• UPDATED: 9/5/2018; Time: The World's Most Important Commodity and cutting some bulk off the post.





Hello, I am an Asian American, male, age 23, 5'6, 160lb. It's been several years since I have started this journey. Typical bluepill background. Typical Asian upbringing. School smart but not street smart. High school was a dud and I wanted to committed suicide during my junior year. Been told I was cute before but never had the balls to do anything. Been an orbiter, emotional tampon, "best friend", the whole nine yards.


My journey started in 2013 when I discovered PUA, then to TRP, then to MGTOW, and now I'm just a guy with a mission in life with bit of knowledge and better boundaries. Went through all the stages of grief and learn to accept women and their.. special ways. They aren't meant to be men so I can't expect them to have the same values as men. Now life tends to be more.. amusing and less.. self inflicting drama. I am way less thirsty around women and no longer asking 'why' about a lot of things. Instead I now know 'why' and tend just shrug things off when they don't work out.


Below is a list of ideals I have come across on this journey, things I have struggle with, and the tools that had help me along the way. I ask you to keep an open mind and take everything with a grain of salt. Do you own research and conduct your own experiments and observations.


Note: All listed books can be purchased on the Amazon Kindle App. Save trees, save space, and read anytime, anywhere. Use Audio Narrations upgrades for times like traveling, cleaning, or working out.

  • Recommend Youtube:
    • Benefits Of Reading - The Improvement Pill
    • 7 Ways to Maximize Misery - CGP Grey


For curious newbies:

  • Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the core belief. -Frantz Fanon


For women:

  • Recommend Books:
    • "Self-Made Man" by Norah Vincent
    • "How to Get the Guy" by Matthew Hussey (He also has a YouTube Channel and live seminars for ladies)





The First Rule of TRP is: You Do Not Talk About TRP. The Second Rule of TRP is: You Do Not Talk About TRP.


WARNING: TRP is not a safe subject. Cue eye-rolls. The truth is hard to hear and much harder to accept. It is never popular but always a necessity. There are those who would use TRP philosophy incorrectly just like those who use religions or politics to suppress or terrorized others. Keep your mouth shut and your thoughts to yourself whenever these type of topics come up in public. Self-preservation keeps you safe and others safe. Let people think how they want to think.

  • Recommend Methods:

    • Do not talk how 'alpha' you are or how 'beta' someone is in public. It's sad and pathetic. You wouldn't be here if you were a natural alpha. We all were betas. Be humble.
    • Do not put down or insult women for not sleeping with you. They are not evil, prudes, bitches, cunts, sluts, whores, or etc because they won't help you get your dick wet. They are human too. They have the freedom of choice and numerous of men to choose from. It is just a different world for women.
    • TRP is a brotherhood. For those of you who want to help our brothers who are plugged in, please keep in mind of how much you resisted swallowing the pill. Just keep an ear out when they start dropping hints. They will be ready when they will be ready. Do not force it. You can only lead a horse to water, you can't make it drink it.
  • Recommend Youtube:
    • Derek Sivers Keep Your Goals to Yourself - TED


A Different Perspective than the Standard Disney Dream:


Welcome to TRP. Somehow you arrived here because your method of attracting women isn’t working and you are looking for different answers. It is consider madness if you repeat the same action over and over and expect a different result. It is NOT wrong of you wanting to get better at attracting women just as it is NOT wrong of women wanting to be more attractive to men.

  • Recommend Methods:

    • Use the Five Stages of Grief to identify your emotions and state of mind. It WILL be hard and does take a lot time to come to an acceptance of TRP perspective. It is completely normal to feel negative feelings such as anger, hate, depression, feeling lied to, exploited, ignorant, etc. What you are feeling is the change. You will breakdown. You must breakdown. Then you will rebuild yourself. We men are taught to not express our troubles or negative emotions in public view due to all sorts of backlash if we do. TRP is a safe and anonymous place where you rant your hatred, your negativity, your mistakes, and your grief in the privacy of your own home and your own mind. This is where we can get honest answers, feedback, and guidance from those who were in the similar situations. Be patience, be kind, and be grateful once you are unplugged.
  • Recommend Books:
    • "The Game" by Neil Strauss (This is where it all started for me. The first book. The knowledge, values, and beliefs that contradicted my own at the time.)
    • "Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Male" by Joseph South, David Clare
    • "The Rational Male" by Rollo Tomassi
    • "The Rational Male - Preventive Medicine" by Rollo Tomassi
    • "The Rational Male - Positive Masculinity" by Rollo Tomassi


Traditional Male Roles in Modern Times?


