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Every Bitch is a Movie Star

.....in her own head.

To understand women, you simply internalize that she is the star of her own movie - and every scene runs on feelz.

Everything that happens to her over the course of a day becomes a narrative that is later dramatized in her head. The screenplay becomes reality, and "drama" is a critical aspect of the show.

What happened is of secondary relevance, if relevant at all. What mattered was how she FELT.

Women absolutely love drama. It is better for her to be pissed at you (or feel any strong emotion), than not care - therefore, all you guys that are Super Serious Business, ego invested, and/or emotionally disconnected fail hard. There's no excitement in that. There are no feelz.

Don't misunderstand drama. Drama is useful. Some of the naturals I know are frankly histrionic people, but women are obsessed with them because their personality brings EXCITEMENT. She might hate his guts, but immediately gets a dopamine rush when her phone buzzes and it's him. Feelz are highly addictive.

Feelz are the currency the movie star treasures. Good game is all about making a story, laced with emotional highs.

You bounce venues on dates because it "feels" like you got to know each other so fast.

You keep an air of mystery because it makes her "feel" curious.

When I lived in nyc, I told girls to meet me under the clock at Grand Central Station. Why? Having to find each other and meeting in an iconic location is just like....a movie. When she was blabbing to her friends about me, I guarantee you it started with, "he told me to meet him under the clock, I was nervous but we found each other through this huge crowd, it was so much fun!"

Those are feelz. That is the screenplay. I gave her all the emotional ammunition she needed to create the fantasy of me and Our First Date.

That's why feelz are so useful. By channeling emotion, you can manipulate and control the situation. She's bitching about her coworker? "Yeah, that bitch Kathy SUCKS! I bet she dresses like shit, too." Now, instead of listening to 20 minutes of bullshit, you've revved up her feelz and she gets it out of her system faster.

Same with a girl you approach - "I saw you getting really animated from over there. What got you so riled up?" once she gets back into the high emotional state, you coast on it. Relate to that experience at the same energy level she was bringing. Suddenly, she'll feel that mysterious "connection" starting to form. It's all feelz.

So look boys....if you want to get to the next level, just remind yourself - this girl really thinks she's a movie star. Don't let it be PG rated - bring the excitement and feelz, fuck with her head a little, and you'll be amazed how many girls will be obsessed with you.