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- Hide Preview | 23 Comments | submitted about a year ago by BumblingBeta [Post Locked]

I remember speaking to a couple of guys a few years ago and they said if you want women to easily sleep with you (apart from obviously paying directly for it), you need to have a certain look to you, that makes you look like you'd be good in bed. Along with this "look", they said you need to have the correct body language that matches the look, so women can immediately tell you'd be good at pleasuring them in bed. They said if you either have the look OR the body language missing, you will find it extremely difficult to get women sexually attracted to you. The looks gets you past the first hurdle, the body language will seal the deal.


When I asked them to elaborate, they didn't really go into much detail. All they said was you need to be "masculine and confident", whatever that means.


I'm wondering if any of you Red Pill guys can help me with this issue. How do you get this image or "look", as well as the body language, that signals to women you'd be good in bed? NOT a good provider or good beta cuck boyfriend, but simply good between the sheets.

[-] nofilmynofucky 11 Points about a year ago

Other than the obvious 'dress well, groom thyself, maintain good hygiene and smell nice' (which you touched on):

  • good posture

  • confidence in 'standing out' (shitty example but an easy one is sitting while others are standing, or vice versa)

  • I used to think 'good at dancing' was key, but I don't think skill is as important as just having fun and not giving a fuck. I once landed a threesome (tbf one of the girls involved was my LTR) because I raced to the empty dance floor and danced like a maniac to 'Have Faith' by George Michael. 4 or 5 girls immediately followed). Important to note this will only work if you're observably high value in other regards, else you'll just be seen as a weirdo

  • don't give a fuck
[-] BumblingBeta 1 Point about a year ago

Cheers, thanks for this.

[-] dukes1998 3 Points about a year ago

Nothing. Lmao.

The only thing that is gonna give off the vibes you want is by being a guy that other women are clearly into. Girls will assume that you know what you're doing if you're attractive and are confident talking to them and being flirty.

[-] BumblingBeta 1 Point about a year ago

So not nothing then?

[-] dukes1998 2 Points about a year ago

Nah you’re overthinking it

[-] [deleted] 3 Points about a year ago


[-] BumblingBeta 1 Point about a year ago

Are you able to describe what your body language is like, that have made people say this about you?

[-] [deleted] 2 Points about a year ago


[-] BumblingBeta 1 Point about a year ago

Thanks, I will try to lift more/get my test higher and then try doing this.

[-] ulisesg48 2 Points about a year ago

I know what they're talking about with body language it's easy; standing up straight, wide-square shoulders, chest and head up, walking with "swagger". The "look" is the hardest part. Having a tight jaw (tight lipped), when you do smile; smile with your whole face. opening your eyes wide so they are clear and open. lifting your eyebrows and furrowing them in the middle of the forehead like you're concentrating. DO NOT FURROW EYEBROWS DOWN, you'll look angry. Look at women directly and don't waiver or look away until they do. If you need an example look at Brad Pitt in movies, he has this exact expression.

[-] BumblingBeta 1 Point about a year ago

Thanks for this advice.

"Look at women directly and don't waiver or look away until they do"

This is an interesting one - usually most women ignore me and I'm invisible to them, but occasionally I get women who stare right at me for quite a bit. I end up looking away (and now I realise this is a foolish thing to do). Either they think I look strange, they're day-dreaming and not focusing on me, or they like the look of me in some way. What should I do in these situations?

I might make a new thread about women staring. It's a pretty good topic that I'm unsure of.

[-] ulisesg48 2 Points about a year ago

If a woman isn't looking at you or looks distracted just leave her be. If she's holding extended eye contact and trying to keep the conversation going then she's probably into you. You should try teasing her and touching her arm,back, etc. just don't be weird about it. Think from their perspective if a guy you don't find attractive is hitting on you, you're going to act bored and disinterested. If she likes you she'll shown enthusiam, respond, and maintain eye contact. Eye contact is very sexual for women.

[-] BumblingBeta 1 Point about a year ago

Ok thanks.

I was actually referring to when a woman is staring at you and you haven't spoken yet (i.e. they are strangers). Sometimes I will see it in shops or public places. Most women ignore me, but occasionally I get some who will stare right at me for quite a while. Is this a good thing?

[-] ulisesg48 1 Point about a year ago

Yes, she finds you attractive, don't overthink it. Approach and say hello.

[-] BumblingBeta 1 Point about a year ago

Even if these women don't smile at you? They will just stare without smiling.

[-] dobbekz 1 Point about a year ago

Wear sweat pants that sort of show off your bulge

[-] BumblingBeta 1 Point about a year ago

And has this actually worked for you or anyone you know, or are you just trolling?

[-] [deleted] -4 Point about a year ago


[-] dobbekz 3 Points about a year ago

how does that make u a sex offender wtf

[-] chazthundergut 1 Point about a year ago

Alpha traits and dominance

[-] BumblingBeta 2 Points about a year ago

And what are those alpha traits? You're not helping dude, you're just saying things which are a reference to something else I don't know.

[-] chazthundergut 1 Point about a year ago

You're asking a difficult question because so much of it contextual. It's like trying to explain to a rabbit how to be the dominant rabbit in a relationship. This is nature. Lift heavy weights, fuck lots of women, and you will automatically develop the right traits. Women know "big dick energy" when they feel it. The swagger, the confidence, the DGAF attitude. But here are some basics to get started:

  1. Check her on her bullshit. Arrives 20 minutes late? Starts texting in the middle of a date? You gotta check her on her on it. React the way you would if it was being done by your little sister. Alpha men aren't afraid of offending her or losing her.

  2. Take the lead. Demonstrate leadership. Stop asking her permission for everything. Take charge.

  3. Stop validating her. Sexless thirsty men validate chicks constantly. Texting, calling, complimenting, etc. Stop it. Always wait a few hours before returning her texts. Keep your messages short and stick mostly to logistics. No emojis.

  4. Nonverbal communication. Give good eye contact. Stay relaxed around her. Speak slowly, and use your natural calm deep voice. Be unreactive to her.

  5. Stop selling yourself to her. Stop trying to impress her or say the right thing. You are the prize. When guys are insecure they feel the need to talk themselves up or seem cool. But this always backfires chicks can smell the insecurity a mile away. Real alphas don't sell themselves to chicks because we know what a hot commodity we are. We are accustomed to chicks trying to get us into relationships, so we aren't acting thirsty trying to win her over. This includes casually disagreeing with her, pointing out her stupidity if she says dumb shit, etc.

  6. Stop coming at her like a friend. Chicks will submit to your sexual masculine energy, but you've got to provide that energy. Stop looking at her and talking to her like your buddy. Be seductive. Come at her like a woman. Let yourself feel your desire for her, and she will feel that energy and enter your frame (if she's into you). Stop yapping, stop trying to be funny or entertaining, stop acting like a dancing monkey. Sit back and sip your bourbon and let her do the selling.

  7. Most important- act like a man. Stop being a pussy. Grab your nuts and go for it. Take your shot, make your move. Nothing will signal sexual prowess like confidence and decisiveness. Chicks want to be fucked, but they don't want to ask for it. They want it to just happen. This means that you've got to make it happen. Be bold and make a move.

Good luck.

[-] DadOnDabs 1 Point about a year ago

Look athletic