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- Hide Preview | 66 Comments | submitted 10 months ago by -earthmover [Post Locked]

I'm 27, she's 24. Been seeing this girl every other weekend this past month or so. It's mostly just hanging out and making out, but no f-closes. However last night happened like this:

Around 8:30ish I get a "Wyd?" text from her. I say "Hanging out with friends. You?"

"Same!" she responds.

"Cool. Wanna come over later"

Then she drops "Wanna fuck later?" At this point, I'm surprised. I don't remember the last time I've had a bitch be so forward with me without a prior f-close in the bag.

Here's where I think I may have fucked up my frame. I said, " Yeah. I'll let you know when to come by". She responds with "Cool".

Couple of hours go by, people at the party I'm at start dispersing and I decide to head out. I get home and hit her up with "You can come over".




"You can come over now"

"Yeah? Yeah"



"Let me know when you get here"

Then silence. No show, or a reply back.

I worked on some music then went to bed.

So, fellas, where was the fuck up? Was it a shit test and did I jump too quickly at her words? Or this on her?

I already know to go no contact, but I know this girl most likely will text me sometime again soon (we have bit of a history), and when she does, what ought I say, if anything?



[-] atticusfinch1973 138 Points 10 months ago

Always strike when the iron is hot. Shouldn't have delayed it, it gave her a chance to hook up with someone else.

[-] jy432 58 Points 10 months ago

Atticus, serious Q .I get strike when the iron is hot but dropping everything youre doing to fuck some thot ...?

I do agree with you as she probably wound up sending texts out to other guys & wound up fucking one of them

[-] atticusfinch1973 44 Points 10 months ago

The guy hadn't fucked her yet and she offered it up on a platter. I'd jump on it.

[-] jon94 23 Points 10 months ago

Fuck that, if I’m having a good time, I’m not bailing on my friends for a plate.

“Please, may I have a crumb of sex?”

[-] Ballosaurus 9 Points 10 months ago

I’m with you. Pussy is plentiful. Quit acting like you’re starving

[-] jon94 12 Points 10 months ago

Shits gone downhill around here lately. A lot of bad advice getting spread.

[-] TurboEdition 6 Points 10 months ago

Yes that's what I'm seeing lately.

[-] jon94 4 Points 10 months ago

It’s like we’ve been invaded by teenagers who think they understand RP, but still spout BP shit like “if she texts you she’s horny drop everything and run to her.”

[-] TurboEdition 1 Point 10 months ago

More like fuckboys that probably do less than what they preach or brag. You can sense it. Maybe BP trolls too, since this sub has gotten alot of attention lately. So many shitty thirsty BP advices.

[-] Pluglord 4 Points 10 months ago

Not all guys here are macho Chads who have bitches in line ready to drain their balls at a moments notice. Some dudes here are trying to develop plates/fwbs or just need to get one off. Hilarious how everyone in this subs a rockstar pussy slayer nowadays.

[-] jon94 -1 Point 10 months ago

If that’s how you feel, that because you’re not getting any you have to be at some girl’s beck and call, then you’ve completely missed the point of this sub.

[-] Garathon 3 Points 10 months ago

Yeah, why should you pull out from fucking your boys up their ass for a girl?

[-] Sexandswishers 2 Points 10 months ago

This made me lol...

I’m either tired, or really high cuz I had to word out laugh out loud to be able to spell lol

[-] TurboEdition 2 Points 10 months ago


[-] jy432 8 Points 10 months ago

Makes sense... ya. Secure it.

[-] 0io- 6 Points 10 months ago

Opportunity may not knock twice. Get it while it's hot.

[-] -earthmover 5 Points 10 months ago

I considered this, but why would she keep responding if she's hooking up with someone else?

[-] Ubiquitous-Toss 37 Points 10 months ago

In case the someone else didn't work out

[-] BookyMcBooks 36 Points 10 months ago

TRP explanation every time a girl doesn't respond: she's getting banged by a football team.

[-] TheEndOfCorruption 15 Points 10 months ago

Sometimes it's just laziness and they're like "I'm just gonna watch netflix instead and make him go nuts over me... he'll do something romantic in response ..." And then he doesn't and now she has doubts and is angry, and nothing makes any sense to her then the hamster is like "girrrl he doesn't deserve you!"

[-] Red-Nerd13 2 Points 10 months ago

Porn & TPR taught me this is true.

[-] sebastianconcept 4 Points 10 months ago

Man... I was in a fuck marathon with a girl and while resting she was often on whatsapp and tinder making arrangements for her next days with other dudes.

[-] KaiSmashSmashSawmash 3 Points 10 months ago

This or she didn’t value you that you gave it up so easily. Should of been like “we’ll see, come by @...”

[-] PossiblyBreathing 107 Points 10 months ago

She probably banged someone else.