Be on guard with your traditional male role. There are plenty of people willing to take advantage of it. Men roles and women roles are being questioned and everybody is confused. Mother nature will always be the invisible government of the land. However, mankind's 'laws' are always changing, for better or worse. Men, please do some research for your legal rights (or lack of in some areas). Remember, women have the potential to use men as successful objects just as men have the potential to exploit women as sex objects.

  • How unhappy and trapped males look like when taken advantage of or being used:

    • Provider/ATM - Guys who used for their resources and receive nothing in return.
    • Best friend/Emotional tampon/Orbiter/White knight - Guys who listen to a girl's problems, are always hanging around them, and defend their honor in hopes of getting laid.
    • Marriage/Divorce Raped - Guys that their wives got tired of and lost everything in a divorce.
    • Kids/Child Support - Guys that have children they are required to pay for. Sometimes the child might not even be their genetic offspring.
  • Recommend Book:

    • "Men on Strike" by Helen Smith
    • "The Manipulated Man" by Esther Vilar
  • Recommend subreddits:

    • MensRights
    • MGTOW
    • PussyPass
    • PussyPassDenied
    • Childfree
    • RaisedbyNarcissists
  • Recommend Youtube:
    • "The Red Pill Documentary" by Cassie Jaye
    • Tom Leykis -Time Travel Radio
    • The Tasteless Gentlemen
    • Why Engagement Rings Are a Scam - Adam Ruin Everything
    • Why Weddings Are a Total Ripoff - Adam Ruin Everything
    • Divorce Corp Documentary
    • Dr. Helen Smith PhD - Men and Women are from Earth
    • The Ideal Man? One's Woman's 43-Point List Stuns Steve Harvey
    • The Horrors of Children - The School of Life


Are You a “Nice Guy”?


Cross-examine your behaviors by heading over to the ‘niceguys’ subreddit to see examples. Learn the difference between infatuation and love. There is also a 'nicegirls' subreddit too.

  • Recommend Methods:

    • Don't ever give favors or gifts for women and expect sex in return. You WILL become passive aggressive when you are disappointed. Women are not stupid. They can smell a guy's agenda or ulterior motives a mile away. Always be upfront with what you want and always be willing to leave or show anyone the door when it doesn't work out.
  • Recommend Book:

    • "No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Robert Glover
  • Recommend subreddit:

    • Neckbeardstories
    • niceguys
    • nicegirls
  • Recommend Blog
    • "Love or Infatuation? How To Tell The Difference" by Nancy Van Pelt


Relationships & the Human's Need to Love


Educate yourself about relationships. A lot of relationships fail because one or both parties are not educated about the other sex and/or their own needs and boundaries. Ask yourself honestly and deeply why you want to be in a relationship. You should NEVER depend on one person to fulfill your EVERY single need. Don't put all your eggs in one basket for love, emotional support, loyalty, and etc. Diversify your love between all of your family, friends, coworkers, mentors, etc. Learning to not 'own' another person and be whole and happy on your own is having an abundance mentality. She is NOT yours, it is just your turn.

