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Doctordinglefuck 41 minutes ago

@StrikePrice your daughter is a smart one, because its becoming increasingly important for everyone to recognize the danger of true psychopaths.

Gaboyski 9 hours ago

@Doctordinglefuck I eventually learned that you cannot value all other people equally, and every individual deep down at the core pursues his own self-interests.

StrikePrice 15 hours ago

@Doctordinglefuck In all fairness, I’m probably a sociopath. So is my daughter. She’s 12 and she asked me the other day if she was one based on internet research she had done. I never said that word to her. She figured it out. You assume I hurt people. I don’t try to. I try and help people. But am I fairly ruthless against my enemies.

StrikePrice 15 hours ago

@Doctordinglefuck My kids are my responsibility. Yours are yours. I don’t give a fuck about your kids. I care about mine. That said, I don’t wish your kids any harm, I just don’t take any responsibility for them. I teach my kids the Laws of Power. I push them hard and throw away their participation ribbons. I make them strong.

StrikePrice 15 hours ago

@Doctordinglefuck No no no. Coddling the weak is what is pushing us toward extinction. I bring along more people in my goals than I sacrifice. Many more. I create success for people who struggle to create success for themselves. I embrace what I am. I am not ashamed. That said, if you believe in a higher power, that’s okay with me too.

Doctordinglefuck 15 hours ago

@yungboi realize that your body is working towards collective survival of the species in ways you dont even know. And not everything is about school

Doctordinglefuck 15 hours ago

@StrikePrice how many people would you sacrifice for your goals? How many people would you save? There is a sickness in humanity, and it threatens our entire existence, including you.

Doctordinglefuck 15 hours ago

@StrikePrice how will your third generation of children be affected by your actions, and the collective actions of everyone else? Think epigenetics.

Doctordinglefuck about a day ago

@aNeonym i thought i fucked the perfect lady.. then at a party she got aggressive with me and poured beer on my head , which i returned by pouring on hers. Then she slapped me, and ive never talked to that hoe again

Doctordinglefuck about a day ago

@AwakenedSovereign20 poor docs.. they live their whole life thinking theyre helping people when really theyre glorified drug dealers

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Turn off those damn screen. Go to fucking sleep.

Lift. you can scroll ig between sets

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