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RPFerro 2 days ago

When a chick tells you that she's under 21 but used to be friends w/ a guy in his 40s who owns a boat, the implication is a #RedFlag.

RPFerro 4 days ago

Just be yourself, guys... if you're powerful & high value.

RPFerro 2 weeks ago

@G_Petronius the left believes their way of life is superior in all ways (esp moral), so they wont tolerate even gentle dissent. I sense a #NerdSchism approaching.

RPFerro 2 weeks ago

@GayLubeOil a chick recently told me that she'd been screwed over by "many guys", but stirred up needless drama & of course wouldnt send nudes b/c she "respects her body". Riiight #Next

RPFerro 3 weeks ago

@FullMetalAsshole "women are born w/ an emptiness that only men have a tool to fill." #Leadership #TubeSteak

FullMetalAsshole 3 weeks ago

@RPFerro thats cause women are naturally takers, taking dick, taking resources, and their chaotic nature prevents to a large extent from gaining stability from within so without direct male influence she defaults to societies values ie womyn in the workplace, pair that with endless consumerism and you got a recipe for a lonely 35 y/o cunt

RPFerro 3 weeks ago

Working w/ a chick who wants to leverage & betray her way to the top b/c she falsely believes her life will be fulfilled, if only she can get to the next lvl. She won't find happiness anywhere @ work, then she'll blame it on men. Another sucker onto the pyre of equalism. #DumbBitch #Lol

RPFerro about a month ago

Bloops sacrifice b/c they have a christ complex or operate via covert contract, both of which lead to bloop exploitation & frustration.

Terpers sacrifice if something valuable is to be gained for themselves.

This is not 'selfishness', but rather practical self-interest.

RPFerro about a month ago

@redpillschool eventually it will become gossip girl w/ time machines, "xoxo"

RedRum about a month ago

@RPFerro she had this cute look when my cock deprived her of air

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