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RPFerro 12 hours ago

Many yrs ago, my school forced us to go on a retreat, where a 'cool' counselor discussed the sanctity of women. He compared purity to money- he spat on $20, crumpled it, stomped it, but it was still valuable. It's only now that i realize he was right: men could trade women for goods & services instead of money.

RPFerro about a week ago

@redpillschool they have samurai haircuts but theyre spineless vagines- hipster 'irony' culture

redpillbanana about a week ago

@RPFerro Relevant article: All girls are cheapskates

RPFerro about a week ago

@Rollo-Tomassi i asked some of the ladies @ work if they were going to take their man out or do anything for him. The responses were a resounding and confident, "no".

RPFerro about a week ago

Women do not create male weakness. They exploit what is already there.

RPFerro about a week ago

A guy who memorizes TRP but fails to make any real or lasting improvements is the equivalent of a woman getting her hair & nails done.

RPFerro 2 weeks ago

A man that has overcome no challenges is a boy in adult skin.

RPFerro 2 weeks ago
RPFerro 2 weeks ago

@GayLubeOil beta male eye contact for more than 3 seconds w/ a woman would be equivalent to aggravated penetration. But Chad gets to grab her buns whenev.

RPFerro 2 weeks ago

The vagina has a mind of its own. Her personal opinion of you doesnt matter. As long as her vagina wants you, it will override her brain, and then she'll rationalize why she suddenly likes you.

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