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- Hide Preview | 19 Comments | submitted about a year ago by [deleted] [Post Locked]


[-] CalvinRichland 2 Points about a year ago

Being poor isn't your problem

[-] gains2055 2 Points about a year ago

Approach them in common areas during the day such as in a student union.

[-] GravelWall 2 Points about a year ago

Yay comments. I'm just happy somebody replied to this.

Isn't this a bad, overly risky idea in college? My campus is kinda small, about 5,000 students. I don't want girls I was a creep to I'm sorry, man. I can't do cold approach in a college like this. Too few students, too much to lose, too creepy, too unnatural. I know I'm throwing out all of these excuses, but cold approach is a bad, bad idea in college. It pains me to say those words, but I cannot risk ruining a girl's day and have me getting kicked out for sexual harrassment. College and my mother is all I have in this life currently but I need more.

Also, I am too poor for fraternities. After bus fares, I have no money because I use the rest of my allowance to help my mother keep a roof over her head.

There are also no house parties where I live because I live in an area full of elderly people.

[-] machimus 1 Point about a year ago

Too few students, too much to lose, too creepy, too unnatural.

Too many excuses.

cold approach is a bad, bad idea in college.

No it isn’t. I’ve been there. It’s fine. Wish I did it more often in hindsight, there was nothing to be scared of.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] TheBlackAlistar 1 Point about a year ago

It's only going to be creepy if you're a sperg and don't understand basic social dynamics, and can't take a hint if the girl isn't interested.

[-] johncillo 1 Point about a year ago

Man, please stop with negativity, you need to focus on yourself because you seek advice but don’t accept any since you are always thinking about the downsides. For cold approach, in your case, I would recommend to talk to girls, just talk to them, not asking her out until you see a clear opportunity and you feel more comfortable in the situation and with yourself, also, talk to guys, make new friends since it looks like your social circle is not helping you. Talk to people about anything, look at the scenario, the surroundings and make up an excuse to talk to as if they were people. PLEASE be patient and work on yourself. Always.

[-] GravelWall 1 Point about a year ago

I love girls too much to cut them out of my life because I am poor

[-] [deleted] 1 Point about a year ago


[-] GravelWall 0 Points about a year ago

The are I live in is unbelievably trashy. I am only attracted to young, cute girls, not post-wall trashy hags. I am starving.

[-] Asktrpthrowaway420 1 Point about a year ago

Some of these guys are giving you good advice and you just come up with an excuse of why you can't do it. Best advice was to cold approach, but you rejected the idea. Look, it's either cold approach or stay miserable. If you choose to stay miserable then you just don't want it fucking bad enough.

[-] GravelWall 1 Point about a year ago

What good advice? They're saying that my only feasible option is cold approach on a fucking college campus, of all places. No way, Jose. As much as I love hitting on young, pretty girls, I love not getting a reputation of being a creep and not getting kicked out of college more. Sure, college in general is a great place for young people to experiment in sex and relationships, but there are always exceptions to the norm.

[-] Two_kids_in_a_coat 1 Point about a year ago

Walking to class, in the halls, at lunch, go to a few parties, etc. Count how many women you see every day. Then how many do you talk to?

[-] GravelWall 1 Point about a year ago

Out of every hundred or so guys, there's around twenty girls. I see ten or so every day. None anywhere near the science and engineering buildings. Go figure.

[-] idgaf- 1 Point about a year ago

Man even if you got past your fears and excuses of approaching, you’re so full of negativity, self doubt, jealousy, and desperation that you’d almost certainly embarrass yourself.

Start at square one, just make friends with guys and girls. Find fun activities. Masturbate to quell the thirst a little. Become a normal guy that is pleasant to hang out with.

On the side, be lifting. College gym or bodyweight fitness. Eat clean. Physical attraction will dramatically improve your odds.

Be normal, do fun things, bring people along. Don’t be desperate. You’ll know when to escalate/ask for a date when a girl is giving you that “look”. They only do that to easy going guys who don’t appear frustrated and desperate.

[-] GravelWall 1 Point about a year ago

I've made some guy friends, but since I can only ever meet people through my classes, they're all incel nerds. They don't know any girls because they're engineering students in a small college. Girls run away from guys like us. There are no girls in my classes whatsoever.

I'll still keep them around, though. Some are smart, hard-working people. Going through college without meeting any girls isn't fun at all, but if that's the way it is, then that's the way it is. At least I've got other people who are in my situation to hang out with until I have to catch the bus home.

[-] Two_kids_in_a_coat 1 Point about a year ago

Jesus dude, just talk to them. You need to focus on your studies anyway so don’t try to pick up ever girl you see. This is kinda anti red pill, but I think in your case try to be just friends with some girls. Never try to escalate with them but use them as wingmen for other chicks.

[-] GravelWall 1 Point about a year ago

So how am I supposed to meet them if I cannot meet them through dorms, classes, clubs or friends of friends?

[-] GravelWall 0 Points about a year ago

I'm gonna have to give up on girls and just focus on my studies.

I know that college is supposed to be a great time to meet cute, young girls. Whether it's through actually fucking living in a building with a thousand girls if you're a lucky bastard whose parents had the adequate resources to feed them and therefore had the adequate resources to let them live with cute girls, through classes, clubs, friends and part-time jobs, but for those who none of those things are available to, they can only focus on school and work.

I guess I should be thankful for being given the opportunity to to go to college. Even if it means that girls are not included in my college experience, I'll still be able to experience college.

Oh, well. You win some and you lose some. There is more to life than girls, after all.

Thank you to everybody who read this.