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YesToControversy 8 months ago

@Roowho +1 on the app idea

ex_addict_bro 8 months ago

@Roowho nobody’s using apps actually if you have decent responsive design

Kexryn 8 months ago

@Roowho At least, assuming the website is reasonably optimized, like not starting up a new PHP process and doing 20 database queries every time someone loads the homepage.

Kexryn 8 months ago

@Roowho No offence to redpillschool, but I'll be skeptical they need it. Server rental is not all as expensive as a lot of people seem to think.

Roowho 8 months ago

@redpillschool hope you guys can make an app and pull in some revenue that way. Ill download it! Its B.S. that this has happened, makes me finally want to leave reddit for good

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