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RPFerro 2 months ago

Preview of next gen Surveillance State(TM) techniques.

RPFerro 2 months ago

@revengerence when she's with her Man, she has a direct connection to the boss. her Man appreciates her as long as she acts Right. in a workplace nobody cares, especially not a team of managers. her corporate contributions will be forgotten within weeks.

RPFerro 3 months ago

@redpillschool a couple selections i haven't seen posted elsewhere: Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto & Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson.

RPFerro 4 months ago

@GayLubeOil "clean your scrotum, fuckos."

RPFerro 4 months ago

Big Bro loves everyone

RPFerro 4 months ago

Ballad of the newly unplugged

BallsMahonie 5 months ago

@RPFerro Nah, I think you're confusing me with my brother Mike Hunt.

RPFerro 5 months ago

@BallsMahonie r u related to Heywood Jablomi?

BallsMahonie 5 months ago

@RPFerro I hope to live to see the day where, when asked about a specific candidate, the judges say "She has a wonderful personality.."

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