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Relationship Philosophy:

Put oxygen mask on self first, then... make a value judgement for the passenger next to you.



"Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one."

JohannesFactotum 20 hours ago

A warm welcome to all finding this site for the first time today.

blue_dover 2 weeks ago

@JohannesFactotum Growth has to be organic. Don't build a product that 10 million people like. Build one that 100 people love. They will do the rest

JohannesFactotum 2 weeks ago

I launched a media-content site this week that is probably going to fail miserably. The amount of interest you can gather from Twitter is virtually zero these days---I might have to adopt some dark patterns to prime the pumps. Or maybe I'm too much of an autist and no one cares no matter what. :)

JohannesFactotum 2 weeks ago

@0xdada Absolutely. But this was an ideological dating site. About as attractive as dating "witches" (something you don't want to see) that are all over the Mastodon federated social-network. Yes, they self-identify and they post selfies. Oh my... the horror. Don't look. Instant regret.

0xdada 2 weeks ago

@JohannesFactotum only dating service that makes money is when a man convinces a bunch of girls that he is the best source of safety and money for them...hrm, maybe we should do a site where guys "vet" each other to meet women. Pimping, the 2nd oldest profession.

JohannesFactotum 2 weeks ago

The "empowered" dating app Siren is shutting down for lack of interest. That's stunning that a dating site couldn't make any money. Cough.

JohannesFactotum 3 weeks ago

You know what the women's best use is in the boardroom? When you're attacking your competition (e.g. inside your own organization). Women have an innate skill to reframe and aggravate the feelings of others no matter what the actual logic should be. Women are rationality-napalm you can use against others.

JohannesFactotum about a month ago

Virulently deplorable. Niiice.

RedRum about a month ago

@JohannesFactotum wait, what does this imply? Let's skype I got a shit ton of dev questions.

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