Watch what they do, not what they say

Short and sweet FR. Extreme example but it doesn't matter. Mild analysis attached.

TL;DR hoe says she wants something serious, her behaviors clearly demonstrate the obvious but a guy who doesn't know better would fall for it

The Chick


She's a stripper, been covertly (if not somewhat overtly) trying to fuck me and she knows I ain't pursuing her. I run some token game on her to stay in state and have pretty girl preselection, but otherwise IDGAF.I already know what she looks like naked because she carelessly scrolled her camera reel (possibly on purpose) and I saw her nudes. Not bad, I'd fuck if she wasn't a whore and if she wasn't sonwild for me even for a quick fuk, but I digress

The Lie (Vet her words)

Both in person and OLD lie. Saw this hoe's Hinge account and it was shamefully inaccurate. At this rate I'm just going to say whatever the fuck you see on any girl's OLD (even if they want to guzzle Jesus' nutsack and looking for a 'life partner') disregard their profile description.

This stripper had "ranch employee" as her job, as if she fukken tends a farm lol. She had "Christian" listed as religion, some profile prompts about wanting the real deal, and "long-term relationship" listed as her looking for.

In person she was flirting with me and said she "doesn't do casual" because she's "in it for the long term"

The truth (watch their actions)

Now as this girl is telling me she's looking for long term (about a month ago) she also points out the guy across from her -who is literally with another hoe literally- and says he gave her a hickey, shows me it and shows me the photo of them hanging out that day

Fast forward to last night. She bitched about how much she was getting hit on (womanese translation: getting hit on by men she wouldn't fuck). And then she went home with the Chad security guard (former marine corps, pretty boy face, good bouncer style, asshole game)

Fast forward tonight she shows not only me, but the other bouncer who was there last night (off-duty at another venue) her tit bite marks. She shows us her literal tit bite marks. Makes some lie about "not doing anything" and then trickle truths that she got "fingered" (obviously she had to have been naked

Claims they didn't fuck, that she's "hard to get sex with" and then guess what, she went home with bouncer #2 tonight and tried to kiss me, too. I know I could have fucked by now if I was willing to fuck a stripper (but your boy ain't)


Always watch what women DO, not what they SAY

This woman has tried numerous times across numerous contacts to give her long-term relationship credentials but otherwise (80% of the time it would seem) acts like a complete whore.

Always watch a woman's actions over her behaviors. Their words are meaningless without supporting confirmation