This thread is meant for you newer guys with less experience, and a recap for you more experienced dudes for when you need it.

Let start it off with this: Women are naturally flakey & unreliable as they primarily use emotions to make decisions, and as we all know, emotions are fleeting and change randomly. I'll detail exactly how to act towards a women who show interest but then suddenly ignore you, or worse, flake on a agreed date.

I could do everything right from meeting a chick in the gym, she showing high levels of desire, but she may still randomly stop responding to a DM or cancel/flake on a date. This tends to confuse a lot of men & lead to self doubt, which is natural when you're first starting out.

The ultimate solution to this is to understand: women are naturally flakey & unreliable, and as a man on a mission, your tolerance for BS should be super low.

Let me restate that: IF SHE ISN'T ABSOLUTELY DOWN FOR YOUR PROGRAM, you need to REMOVE ALL ATTENTION. This is their primary currency & is how you should be behaving when BS is thrown your way. As a man with multiple options & things to do, you do not have time for the various games women play to try to acquire validation. YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE AND YOU MUST TREAT IT THAT WAY.

To go into concrete examples:

  1. If a girl suddenly stops responding to you on instant messaging, you need to remove all attention. I personally don't recommend viewing women's instagram/snapchat stories ever as its just a waste of time, but if you do, stop it when attention is not reciprocated/things aren't moving forward. Your tolerance needs to be extremely low for these things. I don't recommend unfollowing yet, save that for a few weeks down the line as some women do try to play games as a shit test & will end up chasing you when you pull back. If you see her irl, behave as if nothing happened and it doesn't affect you. These childish games shouldn't affect your mentality at all.

  2. If a woman blatantly flakes on a date with no valid excuse (only thing acceptable here is if her mom gets into an accident or some shit), this is a serious marker of disrespect and she needs to be blocked IMMEDIATELY. If she cancels on a date with a large lead time and a valid excuse, along with a rescheduling, you can proceed.

  3. When setting up dates, ALWAYS do it on a day when you're going to be going to x place to do something REGARDLESS of whether she goes or not. This allows her to come into your world, and doesn't feel like a complete let down if she doesn't show up. Basically, you were gonna be there anyway, she was just a side mission. Also best to set up dates within a few minutes from your house to make things even easier for you (makes pulling easier too).

Let me summarize the core tenets & add some more value here:

  1. Your self respect needs to be at the utmost priority. Too many men these days are willing to take excuses & BS excuses from women, which makes a lot of modern day women accustomed to just disrespecting your time & not valuing your attention. Men's attention today is EXTREMELY abundant.

  2. You must value your time enough to not take BS.

  3. There is no need to get emotional over these things. In fact, anything barring blatant disrespect/blatant boundary crosses should be dealt with indifference. You literally couldn't give one fuck, and nothing changes for you. You just don't give her attention anymore because she no longer deserves it. PUT A PRICE ON YOUR ATTENTION. This is how you screen for women with genuine desire & how you make women have you as their ultimate dopamine spike when your message arrives, or when you stick your johnson in her.

  4. Always be willing to walk away. All self respecting apex men must adhere to this.

  5. If she ignores you on social media seemingly randomly, you remove attention & unfollow about 2-4 weeks after. I do not suggest doing an instant unfollow/ignore as it just shows emotional reactivity to the situation.

  6. The power dynamic changes when you have sex with a woman. At this point, she is more invested into you, and has given her biggest power over men away. You can chill a lot more at this point & she will be compelled to chase you, otherwise just be seen as a ONS.

  7. Always set up a date within 5-10 messages, seriously. Send voice messages allows her to hear your deep, masculine, assertive voice. Avoid wasting time and avoid validation seekers/women not willing to meet up.

I will add more information as I see fit. Feel free to add your own insights or ask questions down below.