Here we go. So i started talking to a random girl on IG, yeah i know finding a decent girl there is very rare. Anyway, found this one girl who was pretty, hard worker (has 2 jobs, de second one is a woman beauty thing she started), modest and we had alot in common. I don't use IG just for logistics like most people here say, my SMV isn't high enough for that, i have to talk to them at least for 1 week to get them to bed. I talked to this girl for 1.5 weeks. So, she talked about her coworkers one or two times and i could see they seemed like simps, giving her compliments all the time and stuff. One day one of them makes a bet with her, saying he'll give her 20$ to change her IG pic for 1 month, she accepted but changed it back not even 1 week later and here comes the main issue. I'm going to write our texts here but they are translated so it may not be 100% accurate. The smile faces represent laugh emojis

She: I already got my 20$.

Me: How, didn't it have to last 1 month?

She: I convinced him to give me the money :D :D :D :D

Me: My god he really is a simp xD and you take advantage of them xD

She: Obviously :D :D :D :D

Me: See? You know they are interested in you xD but it's bad doing that to them xD

She: I don't care :D :D :D :D

Me: You're one of those, you're dangerous xD

She: No i'm not, at all

Me: "This one is hard to translate, it's a friendly expression used to tell u don't believe someone" You're one of those that use man, you don't tell them you don't have interest, you just stay and keep using them :D :D :D :D

She: If you say so shrug emoji

Me: I'm not the one saying it, it's you xD

She: No i didn't. I said i made a bet that i fulfill.

Me: How if it hasn't been 1 week yet? xD

She: I'm not even going to answer.

Me: Why?

She leaves me on "seen" and i send her a message the other day asking her why she got mad and ignored me and she basically says i barely know her and i'm already calling her "freeloader", i said i was obviously just messing with her but whatever. She leaves me on "seen", i delete the messages and remove the follow.

I think i pushed it a bit to far, not saying i think she's right and i'm wrong but, it's a woman, i cant reason with them, i should've taken the info that she easily makes tantrums and it's not a LTR that i would want, ignored it and try to plate her. Feel free to share your thoughts on this, i hope someone learns from this and i hope to learn something as well.