sides of the perspective very easily because we're familiar with both mentalities. Gay men speak the language of men, because they are exactly like men, but they also speak fluent hamster because they totally understand why women would be hypergamous and have high standards if men continued throwing themselves at us (because they do).

Everything that you use here on The Red Pill can be used to game other gay men because, just like women, they're attracted to alphas. You need to game gay men for RELATIONSHIPS, not sex, because it can be hard to get a guy to remain interested. Hard to explain, but trust's very relevant.

Just take a look at the common occurrence for gay guys to date people who look so similar they could pass as brothers or twins. More often than not, gay men will date men of a similar education level, of a similar height to within one or two inches, and of similar net worth and other contributing value factors. Quite literally - gay men will only give up their promiscuous life style to date gay men who are the exact same in social value. This is the men do not settle for the sake of settling when sex is so abundant.

Differences in value occur between men and women because of differences in gender and different interpretations...but for gay men, it's very similar, much more obvious, and yet different. That's why I love the Red Pill. It's like living in reality with a small group of like minded people. I am playing the same game just with unique rules.

[-] Nodeal_reddit 1 Point 4 years ago

Sounds like you need to moderate a new group /r/GAYREDPILL.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 4 years ago

/r/altTRP has existed for a while.

[-] favours_of_the_moon 3 Points 4 years ago

You look fine imo.

Sounds like some people have gotten inside your head. Tell them to fuck off.

[-] ajhiggs 3 Points 4 years ago

Op, you're a God damn hero for posting this. So many of us have issues similar to this guy's and even if someone can't relate, the tips you're giving are absolute gold. Super on point. You're completely right about female stylists. Girls are almost incapable of giving honest advice about this and when they think they are, it seems to fluctuate day to day. How do you scout out gay hair stylists?

[-] prodigy2throw 3 Points 4 years ago

What about the eyebrows? Should they be trimmed or is that a bit much?

[-] raredare359 6 Points 4 years ago

In this case, no. Retaining some imperfections is hotter than too-obviously eliminating promotes a "I don't give a fuck attitude."

If your eyebrows really are an issue and could benefit from a clean up, don't overdo it and play it safe. Well done eye brows that aren't overly shaped can make a HUGE impact on the look of your face.

As a gay man who is the polar opposite of the stereotype you might assume - I specifically and explicitly tell my straight barber to do my eyebrows but not make them look gay.

I don't have to say anything more than that because they get it and I have never left a barber shop embarrassed over overdone eyebrows - which I commonly see happen to straight men who attempt manscaping and then look meteosexual when they overdo it.

[-] The-Ban-Hammer 3 Points 4 years ago

Red Pill is great in that it rarely pulls punches.

Red Pill is sometimes not so great because guys think they're being red pill or alpha by insulting people, like the original original poster.

The guy is not a bad looking guy. Just generic and skinny, but that's a good foundation from which to start.

[-] AnotherAmen 3 Points 4 years ago

Well, now I know what to do about my blackheads, thank you!

[-] Anomagnus 3 Points 4 years ago

Jesus Christ man, that was an awesome post. You took some SERIOUS time out to help someone. The ask section trp is supposed to be an area of support (which can be very rough sometimes), but flat out abuse helps no one.

Great job

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 4 years ago

OP, do you have some tips for acne scars on face?

[-] alexkitsune 5 Points 4 years ago

Not OP but aha wipes generally help that kind of thing, as well as some peels.

Thats a good starter product, as far as peels go lactic acid is fairly mild for first time users, you're looking for something to chemically exfoliate the top layer of skin.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 4 years ago

Hey man,

I don't have it here to buy, and can't order from amazon cause fags don't want to ship here

[-] alexkitsune 1 Point 4 years ago

What country are you in?

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 4 years ago


[-] raredare359 1 Point 4 years ago

I've never had acne scars so at this point I have no personal recommendations.

If it were me - my first thought would be to try sleeping with a little bit of olive oil. Maybe try some lemon juice. I just asked my mother (who at 48 years old still gets cat called and is very in tune with beauty shit) and she recommended raw tomatoes.

If it's not immediately obvious, we stick with natural products that are usually more effective, cost less, and are well reviewed because of results (not marketing).

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 4 years ago


[-] raredare359 2 Points 4 years ago

Interesting - I've always had good results with lemons. I did a Google search to see if there was any truth to that and the first result on rates it a 4/5.

The reviews also frequently mention a reduction in acne scars, which is interesting because that is his problem area. In my opinion - I'd at least try it.

[-] goemon45 2 Points 4 years ago

Saving this

[-] SexistFlyingPig 2 Points 4 years ago

Big upvote for the queer eye for the straight guy.

[-] ItIsMyPrivilege 2 Points 4 years ago

+1 for skin routines.

I would recommend some kind of day cream. Some sort of "Oil Balancing cream"

I use it to keep the skin oil down, as well as use toner and a face wash and an exfoliate twice a week. I knew a gay dude who worked in cosmetics at nordstrom and he gave me the tips for what I should do to keep my facial skin healthy. No shame in having a face routine, it's just like any other. Also, if you're like me and suffer from some acne still at 23, you won't give a fuck what anyone says about having face products. Clear skin > some people judging you based on whats on your counter in your bathroom.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 4 years ago

Refreshing to see some grooming self-improvement. TBH it's very rare to see a gay man that isn't good looking. I wonder if it's a genetic correlation between being good looking and being gay or if it's the ability that gay men have to groom themselves. I think it's the latter.

