Hi Fellas,

I have two questions for you today.

  • I train a lot and have been doing so for many years (4 to 5 days) a week. I'm not much of a big drinker, I've done all sorts of dates outside, inside, coffee, etc - and I've found when alcohol is involved it's easier to get woman to loosen up and relax and have some fun. I like it too but I can't handle the drinking because of training, therefore, I rarely ever drink. But I've noticed it makes a difference when dating to include alcohol. Every woman is different, but alcohol is something most of my dates enjoy.

  • The problem with drinking is my body can't handle it, and I'm sacrificing my gym efforts which I don't like because it makes so much harder to go and get a proper workout. I'll be pinning soon for the next 12 weeks and I'm taking training very serious. It's not that I'm afraid to express that, but sober dates are different with woman more guarded less fun.

  • Naturally, I smoke weed because it doesn't affect my training the next day, but I'm afraid that if I bring it up or do it, it's not going to encourage that person to necessarily drink. In short, she won't have a drink or order a drink unless I'm drinking with her when we go out - Is there any way around this?

  • Secondly and I looked this up online in the sub and I saw mixed answers. It's not that I cheap I don't mind paying once in a while but I don't want to pay for every adventure or hang out. How do I make that clear enough for the person without sounding like I'm cheap? I'm saving paying off debt and bills and I'm doing really good for myself - I don't want to fuck it up and I shouldn't have to really justify myself either.

  • When we met the first time I paid for drinks, fine and I don't mind even though she didn't make an effort, but if we meet again I want her to pay for our next activity. Do I just bring it up? What if she throws a shit test about being cheap or not spending money? Like I give a fuck, but I want to approach this in a way where she either respects my point of view or fucks off.