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wikisnack 10 months ago

@adam-l I like how he calls it red pill rage as if the admin of the site needed help building their case against trp. Just got to get a small mgtow jab in there.

wikisnack about a year ago

@-Anteros- New hire complained to me that Supervisor called her a snowflake. Had to not laugh.

wikisnack 2 years ago

It's not new, but it's particularly distilled. Political fervor is a sign you have substituted a party for an identity; a dogma for a tribe.

wikisnack 2 years ago

What we are seeing today is men stripped of an honor system. Being told you don't belong anywhere is a very powerful thing.

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08/27/17Family Matters
08/15/17Stripped of Honor
07/24/17The Tribe is the Answer to the Question You Haven’t Asked Yet.

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The Reddit Administration Recants

The quarantine is ostensibly a result of moral judgement by the admins that this sub teaches evil. Their utter lack of commitment toward addressing the supposed moral iniquity, first posting a half assed rebuke in the form of an poorly vetted talking head, then removing it, deepens the sense that they aren't quite sure what part of the communities content they are meant to disagree with.

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