Love the idea of this subreddit. I guess I'm going to go ahead with thoughts I've been having, and thought I'd write a post Rollo-style. Open to criticisms.

There's a lot of talk in the seduction community about the prizing frame, about framing your interactions with women as if you are the prize, and that women should be chasing after you. The prizing frame, I would guess, is the opposite of the chasing frame, which is the frame that it is too easy for AFC's to fall into. But I've done some thinking on this, and think that the prizing frame needs to be fleshed out.

I've been online dating recently, and it's a wonder how adamant women are about one thing: They are looking only for a relationship. Now in terms of what women are really looking for in men in general, a man's ability to sustain a relationship with a woman is actually one of the lowest priorities. On the other hand, given an individual man that a woman has set her sights on, to get into a committed, exclusive, and loving relationship with that man is the highest prize that her feminine instincts and charm can attain from that man.

It is important, as a man, to understand your commitment to a woman as the prize. This is your value as a male to women. But what is appalling is how women feel themselves entitled to it, and how society emphasizes this as if any sort of sexual or intimate interaction between men and women outside of a relationship is degenerate. The female imperative forces couples into a false dichotomy: Either you are in a committed relationship or you are in slutville.

A more male-friendly understanding would recognize, on the contrary, a spectrum of choices. We should be very protective of our prize, and not just give it to anyone. This is essentially the screening frame: You are determining if this woman is suitable for a committed relationship. But very few women are actually suitable for this. There may be simple incompatibility problems: A woman who just isn't right for one man might be the perfect woman for another man. Or there could be issues that all men should basically agree on: Is she crazy? Does she take care of her health? Does she have children from another relationship?

Women who aren't suitable for the prize should still be offered a consolation prize. There are pretty well-defined partnerships that are of a lower rank, but can still be offered. FWB is one of them, and it's actually a great training tool for both partners to determine what they actually want from a partner. It is said quite often that FWB's don't actually work, but maybe it should really be thought of as a test. You should definitely have the maturity to navigate an FWB-style partnership before you start seriously thinking about a long-term relationship. A relationship is essentially composed of FWB's who genuinely don't want to see other people.

Ranked lower than FWB status are women who you are only fuck-buddies (FB) with. The difference is that FWB's actually genuinely like each other. FB's may not really. They just like to have sex.

By ranking the type of partnerships a man may have with a woman, this is essentially a way of ranking and evaluating the women in your life. The feminine imperative insists on grading in terms of pass or fail. For men, we should rather give a letter grade: A, B, C, D or F.

This is actually very reasonable, and at some level women understand this. Women at some level are offended when a man offers his commitment to her too easily, she feels cheap. As an AFC I never really understood this before. After all, isn't a relationship what all women say they want from a quality man? But value is as much a function of scarcity as it is of substance.

Men everywhere are seriously devaluing and debasing themselves when they offer commitment too easily, in exchange for a little infatuation, or at worst, sexual intimacy. In the most serious way, a man's Prize is in effect all he is and all he is capable of becoming, and it is nothing less than this that women are greedy for and pawing for. To give this away too easily says in effect that your entire worth as a man is in fact worth very little!

And these are the multitude of men that women, especially HB's, see themselves surrounded by, and really imagine them at least romantically as little ants crawling around their heels.

We need to teach men to stop doing this to themselves.