Something I kind of wanted to write to you guys, both as a sort of protest against the "life improvement" stuff on Seddit, and frankly, for myself.

There are no PUA's on Seddit anymore, just self-therapists. The theory being that if you, as a man, "improves himself", he'll become more qualified to go out and have sex with women. Thing is, no one actually says it this way, the actual words are glossed over...because no one actually wants to admit this. Everytime someone on seddit writes that they are interested in seduction in order to improve himself, I just read "I'm not yet good enough to be with women."

But women are an incredibly corrupt standard to judge your value by. Unveiling the female imperative shows that women aren't these impartial arbiters of who and what should have value in society.

At one time I actually believed something like "Success with women is, at least, a pretty good sign that you're doing well in life." But some months later, my sex life repaired, I'm now sure this is a naivete.

There are two important senses in which it is believed that it is women who are the measure of a man. First is the Seddit "Life Improvement" sense, where you have value in terms of what women say or believe are attractive. The second sense is an alternative sense that I picked up from reading Rollo/Heartiste, that you value is about how Alpha you are. Basically, the more you get laid, by the more women, the more Alpha you, and therefore the more masculine you are.

But in both cases, we're just defining ourselves in terms of what we lack. I used to read Seddit/Manosphere blogs all the time because of what I lacked, and I was getting close to defining myself in those terms.

But rather than looking at our value as men in terms of other women, we forget something drastically important: Other men. Fellow men are the only ones who will have genuine respect for our accomplishments, for what we do in life. Women, as it happens, are extraordinarily narcissistic and solipsistic: They ultimately are only interested in themselves. Sure, there's always the maternal instinct there that makes them look more altruistic, but they will never grasp what we do.

And even beyond that, rather than care about what other men think about us, how about our own opinion? That's the height of confidence right there, and no one's really going to understand how much higher you can go than anyone will see you or reach for you. There are even Omegas out there who climb up this mountain on their own, and they don't care to look back down where all the women are swarming.

There are Alphas out there who are getting laid constantly, living in a trailer, working a minimum wage job, and do I really respect such a man? Even after you've knocked the pussy off the pedestal, you'll never find yourself in some woman's vagina.

So in that sense, if you game, then game, but it shouldn't be anything more than a hobby. I get sick of people who want to generalize game into this capitalized Game, as if all of life is about the eternal search through the desert for the ultimate pussy. There are guys who are seriously getting into meditation, seeing therapists, watching hours of pickup videos, and spending small fortunes on bootcamps, in order to get laid.

I lost interest in Game when I realized that women can't make me happy. Women are like mirages in the desert that makes happiness look like it's closer than ever, or right around the bend, but the faster you chase after it, the faster she flees away.