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RPFerro 3 days ago

"Mother Nature is the only woman you can count on."

RedRum 2 weeks ago

@RPFerro there's a difference between being tribal, an inherit property of humans, and actively deciding to not put in effort to learn the other tribes

RPFerro 2 weeks ago

@RedRum all humans are still tribal

RPFerro 2 weeks ago

@0xdada if i understand your point, 'there are more barren cock gobblers than single mom cock gobblers', then i'd agree. Marriage and birth rates r declining everywhere. If chad's having a hard time 'fertilizing lawns', you know it's even worse for betas.

0xdada 2 weeks ago

@RPFerro I'd argue today there are more single moms who are cashing out of BB marriages to eat, pray for, and love more dick than mothers of "love children," from wild chads.

RPFerro 2 weeks ago

@0xdada yea they are. The amount of single moms pumped and dumped by Chad is astounding. Overpopulation of chad-spawn creates a situation of 'not enough indians, too many chiefs'.

RPFerro 2 weeks ago

The black women at work, younger and older, were standing around for almost half an hour talking about lubricants, anal sex, and sucking dick. Real classy. #angels #BlackChicksLuvAnal

RPFerro 2 weeks ago

@0xdada except that schools don't teach ppl how to think anymore, they teach them how to be compliant drones and blindly agree with popular opinion/ liberal authority.

RPFerro 2 weeks ago

@GayLubeOil but if they up their E, would they be at risk for developing bitch-tits or other feminine features (unless the body ups the T to cancel out the E)?

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