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FullMetalAsshole 2 weeks ago

@RPFerro I meant more so socially where they care about various groups

RPFerro 2 weeks ago

@FullMetalAsshole "more compassionate" hahaha- when women dont want anything from you, and they dont want to fuck you, you see their true side

RPFerro 3 weeks ago

At least half the global population is nearly unreliable- it's a testament to men's skill & drive that civ has made it this far.

RPFerro 3 weeks ago

@redpillbanana women r going to group-think & virtue signal themselves right out of most professional venues. It's beautiful to watch

RPFerro 4 weeks ago

Many yrs ago, my school forced us to go on a retreat, where a 'cool' counselor discussed the sanctity of women. He compared purity to money- he spat on $20, crumpled it, stomped it, but it was still valuable. It's only now that i realize he was right: men could trade women for goods & services instead of money.

RPFerro about a month ago

@redpillschool they have samurai haircuts but theyre spineless vagines- hipster 'irony' culture

redpillbanana about a month ago

@RPFerro Relevant article: All girls are cheapskates

RPFerro about a month ago

@Rollo-Tomassi i asked some of the ladies @ work if they were going to take their man out or do anything for him. The responses were a resounding and confident, "no".

RPFerro about a month ago

Women do not create male weakness. They exploit what is already there.

RPFerro about a month ago

A guy who memorizes TRP but fails to make any real or lasting improvements is the equivalent of a woman getting her hair & nails done.

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