  • Nothing last forever, even stars die. -Neil deGeneres Tyson

  • Recommend Book:

    • "Men Are Like Waffles — Women Are Like Spaghetti" by Bill and Pam Farrell
  • Recommend subreddit:

    • Relationships (Scary stories)
    • Relationship_Advice (More scary stories)
  • Recommend Youtube:

    • How Romanticism Ruin Love - The School of Life
    • Reasons to Remain Single - The School of Life
    • 'Mark Gungor Tale of Two Brains Full'
  • Recommend blog:
    • blog.kareldonk.com - Featured Topic - Love


Frame Control & Personal Boundaries


This is a way to control your reptilian brain or 'reactive' side. Reacting is instinctual. Responding is a conscious choice. When something happens, our body is going to react automatically regardless. The trick is to become aware of this initial reaction, resist doing anything, involve your higher intelligence by considering options, possible ramifications, who you want to be, and what is going to be in your best interest, and, then, choose how to respond.

  • Man is affected, not by events, but by his view he takes of them. -Epictetus

  • Recommend Method:

    • Stoicism is a great philosophy to adapt.
    • You are the CEO of YOUR life. Learn to make decisions for yourself and lead. You are the captain. Let the other person(s) decide if they want to follow. You choose who stays and who goes. Anyone toxic, can include family and friends, need to be let go. All relationships are give and take. Keeping scores in your head is fine but don't get obsess with it. You are the average of the five people you spent your most time with. Crabs in a barrel mentality is an easy red flag.
    • Practice saying 'no' out loud with confident and conviction. Learn to say 'sorry' less and only when it is absolutely necessary. Take your time talking. Don't rush things and don't let anyone rush you. Be content during those silent pauses. Gather your thoughts Pick your battles wisely. You can never change a person's world view overnight. Walk away if needed.
    • Stay amused. Have a play and/or flirty tone when teasing. It's banter and it's supposed to be fun. Test yourself 'being mean' cautiously. Don't backpetal whenever possible. Never get into a fight with or over a women. You automatically lost frame.
    • Imagery training. I have a rather good imagination and tend to play devil advocate with myself. I "test" myself against scenarios with my ideal oneities, bitches, AMOG, betas, white knights, femnazi, and etc. You can do it anytime but you must envision REALISTIC solutions. It teaches you where your state of mind is and how much control you have over your emotions and reactions.
  • Recommend Books:

    • "Extreme Ownership" by Jocko Willink
    • "The Undefeated Mind" by Alex Lickerman
    • "A Guide to the Good Life, The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy" by William B. Irvine
    • "Emotional Intelligence 2.0" by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves
    • "Verbal Judo" by George Thompson PhD
    • "The 48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene
    • "What Women Want When They Test Men" by Bruce Bryans
  • Recommend Youtube
    • Kezia On Bitch Shields Part 1,2,3 - Richard LaRuina


Sexy Times in Bed


Wanting sex is NORMAL for humans. Repeat: Wanting sex is NORMAL for humans. It is a built-in nature for all lifeforms to have sex and reproduce. Just learn to control your biological sexual urges so it doesn't control you. STOP being so thirsty. Sex is great and all but it's not the one thing in this world you should strive for. Your value as a man is not defined by the quantity or quality of women you can bring to bed. Ask yourself honestly and deeply why you want sex.

  • Destroy the sex glands, whether in man or beast, and you have removed the major source of action. For proof of this, observe what happens to any animal after it has been castrated. A bull becomes as docile as a cow after it has been altered sexually. Sex alteration takes out of the male, whether man or beast, all the FIGHT that was in him -Napoleon Hill

  • Recommend Methods:

    • Quit using porn and fapping. Practice semen retention. The urge of sex is one of and the MOST POWERFUL driving force of man. You are wasting your drive for fake pixels. (by far one of the hardest thing for me to achieve.)
    • Use a condom and wash it out after. Sperm-jackers are real.
    • Don't EVER have sex with a drunk girl. You are just asking for a rape accusation.
    • For proof of consent: Take selfies throughout the night and save a screenshot of a "Awesome night" text and her reply after a night of sex and upload it to the cloud like Google Drive. Invest in a dash cam or home security cameras.
    • Don't EVER 'date' coworkers/clients. You are risking your income/job. Don't shit where you eat.
    • I used to suffer from premature ejaculation. To last longer, I started doing Kegal exercises and invest in a Fleshlight. Tips I have learned is to use a stopwatch to keep track of time (try to go for 30 mins) and a playlist of sexy songs (YouTube: THE BEDROOM PLAYLIST PT. II R&B/SOUL) to get a sense of a slow thrust rhythm, breathing pace down, mix up body positions, and fingering and licking simultaneously.
    • Check/increase your testosterone levels. Google the benefits. EverlyWell has a home test kit for testosterone.
  • Recommend Books:

