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lemonized 7 months ago

@replacemenwithalphas00 that's perfect! Huhub currently has an archive of all of the top rated all time sorted and new posts sorted by date and the only thing missing is the search function honestly. :)

replacemenwithalphas00 7 months ago

@lemonized There are client-side JS search libraries. In other words, you can have an offline archive that looks and works like a website.

lemonized 7 months ago

@huhub Would it be possible to recover the search function in your backup if we got help or is it impossible without actually hosting it? Maybe we can seek help here and ask others?

lemonized 7 months ago

/u/huhub did an amazing job and added Top-All time sorting to his TRP sub offline backup. There is also a New (sorted by time backwards) backup there too. Make sure you guys get it if you are interested in having an offline backup of the whole subreddit in your harddisk.

lemonized 7 months ago

@Nomfwic We are not dying, not at all brother. We have and lots of people backing up the current quarantined subreddit before it dissapears forever. All of the data should be safe and ready. We are not dying to censorship.

lemonized 7 months ago
lemonized 7 months ago

@replacemenwithalphas00 Hey Man, can you send the compilation zip to me too if you can when its done? I'm going thru my own backing up too but that would be amazing.

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I Archived The Entire Subreddit And Coded A Simple Website To Read It

Thank you! This is just so compact and simply amazing. Contains every type of sorting and a live search. Amazing work. Never hurts to have more backups just in case I guess.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 7 months ago by lemonized

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