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- Hide Preview | 11 Comments | submitted 3 years ago by Throw4good [Post Locked]

How to become happy ?

For Men it is pretty clear. Work out, create you own awesome life, take along the people you want and enjoy the experiance. (super simplified, but that's about it)

So I told a female friend of mine who was brabling something about being unhappy in her life, to work out and to start making a plan, set short and long term goals, then whenever unhappy remember and work on them goals. - This is what helped ME most.

Now im not so sure, does this work with women ? The only other advice I could give, would be to catch a strong male asap and be good to him and to support him so that he keeps her...

[-] MrEiffel 15 Points 3 years ago

Happiness for a Man: Slaying Dragons, building a killer body, improving every single day through blood, sweat and tears.

Hapiness for a Woman: Being with such a man.

The feminist crusade has indoctrinated women to pursue the same career paths and goals as men. As a result they're all unhappy, because Men & Women are completely different.

[-] cmiovino 4 Points 3 years ago

I'll agree here.

Ex girlfriend has a masters degree and was teaching a mid-level school. Upgraded to the highest paying school in the city.. even maybe the state. This was after moving around 2-3 times to different teaching jobs, which are hard to come by.

Also had a big family, car, very nice apartment to herself, nights out drinking, world was her oyster.

Even with all that, she was still unhappy and voiced her opinion by saying it multiple times. Why? Because I was being a lamer back then, hence the ex-title.

She'd say she couldn't explain it and 'Things just don't feel right".... bingo.

[-] Temuzjin 1 Point 3 years ago

You're not mentioning children. Can a woman be happy with an alpha man but without children? (I imagine she won't be happy with children but without an alpha man.)

[-] MrEiffel 0 Points 3 years ago

The strongest biological instinct every woman is to have children. Naturally she needs that to be truly happy.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 3 years ago


[-] zyk0s 2 Points 3 years ago
  • pretty much every rule on TRP has exceptions. That's what happens when we deal with biological beings with a normal distribution for pretty much every trait

  • the impulse of having children and it being a requirement for happiness does not imply the happiness lasts after the children are born. Men have an impulse to bed women, they're miserable if they can't get any, but getting plenty does not mean they'll suddenly be happy.

  • Children require work, and if you're used to a high level of comfort, and people doing things for you (your daddy, your beta bux) then suddenly finding yourself needing to give something of yourself to another human being will appear hard. Don't confuse finding childrearing demanding with being fundamentally unhappy, i.e. feeling a profound sadness that something is missing from your life.
[-] RPthrowaway123 0 Points 3 years ago

This is it in a nutshell. I would add that men take happiness from within while women take happiness from without...a lot of unhappy men out there are miserable because they constantly seek external validation.

[-] adsnell2004 2 Points 3 years ago

This is crawling a bit far in the rabbit hole. I would agree that if a poll were taken the responses would be pretty close and indistinguishable. I can't prove that but that is just my stance.

[-] processedfoodkills 2 Points 3 years ago

Men are natural leaders at their core. That is why lifting/goal oriented behavior makes us happy. It's how we are wired. Conditioning has covered this up in a thick layer of feministic shit. We are told that if we just do what our women tell us and treat them like a princess then we will get what we want from the relationship (sex). But that doesn't answer your question.

Women are natural followers. They need a leading man to be happy, so no. It doesn't work with women.

[-] Parabolix 1 Point 3 years ago

If you want evidence, crawl through the Web for things relating to emotion regulation and hedonic well-being.

Edit: spelling

[-] [deleted] 3 years ago