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RPFerro 2 hours ago

White guilt and libs encouraging blacks to assimilate into mainstream culture is modern imperialism.

RPFerro about a day ago

Men bring the group together, women keep the group together (when there is no common goal). If a man is being nice in order to placate and preserve the status quo, he is doing the woman's function. Polarity is what attracts.

RPFerro about a day ago

@Archwinger if we make enough of our complaints into electronic pixels, the world will have to change. /s

RPFerro 5 days ago

@RedRum whose hand are we talking about? Mine or yours, left or right!?

RedRum 5 days ago

@RPFerro the monkey can never stop dancing

RPFerro 5 days ago

@RedRum i call it the "beta backslide". You know comfort often invites complacency. I ask myself, "have i pushed the limits lately?"

RPFerro about a week ago

Perfect hamster: 1) womyn admits women r manipulative, tries to extract insight & lesson 2) blames men for women being manipulative 3) plays the victim to elicit sympathy.

RPFerro about a week ago

@GayLubeOil what's funny is that if no one knows how to think, then no one can take the reigns of leadership. only the rich would be capable, which creates a monopoly, which leads to stagnation and decline. mind control is self-defeating in the long-term.

RPFerro about a week ago
RPFerro about a week ago

As with most things in life, one cannot have their cake and eat it too. When it comes to interaction w/ women, you can only fulfill two roles, but not all three- choose wisely (hint: there is only one combination that will lead to happiness.)

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