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- Hide Preview | 0 Comments | submitted about a year ago by manwithoutwire [Post Locked]

Second date went amazingly well, we had sex numerous times and our hang out was 6 hours total.

I'm just freaking out about one minor thing. There was a period of time where I left my phone unlocked and unattended. I'm pretty sure she went on my phone while I was upstairs and edited her contact info to include her last name. I never put in a contact by first and last name. I've been looking at ways to check my phone's task history to confirm my suspicions but I don't think such an app or method exists. I also opened my contacts and it was on a conversation from a girl I hadn't texted in months but she was the last girl I took on a date. I thought this was pretty strange.

Does anyone know of an app or developer phone option where I can check task history? Should I let it slide or confront her? I know from now on I'll be more aware and increase security measures on my phone.