The feminist imperative is so strong, that men are turning against their instincts. Men forget who they are, they lie to themselves about what they want. So let's do something radical and different, let's be honest.

  • As a guy, you want to have sex with the most attractive woman who will "let you". You are interested in a woman's surface more than her substance. A beautiful face and an incredible body will more than make up for serious flaws in character. On the other hand, an incredible, giving, and intelligent character is simply uninteresting on an ugly duckling.

  • Men are dogs. While we can only love one woman at a time, we can and will have sex with multiple women, while remaining in love with the first. It is always the man who comes back, crying, seeking forgiveness for his infidelity, to the woman he loves. It is always the woman who comes back with divorce papers, she simply found someone better. No regrets.

  • As men, we don't truly want to get into relationships, unless from a state of desperation or ignorance. A relationship is a protection of passion, but obligation can't overcome passion. Without passion, the relationship collapses or turns into "just friends". Most married couples already have one or the other partner in "the friend zone".

  • We love women from the outside in, not from the inside out. Many delusional betas sincerely believe that what they love about their oneitis is deep and meaningful, that she just isn't like other girls in some unique way.

  • Women are basically the same. The more experience you have with them, the more you're always waiting for "the woman" in a woman to come out. She sometimes arrives early, sometimes she arrives late, but she always comes.

  • Our desire for sexually attractive women is deep, not shallow. A relationship with an HB9 will be more fulfilling and satisfying than a relationship with an HB6. The relationship with the HB6 will always imply a sacrifice, a bit of discontent deep inside the man, that at some level he has "missed out" on life.

These truths are simple and honest, but aren't common place for many reasons, the feminine imperative being the highest one. Truth is hard for betas, and it is harder the more beta you are. But as men we should prefer our truth no other way.