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RPFerro 15 hours ago

High cultivation of Femininity for the broads and Masculinity for Men is somewhat of an art.

RPFerro 2 days ago

@MatrixofLe3adership also, visit

RPFerro 2 days ago

For the RP guys out there in an LTR, which is Game on hard mode, how do you develop the patience?

Modern women are such losers.

MentORPHEUS 5 days ago

@RPFerro You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think. -Heinlein

RPFerro 5 days ago

"you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink."

RPFerro 6 days ago

Women already have a pussy. What they need is some Dick.

replacemenwithalphas00 about a week ago

@RPFerro Stating the obvious. Of course you are right. This victim mentality, blaming others, the feeling of not being in control, is the norm. But it gets one nowhere. Hilarious to spot it in 99% of people (including old me).

RPFerro about a week ago

"Male-dominated" fields exist not b/c Men keep women out, but b/c these fields are difficult. Oftentimes, women find the work too strenuous or demanding and flake out.

To say women are oppressed by some patriarchy is an untenable conspiracy theory.

RPFerro 2 weeks ago

@TheStoicCrane A flawed society doesn't have to return to zero in order to fix it. The weaknesses can be worked out as it moves along the path.

RPFerro 2 weeks ago

"I'm a strong, independent woman breaking barriers." Translation: "I'm insecure about being a woman. My insecurities make me vulnerable to in-person and society-wide manipulation. I need a MAN to save me from careerism, the cc, cat ladyism, and a bitter end."

No wonder women are always trying to 'save' ppl from themselves. #Projection

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