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RPFerro 2 days ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment i was posting along the lines of crony capitalism and bureaucracy, as bloated management structures and monopolies foster incompetence. With processes becoming more automated, elites in such a system become a parasite instead of obselete (the norm). In order to remain in power, they have to make shit up.

SafeWordIsCommitment 3 days ago

@RPFerro I am of the contrary opinion still. For most of the models I use, when taking pareto efficiency into account, pure cutthroat capitalism produces the highest fertility, least crime, highest standard of living. Eminent starvation makes women more likely to marry young, and to stable honest men. This makes all of society better off.

RPFerro 3 days ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment i was thinking about this the other day. Elites will not fix all of the problems, b/c they would be forced to follow the path of Cincinnatus. Instead, they fix just enough to appear useful or fabricate problems to scare the plebes into thinking 'elite' guidance is needed. In reality, most are mere managers.

RPFerro about a week ago

@GayLubeOil like talking to a chat room of sentient doorknobs

FullMetalAsshole 2 weeks ago

@RPFerro the more you sarge em the more they like you, they slowly adapt to your tastes it's the bees knees

RPFerro 2 weeks ago

If AI ever becomes hyper-aware yet peaceful, an 'electronic sage' of sorts, you know someone is going to ask about why men and women are different. Using its knowledge of human history and nature, I would love to be there when it responds by reciting the RP Constitution and hear all the bloops shit their pants in unison.

JohannesFactotum about a month ago

@RPFerro There is a long way before the general public understands these technologies so there is still a lot of untapped demand. Every time a government's currency fails more people adopt these alternatives. But I would prefer they grow no faster than 3%/year to avoid bubbles.

RPFerro about a month ago

@JohannesFactotum with huge gains in the value of crypto $ in the last few months, do you think a bubble is forming or has the party barely gotten started?

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