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- Hide Preview | 14 Comments | submitted about a year ago by h4nkz [Post Locked]

What do you think? Is porn consumption a red flag? In general, is watching porn as harmful for women as it is for men?

[-] vandaalen 57 Points about a year ago

I am not going to shame my employees for educating themselves in their free time.

[-] DadOnDabs 8 Points about a year ago

You made me laugh. I like you

[-] chachaChad 16 Points about a year ago

Excessive use of porn could be a red flag. Does she forget to eat? Do small, household objects go missing?

Honestly, I'd watch it with her and point out stuff I liked and get her to do the same. I love chicks that like porn. I'd bend her over the desk while she browsed youporn.

[-] XT3M3 13 Points about a year ago

the only thing i seen too much porn did for women was give them a unrealistic view of sex.

but the same goes for virgin guys

[-] oytrp 6 Points about a year ago

Same rules apply to men.

It's a time sink that adds no value. Things that could be accomplished, books that could be read, all other acts of improvement could be done are put to the side.

So the question is really, is she up until 2 am hunched over her computer watching video after video, or does she just watch it once a week to get herself off when she's extra horny?

The real red flag is that you know she watches porn at all. If she told you or bragged about watching it, that's a red flag. If she watches it so often that you've caught in the act, then that's a red flag too.

[-] CalvinRichland 6 Points about a year ago

I have only known a few women that enjoy looking at porn. All of them were emotionally broken disasters. Stay the fuck away if you have any sense. Ask her how old she was when she was raped and watch the shit get crazy.


[-] omlettefag 4 Points about a year ago

If it's not excessive and taking over her life, i.e. she does it occasionally, it's totally fine.

[-] needoptionsnow 4 Points about a year ago

Girls who watch porn typically become more desensitized and less inclined towards real life sexual interactions. Same goes for men.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points about a year ago

Absolute red flag.

[-] trpchecker 1 Point about a year ago

Lots of guys wouldn't watch porn if they had the opportunity to have a lot of sex.

Girls have sexual availability and she chooses to watch porn. Maybe that's how she chooses to releases her sexual frustration instead of gobbling dicks. It also means she is sexually open.

So I only see it as a positive assuming she is a pretty gal. Now if she was hideous ..

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] 1 Point about a year ago

It might make the bitch stay loyal

[-] [deleted] -7 Point about a year ago

Hahahah everyone watches porn, dude. Even your mum