Face can definitley be improved! In some months I improved my face aesthetics by:

  • Whiten my teeth
  • Cleared my mild acne
  • Slightly natural tan
  • Body fat - this is a huge one, especially for guys who have a naturally round face

Physically, you can still be lean and muscled, good posture and clothes/style. I'm working those right now. Men can improve a lot physically!

However let's not neglect game (inner game, confidence, social skills). Like Rollo said, Looks, Assets and Game. All important, and we should thrive to maximize all of them.

[-] redpillersinparis 2 Points 4 years ago

Wow I thought he's extremely ugly based on the stories he told. He's not even ugly wtf

[-] Chaohinon 2 Points 4 years ago

Re: oily skin and hair, switching to Dr. Bronners (orange bottle) for bodywash/shampoo has been a tremendous game changer. No vaulting between being overly dry or oily, no need for conditioner, get to wash as often as I want without getting too dry, etc.

And it comes with bonus crazy new age ramblings all over the bottle.

[-] SexistFlyingPig 1 Point 4 years ago


[-] drallcom3 1 Point 4 years ago

American Crew isn't that good. Claymation for example is much better and worth the price. Your hair is after all the only visible thing that you have to style.

The wiki of the SkincareAddiction subreddit is also very good for facial care.

[-] -robknows- 1 Point 4 years ago

Can you do me now? I'll pm you racy pictures in return :p

edit to the racy pictures offer: I have a 6 pack, big thighs, big ass and a nice unit ;)

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 4 years ago

We need way more gay men in our sub. Also going to see a gay stylist asap.

[-] caius_iulius_caesar 1 Point 4 years ago

He's an attractive guy.

[-] 5t3fan0 1 Point 4 years ago

thank you very much for putting your time and effort in doing this. im sure it will help many as it will help me *brofist

[-] Muddpup64 1 Point 4 years ago

I personally feel like the piece of shit who made fun of him should be banned. This is a learning community not a place to make you feel better by putting others down.

[-] btharmony 1 Point 4 years ago

you're not ugly at all. Very good looking tbh (no homo). Just check up on the self-esteem mate

[-] Icanus 1 Point 4 years ago

I have a friend who is UGLY as hell, and he looks 50 (he's 30)
He has an amazing job and loads of friends, including female friends.
The reason he's not fucking women is because he's creepy and scares them off, but that's another thing :)

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 4 years ago

Is he in shape?

[-] Icanus 1 Point 4 years ago

A little

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 4 years ago

Plastic surgery is always an option.

[-] Icanus 1 Point 4 years ago

Going out for a drink with him now, I'll tell him :)

[-] NiceTryDisaster 1 Point 4 years ago

OP should get muscular and ripped. He's got a really good face. Will look like a fucking movie star

[-] thebadmanpuntdbaxter 1 Point 4 years ago

-Eat less sugar -Drink more water -shampoo every other day

[-] FrameWalker 1 Point 4 years ago

People with similar facial aesthetics are on TV. After following Ops advice the young man should focus on developing his dominance and masculinity, its the real issue.

[-] RocketManV 1 Point 4 years ago

Hey, I bought all the products you mentioned. I felt like I could use the boost.

Question though, for how long should I use the pore refining toner? A week, then wait a bit? I'm about to use it now for my first time.

[-] IWontpayyourprice666 1 Point 4 years ago

OP, you are a badass.

[-] tech_0912 1 Point 4 years ago

I'm sorry, but I started reading this to myself with the voice of Serge from Beverly Hills Cop as soon as you mentioned you were gay. No disrespect intended though.

[-] RPthrowaway123 1 Point 4 years ago

This is fantastic advice. Thanks man!

[-] [deleted] 0 Points 4 years ago

I think the commenter was just giving the poster some tough love. Let's be honest, the guy is average looking. Average looking guys become good looking when u add confidence to the mix. It's that simple. When that dude learns to love himself, hits the gym, looks after himself and learns how to take a decent selfie (he looks fucking morbid in the first picture) he'll stop thinking he's ugly, get a good job and nail some good looking ones. His problem is NOT his external. It's 100% mental

[-] Mustaka 0 Points 4 years ago

I went to a gay after hours club once with some chick I was banging. Place was crawling with smoking hot women. Asked her why she even knew about the place and she said she friend of hers was gay and brought her one night. She kept going back because she did not get non stop hit on whilst dancing and got legendary fashion advice.

So for a gay guy to come into a TRP sub to help a bro out is awesome. People say TRP is wrong. I say nah. It is about self improvement and getting help from others who know something you don't. Whilst lifting weights is one way to improve looks tearing down barriers which most straight men would fear to cross, like asking what hair product or skin regime to use is equally important.

So thanks for stepping up to plate. I really think you should start a sub. With the amount of attention your post has received there is an audience. I started /r/pussypassdenied as a joke response and now have 55k subs. Modding a sub is easy.

That is my advice to you.

[-] afroose -4 Point 4 years ago

The first OP is unattractive his face is clearly uneven (just cover the left part of his face and he becomes nice), guys stop lying to make people happy this shit is for women. But he can definitively improve.

I have a lot of question for the gay OP but I'll just wait for your post please talk about : skin product, beard, hair body, clothe and maybe accessory like glasses and piercing.

Thanks OP I'm on my way to get crest strips

[-] raredare359 2 Points 4 years ago

I didn't rate him a 10. I gave him a 4 to start out while also providing recommendations for possibly getting up to a 7.

My scorecards are legit and not taking into account his ego in any way.

I will talk about those when I make the post, thanks for the recommendation.

[-] afroose 0 Points 4 years ago

Yes 4 is right I wasn't talking about you when I said that.