so guys not gonna lie I’m a bit stoned rn so bare w me thx.

100% of “good girls” are gonna have a good relationship w their dads. I just realized lowkey my dad’s a good dad. Maybe a better dad for my sis than for me but for her; good dad. Sis is still presumably a virgin idk. She got good grades got into a good school and is really well adjusted. Very much on top of her shit; doesn’t do drugs etc etc.

“Good girls” are gonna have overprotecting redpilled as fucc dads; bc they shure as shit aren’t being disciplined by beta buck bitch bois that take it up the ass from their wives or whatever. The more ultra feminist/liberal they are the more assured you can be that they were either raised by a single mom or their mom wore the pants in the household. And a redpilled dad will have clapped many cheeks so he’d prob like tell them literally every move a dude that clap cheeks would try to pull etc etc. And a good dad would prob encourage the good girl daughter to steer clear of places like bars/clubs and even having friends/being associated w ppl that frequent bars/clubs. Shit like that.

Therefore: if she’s a regular in the bar/club… you can be 1000% sure she’s a hoe and not a good girl. use the bars to get laid when needed but do so knowing that 0.00% of the birds you bag there are gonna be LTR worthy. Getting laid at the bars isn’t even a flex; literally every female in there is there to find dick. Failure to get laid in the bars should honestly be embarrassing.

I realize the following:

1) it’s just sex. the chicks in the bars are relatively low hanging fruit. don’t be ugly, don’t be weird, have a little Rizz and boom next thing you know you’re clapping cheeks.

2) dealing w all these goddamn bitches is literally like damn near a part time job. going out to the bars? InsteD of waking up at 5am or 6am you’re up at like 10-11am. If you ripped some lines in the bathroom? or stayed up all night fucking? Make that like 12-2pm. Fucks up your whole day just to get some fresh puss at the bar.

3) end of day… you prob want to eventually have a wife and start a family; have a son to take over your legacy that sort of shit. plating shawties is great and all. Having rosters etc. but if you’re rostering bar chicks your basis of comparison/abundance w girls stems from chicks that all should have been DQed off rip.

Idk where I’m going w this kinda lost my train of thought but like ya man. shits fucked bc the hottest chicks are always bar chicks :/