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Max Bench: 2750
Max Squat: 3650

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Don_Legaracci 9 months ago

"i make a hoe eat my ass hole to own her soul"

ok u might be a G

Don_Legaracci 9 months ago

"sharp sexy dress style is for homos"

omega faget

Don_Legaracci 9 months ago

"hurr hurr monogamy, committing to 1 roastie"

mega faget

Don_Legaracci 9 months ago

"DURR HURR i got a hot girl interested and shes showing interest, let me respond to her texts immediately"


Don_Legaracci 9 months ago

They say there's safety in numbers

.....tell that to the 8 jews in Pittsburgh

Don_Legaracci 10 months ago

@PurpleFidgetMidget women arent property. theyre just rayp-objects

Don_Legaracci 10 months ago

wanna know the #1 thing you can do to substantially improve your sex appeal with women right now?

leave their messages on read/seen for a few days. this is even more potent if you do it right at the peak of flirting/sexting.

Doctordinglefuck 10 months ago

@Don_Legaracci i think you're in the wrong forum. Time to leave

Don_Legaracci 10 months ago

Things real niggas say on their tinder bios:


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