    • "Your Brain On Porn" by Gary Wilson
    • "The Sex God Method" by Daniel Rose
    • "Sexual Intelligence" by Marty Klein
    • "Cupid's Poisoned Arrow" by Marnia Robinson
  • Recommend subreddits:

    • NoFap
  • Recommend Youtube:
    • The Science of Pornography Addiction - AsapScience
    • Why The Members Of NoFap Become Successful - The Improvement Pill


Know Thyself


You have to know how you see yourself, your thinking process, and how you perceive the world around you. Your thoughts are your reality.

  • Recommend Method:

    • Google "MBTI Test" to find out how you think. We aren't all meant to be social butterflies. (I have INTP personality, which is 3% of the population. Really helped me out to accept that I think and see things differently from the majority.)
  • Recommend Websites:

    • 16personalities, 23andme, EverlyWell.
  • Recommend Youtube:

    • "An Instruction Manual To Oneself" - The School of Life
  • Recommend Book:
    • "The Spiritual Awakening Process" by Mateo Sol and Aletheia Luna
    • "Old Souls" by Aletheia Luna


A Man's Mission In Life & Being Selfish


The most important of concept of TRP is converting your belief from making 'women' being the center of your universe to make 'yourself' the center of your universe. A man's mission should be his MAIN source of happiness. To self-improve is to self-invest which requires you to have self-discipline, learn to love yourself, and put your needs first. An easy concept for self-love is to love and treat yourself like you would love the women of your dreams. Being selfish and putting yourself first is hard for most men to grasp. It is because we have been taught all of our life to self-sacrifice for the greater good of others. Follow your efforts, not your passion. You learn the skills you need in life by searching for it.

  • Recommend Blog

    • "So She Dump You?... Become A Selfish King" - selfishkings.com
  • Recommend Youtube:

    • Success at School vs Success in Life - The School of Life
    • Wake Up Early|End Laziness|Motivational Speech Compilation - daily Motivation (I downloaded this and listen to it every morning and when I am working out)
  • Recommend Book:
    • "Live Your Truth" by Kamal Ravikant
    • "Love Yourself Like Your Life Depend On It" by Kamal Ravikant


Time: The World's Most Important Commodity


Time is your MOST valuable and limited resource. The average free time for an adult can range from 4-5 hours per day.

  • Recommend Methods:

    • Make or buy an Unplug Box (It's a box to put your smartphone away for less distraction.)
    • Change your smartphone screen to grayscale to reduce addiction.
    • Eliminate/reduce timewaster like: video games, TV shows, Netflix marathons, porn, etc.
    • Reduced all of your electronic devices with screens down to one or two.
    • Try to keep your phone to just a communication device as much as possible. Don't be connected 24/7. Disable/silent notifications off your apps.
    • Delete all of your personal social media. You can start slowly by limiting your friends to under 100 count and set it to private. Eliminate people who you don't know, never talk to anymore, are toxic, or their posts are just drama. Unlike and unfollow everyone to have a empty feed.
  • Recommend App:

    • Quality Time (Keep tracks of your cellphone usage per app)
  • Recommend Youtube:

    • How Is Your Phone Changing You? - AsapSCIENCE
    • How To Stop Procrastinating - The Improvement Pill
    • Delete Social Media Dr. Cal Newport
  • Recommend subreddits:
    • StopGaming
    • NoSurf


Making It Rain Money


I don't know why this wasn't taught in school. It's pretty much the one skill you NEED to have. Maybe it was to keep us ignorant so we could be debt/consumer slaves.

  • The things you own end up owning you. -Tyler Durden.