[-] iwviw 54 Points 10 months ago

Or she felt dissed that op didn’t respond aggressive enough. I know a lot of girls who are super insecure and take any little thing as a personal attack

[-] AscensionExperiments 15 Points 10 months ago

Yeah. First of all, if they've been making out on the regular, how do you NOT turn that into an f-close? I've never fucking had that happen. Also his response should have had some element of teasing in it

[-] sebastianconcept 2 Points 10 months ago

I agree with this. You didn’t fucked up

[-] krunchtimer 79 Points 10 months ago

IMHO, I would have replied with some kind of "I'll pick you up later" approach rather than expecting her to come to me. I just don't ever trust that a woman is going to be pro-active and DO something.

It also sucks that you may have not pursued an opportunity with another girl at the party because you may have thought you have a sure thing for later in the evening.

[-] HumanSockPuppet 12 Points 10 months ago

No. Even picking up a bitch for sex is needy.

If she's not coming over enthusiastically, she's not into you. Next.

[-] Drakane1 2 Points 10 months ago

yeah no this is stupid next you'll tell me telling a girl she's pretty or asking a girl to hang out is to needy she should ask you out, game happens when the girl is in you're presence. girls dont want to be seen as sluts

[-] jy432 11 Points 10 months ago

Yeah but at the same time is offering to chauffeur her around when shes already probably been over to OP’s house in the first place (driven herself) the right thing to do?

Short term yeah Long term probably not

[-] MattyAnon 32 Points 10 months ago

Then silence. No show, or a reply back


It's that simple.

[-] 360_no_scope_upvote 7 Points 10 months ago


[-] effyouasshole 26 Points 10 months ago

You didn't fuck up at all. She's just a flake.

Your move now is to soft-next her. Personally, if/when she comes back, I'd immediately respond with: "You're coming over tonight at 8pm and getting your pussy stuffed. Don't wear underwear."

On the down side, being this direct has maybe a 40% chance of success. On the up side, either way I don't have to deal with flaking anymore. I just don't give a shit. My time is valuable, and I'd rather roll the dice on someone else. But again, that's just me.

[-] nross368 17 Points 10 months ago

You missed your window. I had the same happen to me but I actually fucked. She hit me with the wanna go to the beach or hookup or something. so i hit her back with come over. It's not being needy if she is asking you to fuck and you respond with where r u or now or lets meet

[-] bluefingerblue 15 Points 10 months ago

I kinda get the feeling she was toying with you. You said you haven’t f-closed yet.

When she said “wanna fuck later?”, I think she was being sarcastic. I think she was trying to tell you that’s how she interpreted your invite to come over.

Problem is, you haven’t fucked yet so her ASD is still activated. It doesn’t seem like her attraction level is high enough to agree to a sex invite.

I would just soft next for a week then hit her up with plans the following week. Go out with her one on one. Make sure you escalate and try to fuck. Let her tell you no. But at least try.

[-] TRP8myfeels 12 Points 10 months ago

Maybe a lot of things. She forgot or got caught up. Accept in the future and dont expect her to show. Do something you enjoy anyways. Dont wait on her.

[-] sirdaaz 6 Points 10 months ago

who cares? she fucked someone else. you should too.

you did nothing wrong.

[-] Jsieijejeieokkd 4 Points 10 months ago

I agree with the others. Strike while the irons hot.

[-] red_matrix 4 Points 10 months ago

She was horny and wanted it at that moment. She either found someone else or lost interest in OP.

[-] ibzzi 3 Points 10 months ago

Okay someone says they wanna fuck you and your response is yeah. I'll let you know when to come over. No excitement, no hyping up what y'all gonna do to eachother. Nothing. Gain some personality for crying out loud. And then you just hit her with you can come over now. Lol. Are you a fucking robot? No wonder she lost interest.

[-] -earthmover 1 Point 10 months ago

What would you have said instead? Mind you, I know everyone is basically saying to strike when the iron is hot, and I get that, but I did not want to appear needy to get some.

[-] ibzzi 1 Point 10 months ago

Would have shown excitement and just been honest. You wouldn't have appeared needy, you would have appeared interested, which is what she wanted. You didn't necessarily have to go "okay let's fuck rn", but something along the lines of "I can't wait to be done with this party so I can pound the living fuck out of you" would have done wonders. She probably would have suggested you guys ditch your parties and just fuck, which wouldn't have made you look needy or pushy since she would have been the one suggesting it, heck even if she didn't suggest it, at least you got her wet and hyped for meeting you afterwards.

[-] uptimex 2 Points 10 months ago

" Yeah. I'll let you know when to come by"

This could be written when you have already banged her. If it is the first time and she made a move, you should show "equal" interest. Not disinterest while she is interested. You just punished her for her interest and willingness. You basically banged her ego.

But it is not a lethal mistake. You can now go with "Hey, I had a little headache yesterday (that day), what about a coffee today" it will show that you had an objective reason of "being cold". 40% you will regain the lost interest from her side. 60% she will think "I want to punish you for your disinterest to my person, I will make you hurt for that".

p.s. I personally don't think that she hooked up with someone else. She seems heavier, she took your words seriously and punished you.

