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Location: Warsaw, Poland
Expertise: Daygame

About: - daygame adventures in Warsaw and elsewhere

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Location: Warsaw, Poland | Daygame
tddaygame 2 days ago

3 simple tips that are going to help you with your texting. Whether you want it or not.

tddaygame 6 days ago

Going to a date and hoping for the best? Don't. Backward plan your dates. #daygame #dating

tddaygame about a week ago

So it started as a post about not being lonely and ended up as how to get more sex out of your #daygame conquests.

tddaygame about a week ago

2016 in review - most popular daygame posts of the last year. #daygame

tddaygame 2 weeks ago

You're getting dates and lays? Cool, now is the time to filter the girls and stop wasting your time. #daygame

tddaygame 3 weeks ago

Check out the most popular post this year: eyes and smile. I still have no idea why it's the winner. #daygame

tddaygame 3 weeks ago

Christmas is over but it doesn't mean you can't break the radio silence. But first you need to shut up and wait. #daygame #texting

tddaygame about a month ago

Final phases of London Daygame Model are Investment and Close. That concludes my current understanding of LDM. #daygame

tddaygame about a month ago

London Daygame Model continues with Stacking and Vibing as described in part 2. #daygame

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Scary story told by a woman I met in Tinder

English isn't my first language. I don't get fine nuances between jerk and douche.

Still - if a girl doesn't look anything like her photo I just call her on that and wish her good day. Also one of the reasons why I don't use Tinder anymore.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 11 months ago by tddaygame
Scary story told by a woman I met in Tinder

I agree that there's no point in being jerk just to be a jerk. That said - you really had nothing else to do that evening? She's the one who lied in the photos, that's her problem...

Context | Full Comments | submitted 11 months ago by tddaygame
You're gonna like the way you approach and open; I guarantee it.

The other thing missing in this post is the environment where the approach is done. It's different in a bar or a club versus on the street during a day.

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a year ago by tddaygame

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