  • Recommend Methods:

    • Make paying off all your debt one of your top priorities.
    • To use a credit card correctly is by having zero balance at the end of every month.
    • Reduce or eliminate non-essential bills like Netflix, magazine subscriptions, cable/satellite TV packages, etc.
    • Start an emergency fund and saving fund. Keep it in a separate bank or safety deposit box so you won't be tempted. Start at 5-10% of your paycheck once a month. Do a separate allotment/transfer so you would never see the money to be tempted.
    • Give yourself 24 hours when wanting to buy something that is non-essential. You don't need the latest gadget or toy. You live well before without it.
    • SeedInvest.com - investment opportunities
    • Get a passport and Global Entry (USA) or something similar to get through customs faster. This document opens the world to you. There are so much women, work opportunities, new experiences waiting for you all over the world. It is an essential key to develop more of yourself and get you out of your comfort zone.
  • Recommend Youtube:

    • Exploring Alternative
    • Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things
    • Daniel Norris The Millionaire Pitcher that Lives in a Van
  • Recommend Book:

    • "The Total Money Makeover" by David Ramsey
    • "The Millionaire Next Door" by Thomas J. Stanley Ph.D."
    • "Essentialism" by Greg McKeown
  • Recommend subreddit:

    • Zerowaste
    • Vandwellers
    • Tinyhouses
    • Personalfinance
    • Frugal
  • Recommend App:

    • Mint: Personal Finance @ Money (great for knowing your Net Worth, Debt, and Credit Score)
  • Recommend Product:
    • Turbo Tax (Easiest way to do your taxes and receive a refund.)


Your Man Cave


Your living space is a reflection of your state of mind. It is every human personal responsibility to be self-efficient and self-reliant.

  • Recommend Methods:

    • Make your bed every morning.
    • Wash your dishes/pans immediately after you use them.
    • Vacuum carpet, mop/sweep floor, dust/wipe down furnitures and bathroom, do laundry, take out trash, and air out the place at least once a week.
    • Having less stuff mean less cleaning to do.
    • If you have a car, get it a cleaning detailed once a year. It would feel like new again.
  • Recommend Book:
    • "Adulting How to Become a Grown-up" by Kelly Williams Brown


Eating Like a Caveman


Eat healthy is life skill you NEED TO HAVE. It is the first and most ESSENTIAL part of your SMV. This is a very important investment you can ever make.

  • Recommend Method:

    • Invest in a slow cooker.
    • Self-experiment with Intermittent Fasting and Keto.
    • StillTasty.com - Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide. Should help with grocery shopping and avoid spoiled food.
    • Buy reusable tupperware and a lunch bag. This should encourage you to not eat out often and cook more. Plus you can show off your dishes.
    • Drink only water. Avoid sodas and other sugary drinks. Place a reusable water bottle in plain sight at your work area to help remind you to drink.
    • Lessen your exposure to mind/body alternating substances like tobacco, alcohol (I limit myself to 3 drinks when I go out), drugs, and caffeinated drinks.
  • Recommend Book:

    • "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success" by Maria Emmerich and Craig Emmerich
    • "The Complete Guide to Fasting" by Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore
  • Recommend Youtube:

    • The Ketogenic Diet Explain - PictureFit
    • Keto and Intermittent Fasting - Dr. Eric Berg DC
    • Tastemade or other cooking channels
    • Addiction - Kurzgesagt In A Nutshell
  • Recommend Subreddit:
    • keto
    • intermittentfasting
    • fatpeoplestories
    • stopdrinking
    • stopsmoking


Cold Showers, Hygiene, & Manscaping


  • Recommend Methods:

    • Take daily cold showers for 5 minutes. Listen to the excuses your mind makes up. This can really help with your control over your emotions.
    • Teeth whiting. A smile can be improved greatly with white teeth. Takes about a month or two using a store brand.
    • If you can't grow and/or maintain maintenance a beard, shave. (Don't be a neckbeard or have a pedo-stashe).
    • Learn to pick and trim your eyebrows, ear hair, nose hair, chest hair, back hair, and pubic hair.
    • Have a hair style that doesn't required a lot of maintenance. Buzzed, short, shaved haircuts gives you a clean look. Do a Google image search for your ideal men haircut, print it, and bring it to the barber.
  • Recommend subreddit:

    • NoPoo (No Shampoo).
  • Recommend Youtube:

    • Benefits of Cold Showers Comfort Zone Killer- The Improvement Pill
    • Manscaping - Alpha M.
  • Recommend Book:
    • "The Way of the Iceman" by Wim Hof and Koen de Jong


Sleeping Like the Dead


  • Recommend Methods:

    • 7-8 hours of sleep time for the average adult.
    • Stop looking at digital screens an hour prior to your bedtime.
    • Darken your room as much as possible.
    • Sleep naked and also on hard surface (floor, flat bed frame). It could help with neck and back pain and improve better posture.
  • Recommend Apps:

    • Bluelight Filter for your phone
    • f.lux for all your computers
  • Recommend Product:

    • LightDims Stickers 5.99$
    • Blackout Curtains or Sleeping Mask
    • Weighted Blanket
  • Recommend Youtube:
    • What If You Stopped Sleeping? -AsapSCIENCE
    • Sleeping On Floor Is Better Than Mattress -motivationaldoc


Nature & the Great Outdoors


Go outside more often and be surround by nature. It's one of the few healthy things you can do for FREE.

  • Recommend Methods:

    • Vitamin D from the sun (tanning or running shirtless). Improve energy, mood, and appearance.
  • Recommend Book:

    • "Earthing" by Clinton Ober, Martin Zucker, and Stephen Sinatra
  • Recommend subreddit:

    • Barefoot
  • Recommend Youtube:
    • What If You Stopped Going Outside? -AsapSCIENCE
    • Earthing Documentary


No More BluePill Music


Take some time to go through your music collection. Many studies have shown that the type of music or songs that you listen to can have an affect your subconscious or belief/value system. I love music but I get so irritated now with songs that have lyrics like 'waiting for a girl' or 'she is the perfect one', or 'how can I live without her.' Makes me want to gagged and/or cringe.*


Give Me Masculinity or Give Me Death.


Every man should be proud to be a MAN. Society today has drastically demonized the word masculinity. Take pride in yourself and in your manhood. Say to yourself "I am proud to be a man".


  • Recommend Methods:
    • Find some men space. Look, every man need some guy time, away from the women. You need some good brothers to be by your side and can relate to. Take up martial arts, join local sport team, bowling league, golf, pool billard, poker night, sports bar, shooting range, hold a guys night, etc.
    • The Art of Manliness. This website gives you a wide variety of little hobbies, manners, and skills that are consider manly. A lot of us didn't have a male role model to teach us these things like how to tie a tie, change a tire, smoke a cigar, etc. This gives you more things to develop your own definition of being a man and personality.


Men's Fashion & Style


Learn the basics of men's fashion & style and apply it to your wardrobe. It's like a video game, increase attractiveness +5. Once you have the basic down, get rid of all unnecessary clothes so you can look stylish all the time. Understand that generally "men" don't care what men wear but "women" do because a woman's SMV is mostly based on her looks. Women invested and max out their looks to gain the attention of high-value men. They compare themselves to other women and thus how their man look too. Remember, your clothes convey non-verbally who you are. If you want to be the guy that girls want to fuck, you got to at least look like the part.

  • Recommend Book:

    • "Dress like a Man, A Style Guide for Practical Men" by Antonio Centeno
  • Recommend Youtube:

    • "The Try Guys Get Style Makeovers" - Buzzfeedvideos
  • Recommend Services:

    • A personal one-on-one stylist, or an online services like Bombfell or Truck Club.
  • Recommend subreddit:
    • menfashionadvice


Iron Doesn't Lie


Getting in shape. If there was ever a first step to attracting women, this is it. Starting now is the best time to do it. I was a skinny 130lb in high school. Now I'm 160lb and been call "bigger" and "muscular" which is a confident booster.

