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BallsMahonie 3 days ago

@RPFerro I hope to live to see the day where, when asked about a specific candidate, the judges say "She has a wonderful personality.."

RPFerro about a week ago

Prediction: chubbies running in Miss America competition w/in next two years. no more Miss America w/in five

RPFerro about a month ago

"how'd you get into my phone, Narcissus?"

RPFerro 2 months ago

A fitting metaphor for modern men. (NSFL)

A dollar consists of 100 cents, but how much does it really cost? (NSFW)

revengerence 2 months ago

@RPFerro Are they not already separated? More and more women work full time and its mandatory to send children to government propaganda centres (schools).

RPFerro 2 months ago

Women have separated from men, but still get benefits, making men nothing more than ATMs. The next phase is to separate women from their children, making them into mere incubators. I'd say the frog is being boiled quite well. #DivideAndConquer

RPFerro 2 months ago

@GayLubeOil they intentionally overcharged her so she could win. Conservatives r as bp as libs. BUT his next of kin could easily destroy her in a civil lawsuit.

RPFerro 3 months ago

Sometimes it's easy to forget, so it must be repeated:

If you are not one of them, liberals hate you & want you dead.

Strategize accordingly.

Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ 3 months ago

@RPFerro Theres lots of room, Sweds despite being individualistic walk around in pairs of three and four. Again lots of free room and lots of people to fill it with. Food tastes of noting and the clothes are inexpensive. Men greeted me with "hei" which was annoying because its effeminate as hell.

Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ 3 months ago

@RPFerro I guess the no go zones areas are all places where theres barely any locals around (construction areas) and the alleyways are tight.

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