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replacemenwithalphas00 3 months ago

  Create a good relationship with failure and rejection, and there is nothing you cannot achieve. You move closer to your goal everytime. It's just a matter of time until you are there.

TheViolat0r 8 hours ago

@replacemenwithalphas00 Thank you. It's always a work in progress, though...

replacemenwithalphas00 9 hours ago

@TheViolat0r I really like your writing style. Similar to how many novel's first few sentences are written.

replacemenwithalphas00 5 days ago

@Doctordinglefuck I think you're on the wrong forum for that mate

Doctordinglefuck 6 days ago

@replacemenwithalphas00 so many rich jews get cucked because their wives fuck other guys but trust me the jew never loses his money and he always keeps his wife working

replacemenwithalphas00 6 days ago

Wealthy men are universally, completely fucked. Once you hit a certain net worth, the skilled gold digger cruise missiles take aim. Gold diggers that have achieved mastery on their craft. It's a unique world of scams and leeches. Without deeply red-tinted glasses, it is game over.

Gaboyski about a week ago

@replacemenwithalphas00 This is how they keep making more and more useful idiots. Same with Google and the "suggested content" that appear in my home page, all being anti-Trump or otherwise left-leaning biased articles.

replacemenwithalphas00 about a week ago

Social media & news emotionally manipulates you. Facebook itself proved that they could mass-control user's sentiment by altering their newsfeed. Source: (Kramer et. al, 2014)

replacemenwithalphas00 about a week ago

@RPFerro Stating the obvious. Of course you are right. This victim mentality, blaming others, the feeling of not being in control, is the norm. But it gets one nowhere. Hilarious to spot it in 99% of people (including old me).

replacemenwithalphas00 about a week ago

@revengerence Roosh always had an unhealthy stance towards women. This bitter, jaded, incel aura, the obsession over women. Said once he's not an alpha. Now it got to him.

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