How to Get Laid from Cuddling [serious]

So two users seriously asked me how to do this so, yes, this is a serious post, and I've done it for probably half the lays I've had. In my personal experience it is really EZ sex for very little LMR or ASD and very simple plausible deniability.

First I have to mention a grain-of-salt caveat or two though. Don't even bother if she's not attracted. There are probably some women who would beta cuddle and never fuck you so if she's not even attracted don't bother having expectation because it won't go anywhere but you can try anyway.

Secondly, I've noticed that most, if not almost all women who are down to spoon with you full body contact already don't mind your dik being by their holes full body already are down or open to it with you already, so really the only reason to cuddle BEFORE sex is if you just don't have the right vibe yet already and just need an EZ plausible deniability excuse in a pinch or as a low-pressure rescue if you didn't run enough game already.


But okay, so you here you are, you ended up cuddling a chick instead of escalating like Chad. It happens. Maybe you knew she needed plausible deniability, maybe you were already on the couch and it just happened, maybe your plans were movie night, and it was way easier to escalate into a cuddle than anything else first, maybe that's just how you got her over to your place to begin with because it was just forward enough but not too ASD-triggering. You play the cards you have.

Initial Setup (for n00bs)

Spoon Position Set-Up

(Skip to the next part if you already have exp with cuddling and how to get into position)

First of all, if you don't know how to get into a cuddle no hassle, you should just have pillows and a throw blanket on your couch (or regular bed shit if it's a bed). If bed it's EZ, throw down one pillow for her and put a second one on top of the first for your head so you are slightly higher than her so you can watch the TV too. If no movie/TV then who cares you don't need to lay slightly higher. Pat the area by the armrest and they'll 95% of the time take the hint and lay down with you without further prompting.

If she sucks at taking cues or you don't know how to lay down with a woman and lead properly, tell her to lift her neck when she's laying down and thread your arm through almost to your shoulder socket until you have a snug fit under the curve of her neck. Your arm should not feel like it's falling asleep and should have good blood flow and be comfortable. Proper cuddling will have you feeling physically comfortable for 2+ hours unless you have your arm in a shit angle, etc.

Arm and Hand placement

Take your arm you have under her neck and bring it to the opposite shoulder from in front of her. (So for example if you two are laying on your left sides, and your left arm is under the left side of her neck, bring your left hand to her right shoulder). This is a low-to-no-ASD positioning and awards you some opportunity later.

Take your other free, unpinned arm's hand and put it on her stomach (directly or slightly off to the side) above her shirt (or under if you are more ballsy). Although if she is sufficiently attracted just move your hand to stomach under her shirt almost immediately, they 90% of time won't stop you if they are attracted.

As for bodily closeness you can be right up against them and pull them into your body gently or move up into them. Just don't grind your dik up on them because that's sperg escalation and will put her on defense immediately unless she's already dripping in which case why are you cuddling her at all first?

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The Vibe before Escalating

Where most of cuddling gets a beta rep is because obviously if you're embracing her like she's your teddy bear like you wuv her like the unicorn she's not then that's beta as shitfuk, so don't. Obviously don't hold her like she's some comfort object or your "boo"; hold her like you're a rock providing an anchor. Let her have her plausible deniability while feeling small in your arms. Helps a lot if you have muscle. If you have muscle you can tell her you're too warm or want to get more comfortable and take off your shirt (there should be some attraction there already) and then it helps some more if you have to get up for something and she sees your gains.

Flip the switch in her brain (PNS)

If you want to go from plausible cuddling to wet and dripping cuddling, you should trigger her parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) which is already more highly active from cuddling as is.

The parasympathetic nervous system is is responsible for all resting-state automatic bodily functions such as digestion, automatic breathing, hunger, and AROUSAL. It is triggered through oxytocin (love/cuddle hormone) and low-danger interactions involving soft tactile touch. It is the same system that causes men to get boners. If you take advantage of it with no-ASD escalation, she will subconsciously get h0rny because her body will automatically react, ASD or trying not to fuck be damned.

One effective way to trigger someone's PNS is to use soft, SLOW, feather-like finger strokes. So on her shoulder or her sides or her neck or wherever you have a hand, use feather-touch finger tip strokes on her arms, leg, sides, neck. Listen to see if she's sighing and her breathing is increasing, that is a sign she is reacting well to it.

Just don't PET her like she's a corraled animal in a petting zoo, that's spergy as shit. SOFT, SLOW, passionesque strokes like you are teasing her on the brink of ecstacy and anticipation. It should be soft and slow enough to be inignorable but not SO slow as to be a snail's pace that utterly deflates tension and causes frustration or has her asking "is this guy fukken having catatonia or something?"

Spike sexual anticipation

On the other hand you have the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) that is responsible for fight or flight or when sexual arousal meets adrenaline as well. You can trigger this in a couple of ways to spike her emotions (though this is more ballsy).

If there is more emotionally high/loud/intense/fond movie/TV scene, you can squeeze her body tighter in a firm embrace during that moment and it will get her heart rate up in conjunction with the scene and atmosphere.

Additionally, if she has bra straps showing, you can put your fingertips under them, squeeze on them just ever so and pull them slightly over an inch or so to get her ticking before letting them go back to where they were resting or tug just slightly with one curled finger on the collar of her shirt opening on her neck (if she has a collar). This is a more conscious sex-anticipation gesture than the subconscious arousal of soft strokes and being in her shirt over her stomach and sides.

Depending on if she is reciprocating (i.e. stroking your arms or legs as well, or pushing her butt into your dik), you can be a bit ballsier and move your free hand to her hip, by her butt. The hand that is by her shoulder can slide down to her upper chest (before the breast tissue starts, so not on any breast tissue but as close as can be before it).

Obviously read the room and don't be a sperg.

Normal Escalation

Honestly some times they will have turned over already by this point, and if she turns around on her own it's because she wants a kiss and you're already golden. If not, you can do a couple of things to get her to turn over like tickling her or nudging her shoulder back towards you, or saying something to her that gets her to turn towards you to speak or you just raising yourself up and around her to go for the kiss.

If she's already sighing, moaning, cooing, pushing her body into you, or showing any other obvious signs of arousal you're good to go for a kiss and probably could have some time ago. Just escalate like normal from this point. If you're still half-cuddling during make-out just stay like that for about a minute so it feels to her more like a "it just happened" transition instead of something that was going to happen the whole time.

Closing Anecdote

There was one time I invited a girl over specifically to cuddle and watch a movie (I had cuddled her briefly before but then friendzoned her months prior) and she got so hot and bothered by my cuddle-escalation for over an hour that she was slamming her ass into my dick and grinding me from behind her, so I went straight for second base before ever kissing her lips, it was a pretty good rack.

When the movie ended I turned her around and kissed her and she sternly and forcefully told me point blank: "VRX! If you hadn't kissed me after all of that I would have stormed out and never spoken to you again." Got myself some mad head while the credits were still rolling. She took off our clothes and just started going to town without me asking. Got laid too after some amazing unsolicited head.

Cuddling doesn't have to be beta, get sum fuk with it.