After reflecting on male societal behavior within these last few years & what I've read on these forums, I recently concluded that contrary to the popular consensus within the RP world, the RP ideology is not making significant traction in Western male society.

Yes, I will agree that there are more instances of men accepting the RP regarding female behavior in the West but I argue that it stops there. This increased frequency is only occurring because more men are experiencing the RP moments that bring them to question how they've been programmed to behave; I RARELY see this shift in behavior and perspective occurring in men who haven't experienced a RP moment that reveals the dirty segments of female behavior.

This is a problem because it shows that men are not learning from the mistakes of other men &, as many of you already know, refuse to heed cautionary tales unless they face them themselves. Thus, the blue pill reasoning is still not only in existence, but strong & defiant as ever. To support this claim, I came up with 2 pieces of evidence (could've been more but I'm busy man):

1) Many men are still committing the same mistakes they have witnessed personally or heard other men commit. How many of us have seen friends get divorced-raped...after their fathers suffered the same fate years ago? How many of us have friends trapped by babies & child support after their friends suffered the same fate?

2) The Cristiano Ronaldo Hypothesis/Theorem. I made this up after remembering how Cristiano paid a woman upfront & outright for exclusive parental rights before 2 of his kids were born. Genius decision...that we rarely, rarely hear occurring. I hypothesize that in a culture where the RP ideology is making significant traction, this decision would be much more common among the wealthy. Why would I not pay a beautiful, intelligent woman with good genes to have my child, give me full parental rights like we live in the 30s again, & just stay around to nurture said child?

Because of these pieces of evidence, I conclude that not much has changed. this is only a hypothesis obviously. But in the greater scheme of things, this worries me because it is a reflection of the culture of complacency that is common in the West, specifically the US. We see this in all facets of life. Anytime the government does something popular, we grumble and take it. War in Ukraine was generally unpopular yet billions of our tax $s went there. Many other countries wouldn't take what we are taking. But I digress.