  • Recommend Methods:

    • Lifting (Duhhhh). My personal goal is to join the 1000lb Club. (Your max benchpress + max squat + max deadlift =1000lb)
    • Walk or run, it's FREE to do anywhere, anytime. You can also bike commute to work.
    • Consider getting a standing desk for the office.
    • Designate a time and place to work out. Your daily time resource is 24 hours everyday so use at least one hour to workout. Try to not use your home as a gym. It has too many distractions. Your home is a place of relaxation.
    • Find a workout buddy or personal trainer that who knows what they are doing. I needed help to stay motivated and be committed to the workout program for the first few months. I was dragged kicking and screaming along the way until I learn to shut up and stop wasting energy complaining.
    • Document your progress by taking body pics once a month and writing down your weight and reps.
  • Recommend Book:

    • "The Swoly Bible" by Dom Mazzetii
  • Recommend App:

    • Symmetric Strength
  • Recommend Website:

    • Labdoor.com - A website where they tested, review, and rated all supplements.
  • Recommend subeddit:

    • Fitness
    • Bikecommuting
  • Recommend Programs:

    • StrongLifts 5x5 Workout Program (stronglifts.com/5x5/)
    • Jim Stoppani's 12-Week Shortcut to Size ebook
  • Recommend YouTube:
    • Gym Stereotypes - Dude Perfect


Talking And Body Language


Improve your speech/voice and recognize facial/body language. The percentage of types of human communication are consist of: 55% are body movements and facial expression, 38% are voice tone, volume, and pauses, and 7% are words. This is to help you see the subtle signals of attraction or the need to back off.

  • Recommend Methods:
    • Watch your favorite shows/movies on silent. Look at the actor's facial expression and body movements.
    • Stand tall by using the pencil posture test and fix your forward neck or round shoulders by using the 'hang by your teeth' technique.
    • Use a computer stand to level your screen higher for a better sitting posture.
    • Place a pen in your mouth and start reading out loud. You should be able to pronounce every syllables, talk slower, take breaths and pauses, and get rid of 'umms' and 'uhh'.
    • Record yourself reading out loud. To focus on your tone and volume, place your recording device at different distances away from you. This should give you the idea of how loud and clearly you must be speak in order for the person to hear you. You should also listen to pitch of your voice and make sure it stay low.
    • Practicing maintaining eye contact by looking in the mirror.
    • Learn to sing. For some reason, singing tend to bring people together. When you and another person know the lyrics to a song, it's really cool feeling. Great for singing during car rides and karaoke nights. Take a few singing lessons from a tutor to learn breathing and pitch.
    • Learn how to storytell. Our stories are who we are. Share the jokes, the 'what the fuck' events, the scary adventures and your brainfart moments. You have to 'describe' more than necessary to have her 'live' in the moment.


  • Recommend Books:

    • "How to talk to Anyone, 92 Tricks" by Leil Lowndes
    • "What Every Body is Saying" Joe Navarro
  • Recommend Youtube:
    • Body Language - Howcast
    • Any video for practicing eye contact on YouTube.
    • What Actually Makes a Man Attractive? - BuzzFeedVideo


Texting 101


Try to keep texting, emails, and any online messenger for logistics. It is a very inefficient tool to use for flirting.

  • Recommend Methods:

    • Text with the PURPOSE of meeting up/making plans. Don't text just for the sake of texting. (Like asking how was her day was or what your goals in life are.) Save that for when you are together in person.
    • No wall text, no double texting, and write out your texts in compete words, sentences, and correct grammar.
    • Use 'statements' formats more often than 'questions' format. (Example: Instead of asking her if she is free, tell her a time, location, and activity of what you will be doing together. Take the lead and assume attraction.)
    • Do not drunk text or send nudes. (She got enough dick pics from other guys)
    • Make a phone call every once in awhile. Show that you got some balls.
    • Easy 'nexting' tells: If she responds back to reschedule, she is into you. However, if she 'stalls' without rescheduling, she is not into you. 2-3 strikes and she's out.
    • KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)
  • Recommend Youtube:
    • How to Text a Girl - sWooZie
    • Texting - Based Zeus


The Art of Seduction


Learning seduction or just basic female interaction. THIS is only when you are at a healthy mindset, have good habits formed, and basically got your shit together. PUA without TRP is basically bluepill mindset but redpill acting.