[-] recursoinominado 2 Points 10 months ago

Unpopular opinion: She could just be tired/too drunk etc. Women are flaky, we all know that, if she is horny and interested now, doesn't mean that she will be in a few hours of dancing, drinking etc. Altought it can seem a little too eager, i second the opinion on strinking when the iron is still hot, you could make it seems like you were already going home or something, not like you dropped everything to go to her.

[-] jy432 2 Points 10 months ago

Lol this shouldve been a slam dunk dude.

Get done with whatever your doing. Get home, shower... eat whatever. Invite her over. OR i guess if you really wanted some ass you couldve done what the other guy said & tell her you can pick her up but idk about that one... i mean if she has a car & shes already been over to your house in the past then why offer to chauffeur her around - comes off as needy & like you dont get pussy often

[-] -earthmover 2 Points 10 months ago

Get done with whatever your doing. Get home, shower... eat whatever. Invite her over.

Okay so basically what I did.


[-] jy432 7 Points 10 months ago

Just reread it. I personally dont think you did anything wrong... totally dropping what you were doing to fuck some thot is kind of lame. Especially if you were having fun at this party.

[-] TrolsMan2 5 Points 10 months ago

Exactly. All this guys answering would drop everything if a girl was down to fuck.

[-] VigilantSmartbomb 2 Points 10 months ago

I took it as you didn’t seem interested. Game, but have fun, it’s a game! Lol

[-] MrTheFalcon 2 Points 10 months ago

You don't need this kind of hassle. Shes living in the moment. Just ignore anything that isn't logistics, and enjoy it when you hang out in person.

[-] forsaken_in_the_dark 1 Point 10 months ago

I am sorry but your messages reminded me of this:

Are you from Manitowoc?

[-] no_condoments 1 Point 10 months ago

Usually we translate what girls say, but apparently we need to translate for you too.

" Yeah. I'll let you know when to come by"

Translation: yes, I'm interested but do not come over or even text me until I text you first.

This was a logistics problem, not a frame problem. She ended up doing something else or meeting someone else or getting too drunk or whatever. You never should've texted that to begin with.

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] Alejandroses 1 Point 10 months ago

Nah she was just trynna find someone to fuck her right then and there and since you were busy she maybe found someone else. You didnt do anything wrong its happened to me before.

Next time just make a move though and see what happens. If she shows no interest then just next. I think she will come around eventually tho.

If you ever do smash just make sure you give that thot the dick of a lifetime. Let her go back to that day where she flaked on you and think "Damn I missed out on this A1 dick" lolol

[-] send_it_for_the_boys 1 Point 10 months ago

I’ve had similar scenarios before and had them go both ways, I’ve had some that treating as a shit test worked and didn’t work. I even had a girl sending me videos of her fingering herself and she was begging me to throat fuck her, all kinds of shit, and I started escalating it and guess what when I got around to taking care of it she flaked. No reply. Not trying to brag but ive noticed that when some of these bitches just get your attention they feel they have won and that’s it for them. Carry on.

[-] dr_warlock 1 Point 10 months ago

Dude, why not just invite her to the party youre at, Flirt and touch a bit, then reolcate for a bang? Return to the party after.

[-] Bruchibre 1 Point 10 months ago

Dude I know TRP advocates acting aloof in order to get girls to want to fuck you, but the moment they say "wanna fuck" it's time to go for the kill don't you think so? Did you think she was your little bitch and would wait for you for two hours with her pussy wet? Now you have to start from scratch again, her slut shied is up.

[-] _Anarchon_ 0 Points 10 months ago

I don't deal with chicks that forward. I gotta drive. I would have told her to pound sand the minute she asked.


It's also kind of a shit test. If you drop what you're doing to bang her, she knows she's got you. If you delay, she ghosts you and fucks someone else.

[-] MonkMode2019 0 Points 10 months ago

Sounds like a pitty fuck, unnatural. Likely lead to guilt or regret on either or both parties.

Wouldn't hurt to test it and see. Then you will know. Regret vs. remorse deal. Live and learn.

[-] muscleg33k 0 Points 10 months ago

She probably found a guy that would do it almost instantly

[-] rexchan91 0 Points 10 months ago

Personal opinion, she in girl night out with her gf talk about other dude dick size, and then she play game with her bestie by random msg anyone in her phone list to see how many thirsty beta fall for that prank. And you are the unlucky guy

[-] MatthewHull07 0 Points 10 months ago

hahahah there is a subreddit for these kind of questions. Who the fuck knows? without asking her you will not get a clear answer. All these wanna be "alpha" males can try to provide reasoning, but if you want a direct answer ask her.

[-] Nighthawkdragon8 0 Points 10 months ago

Not a shit test to test your personality. More of her making sure she didn't seem like a slut in her own eyes, if that makes sense. So when you said yes to "wanna fuck", it made her uncomfortable, since you haven't had sex yet. It made it seem like there was too much of an agenda, and it wouldn't just happen organically. It would have been best to say something that makes her comfortable, like "Idk if I want to do that, but I do want to see you tn." or something to change the topic, not exactly sure but I hope you get the general idea.

[-] [deleted] -8 Point 10 months ago


[-] HumanSockPuppet 8 Points 10 months ago

Faaaaaggot lmao