Reymond1020 Ask TRP Question for RP

How to proceed with girl im interested in LTR with? (self.asktrp)

MatteMatto Ask TRP Question for RP

Girl's Values - How Much Do Weight? (self.asktrp)

Nubias TheRedPill Red Pill Example

Violence among lesbian couples is 75% higher that heterosexual ? (youtu.be)

AbusiveFather1 Ask TRP offtopic

racial theory (self.asktrp)

Matthew Ask TRP Newbie Q

Strong IOI in group setting (self.asktrp)

imtranscending Ask TRP Question for RP

FWB wanted sexual exclusivity while fucking, I agreed (I could end to see other people). How can I now change her mind? (self.asktrp)

Nubias TheRedPill Culture

Pure kinky app, an other russian app destroyed by USA. They removed the "Dominat/submissive" interest that there was before and put "feminism". Same like Badoo, before being bought by anglophones there was the weight filter, then removed. (www.forums.red)

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Can someone help me figure out what I want from sluts or what to do about them? (self.asktrp)

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38 Male wants to walk out of my marriage either by divorce or leaving the world . But Im concerned about my children to grow in a broken home (self.asktrp)

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Men tell between themselves "improve yourself" and that's a problem. (self.redpillme)

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Is Organizing and leading events beta? (self.asktrp)

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Girlfriend of 4 years...questions (self.asktrp)

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I still don't understand why females choose the gangster style bad men (self.asktrp)

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Field report (self.asktrp)

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OG Content [Repost] | Archwinger: "Embrace rejection. They're just women." [Vanguard] (self.theredpill)

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