  • Recommend Methods:

    • Make sure your logistics are in order before going anywhere, anytime. You will never know when the next opportunity will arise. Transportation? Check. Bedroom clean? Check. Condoms? Check.
    • You must LEAD at all times. IT IS YOUR responsibility to make the FIRST move and every move after that.
    • 3 second rule: When you see an attractive women, don't think, approach. This gives your brain no time to develop any excuses. Don't restrain yourself to just weekends or night venues. Women are everywhere.
    • ACCEPT REJECTIONS GRACEFULLY. You CAN'T attract/have sex with every attractive woman you see. There are too many factors to why a woman rejects you. Just say 'thank you for your time' and move on.
    • For first few outing keep it: fun, casual, interactive, cheap/free, kino friendly, and low pressure. Never start off with a dinner or movie. Get ice cream cones, bowling, arcade, laser tag, a walk around a park, putt putt golf, hiking, swimming at beach/pool, board games, and etc.
    • Topics to avoid: religion and politics.
    • Topics to use: music, movies/tv shows, food you love/hate, adventures, places you have been, happy childhood memories, scary stories, jokes, people watching, the surrounding environment, etc.
    • Don't be afraid to touch her! Sit next to her, hold her hand, high fives, hugs, fist bumps, make her twirl, hand slapping game, and etc.
    • Kino map: Shoulder -> upper arm -> wrist -> hands.
    • When going for the kiss, make sure to isolate her from the public view or from people she knows. A person's public reputation can greatly differs from their private desires.
    • Keep a little fun sexual tension alive. Use sexual innuendos. Wink, slowly bite lower half of lips, slowly lick top half of lips, smirk, grab/slap her ass playfully, and etc.
    • Push and Pull during the interaction. You're not sprinting to the finish line. Escalate and rest on your terms. Give her room to chase. Think it like baking a cake.
  • Recommend Method:

    • Take a PUA Bootcamp to have a coach in the field to give your honest feedback. Asian guys: ABCs of Attraction.
  • Recommend Books:

    • "The Manual What Women Want" by W. Anton
    • "Models: Attraction through Honesty" by Mark Manson
  • Recommend subreddit:

    • seduction
    • socialskills
  • Recommend Youtube:
  • Richard LaRuina Videos:

    • Day Game vs Night Game, The Key Differences
    • Night Game Masterclass Part 1 & 2
    • High Status Night Game Body Language
    • Kino Escalation Tips
  • Howcast Videos:
    • Attraction Body Language
    • How to Kiss
    • How to Remove a Bra
    • How to Undo her Bra with One Hand


Dancing The Night Away


Learn to dance as if no one is watching. Great for getting out of your comfort zone.

  • Recommend Method:

    • There are two types of dancing style. Individual and partner. Take beginner classes for both. Partner dancing can help with being comfortable touching the opposite sex and leading. Individual dancing can help with being comfortable with your own individual movements.
  • Type of dance/Venues:

    • Salsa/Latin Night
    • Country Two Step/Country Bar
    • Shuffling & Tutting/Raves
    • Popping & Locking/Hip hop Club
  • Recommend Youtube:
    • Dance - Howcast
    • Will Dancing Get You Laid? - AsapSCIENCE
    • Energy Concept - ItsMRich
    • How to - STEEZY



Final Words:


Don't take life too seriously. We live in a very fucked up world. Somewhere, someone else has it worse than you. You were at the bottom but now know the way up. Work hard but do enjoy the little moments and achievements. Laugh at your mistakes and look at how far you had come. Don't compare your life to others or how perfect it 'should' to be. Success in life is when you can smile and say 'yeah, that was fun'.

  • The life of every individual, viewed as a whole and in general, and when only its most significant features are emphasized, is really a tragedy; but gone through in detail it has the character of a comedy. - Arthur Schopenhauer

  • Recommend Youtube:
    • The Philosophy of Rick and Morty - Wisecrack
    • The Lottery of Life - The School of Life