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- Hide Preview | 0 Comments | submitted about a year ago by Acerhand [Post Locked]

I keep getting plates or fwbs to a point where they break it off due to not enough commitment from me. Its like a meme. I dont “support” them enough emotionally. I give them too much anxiety. There is too much dread. They wonder about the future too much.

They all tell me this. I dont know how to sprinkle in beta without over doing it. I feel like when i start, i automatically lose standing and tingles or attraction.

It is way easier on early plates but not on longer running ones or fwbs. They push for commitment. They get extremely confused at my signals because i tell them to wait and see, while i dont “support” them enough, so i get boxed into a casual or AF category yet they still want me to be the support for them which i dont really know how to maintain that without either going too beta, or continue as is and it drops.

I realise they need leadership, but often despite communicating what the deal is, they still push for more.

Is there a way to balance this attraction(tingles) vs comfort? It seems like one will always compromise the other, maybe i am overly concerned with maximum tingles.

In fact i had a plate try break it off again due to me not supporting her enough(i think shes on red week), i essentially let her go and said cool, then out came the emotional talk and she back tracked.