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Location: Warsaw, Poland
Expertise: Daygame

About: - daygame adventures in Warsaw and elsewhere

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Location: Warsaw, Poland | Daygame
tddaygame about a day ago

Some thoughts on why it pays off to be able to joke. Two main reasons: shit test and brutal honesty. #daygame

tddaygame about a week ago

Holding the frame is as much about avoiding mistakes as it is about dealing with them. #not #only #daygame

tddaygame 2 weeks ago

Back from three weeks in Croatia. My thoughts on Croatian girls after one week in Zagreb. #daygame

dr_warlock 3 weeks ago

@tddaygame This doesnt mean if you dont "fuck up what's already there" you'll win 80% of the time or you'll pass 100% of your prospects with a 'B-',. It means 80% of the factors involved is just not fucking up, but the other 20% is still mandatory. 80/20 was just used as a familiar reference. The last 20% is the hardest.

tddaygame 3 weeks ago

Recently @Rollo-Tomassi said ""80% of seduction is simply not fucking up what’s already there". So - is it all about avoiding the "no"? #daygame

tddaygame 3 weeks ago

I came to Zagreb three days ago. Yesterday I came with a 19 yo Croatian girl. #daygame #fieldreport

tddaygame about a month ago

Game? Looks? Money? Charisma? Lifestyle? "The Package" #daygame

tddaygame about a month ago

I expect a lot of hate for that story but I don't care. It was worth it. #daygame #fieldreport

tddaygame about a month ago

5 minutes to midnight (and a day too late) - a piece on future projections. Use them wisely. #daygame #dating

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Scary story told by a woman I met in Tinder

English isn't my first language. I don't get fine nuances between jerk and douche.

Still - if a girl doesn't look anything like her photo I just call her on that and wish her good day. Also one of the reasons why I don't use Tinder anymore.

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a year ago by tddaygame
Scary story told by a woman I met in Tinder

I agree that there's no point in being jerk just to be a jerk. That said - you really had nothing else to do that evening? She's the one who lied in the photos, that's her problem...

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a year ago by tddaygame
You're gonna like the way you approach and open; I guarantee it.

The other thing missing in this post is the environment where the approach is done. It's different in a bar or a club versus on the street during a day.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 2 years ago by tddaygame

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