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- Hide Preview | 0 Comments | submitted about a year ago by DrownRanger47 [Post Locked]

Hi TRP, I'm in a situation in wich I need your advice on what to do in the future.

So, I want to study medicine since 5 years, I was unable to do it due to financial reasons, so I studied nursing as advised by the majority of the people around me. Finished nursing school with the highest grades. I moved in another country (UK) to work as a nurse, I have a good salary some free time and I'm confortable with my current situation, but I feel like something is missing or that I could do more than just being a nurse. So I decided that after 2 years or so of working here to get enough money to go back to my country (Romania) to study Medicine (I need just over 1 year to get the necessary money). I told my parents about this and they were tottaly oposed to the idea because of the corruption in my country, I would be unable to finish university and work as a doctor. Also they dont want me to leave the confort that I have here after all the hard work and money that were needed to get here in the first place (I understand this because they want what is best for me). I also spoke to my previous teachers and a professor from that university that I'm very good friends with, and explained them my plan and they agreed with me.

Should I continue as a nurse (I'm a clinical lead now) and evolve in a branch of nursing that suits me or should I go back and study medicine for 6 years?