Met this one bitch off tinder, went on three dates and i've been escalating (got her to take off her shirt and wear no bra last time), but she wont let me go all the way saying shes a virgin or something. She got offended when i told her to suck my dick in my car (it made sense given she had her tits out and was making out with me). I wanted to inciter her over to my house on monday (im gonna try to escalate all the way because each date ive gotten a bit farther than the last thats the reason ive stuck around).

Since yesterday she's been texting me saying things like, "Anyway...don't be asking me to do things I don't want to" and "You don't have good intentions and that's hard for me to ignore" and "I want positive experiences and fwb isn't that to me. You're testing my limits, seeing how far I'll go and trying to go further with each date. You want me to try and do things that I'm not comfortable with but you need to respect me and my life choices. You want to eventually go all the way, I don't and I won't. Since that's all you're here for, let's stop this."...

Each time i agree and amplify but after the last one i am getting pissed and told her that, "I dont feel like arguing with you. When you decide to act like an adult, let me know" and she said that shes acting like and adult and trying to communicate with me "I'm communicating with you rn. This is what adults do. Clearly you don't know how to act like an adult and you can honestly be such a jerk it's astounding" (i could honestly care less, shes being annoying).

Why is she acting this way? Any suggestions about what to do? Or is it a lost cause?

First time I've encountered this situation so unsure of how to act.