Love is conditional, and so it should be.

I still love, but differently, smarter, more conditionally, and more enjoyably than I used to. Women naturally love conditionally. Men have to learn it through experience, and having a conscious base understanding of human nature.

If I could choose between a blue pill reality, and a red pill reality, I wouldn't want it any other way than the red pill. I mean, what would an actual blue pill reality do for me anyways, besides just satisfying some stifling, artificial need for mother's unconditional love all throughout my life?

The blue pill tastes foul.

In a blue pill reality, you'd basically be living for someone else, and the rewards would lay in sacrificing for women. But in a red pill reality, you are free to live for yourself, and women will even reward you for it. In a red pill reality, women expect of you all the things that are actually congruent with being a "real man".

I'm pretty sure both men and women are at our happiest, at our most confident, and at our internally most peaceful, when we live, think, and feel in congruence with what we actually are from the point of view of nature. Women have an inner need to perceive themselves as 'feminine', and men have an inner need to perceive ourselves as 'masculine'.

When we don't, we exist in a perpetual state of inner turmoil between what we are, and what we have been taught.

The red pill tastes sweet.

When men and women get together, and the man isn't too emasculated, and the woman isn't some out-of-touch, blue-haired defect, what we do is basically to covertly push eachother into our respective, nature-given roles. And as a result, we're both happier, and better off because of it.

That sort of interplay wouldn't be possible within a blue pill, tabula rasa, unconditionally lubby-dubby, always safe and secure reality. We'd have no ambition, no drive, no expectation upon us, and we'd all just be fat slobs playing computer games all day, living off government hand-outs. It wouldn't be sustainable, not for the individual, and not for society either.

The red pill rewards you doubly.

Yeah yeah, I know: "Motivation and discipline should come from within". "Don't go by external validation". "Don't GAF about what women think of you". "Be your own mental point of origin". Those are all fine ideals to have, but they are just that; ideals, beacons of guidance, something to reach towards, but which you can never truly reach. The reality is, to a certain extent we do look externally, and we probably always will.

So I'll freely admit: I find great motivation and discipline in life, based on red pill knowledge about what women expect of me. If I want to keep having a good marriage, to keep having my wife desire me, to keep having my wife be in such a way that I desire her, to keep being treated with respect and (conditional) love, and to have other options in case it doesn't work out, then there are certain things I need to do for myself. And they're all good things, things I should want for myself anyways. But to know that women need it and expect it too, most definitely reinforces it.

Be social, be headed somewhere, have stuff going on, lift weights, play sports, have projects, be creative, keep growing physically and mentally, say no when you don't wanna do something, say yes when you do, afford yourself some leisure, but don't stagnate, be an autonomously thinking creature, be fun, have fun, fuck well, and fuck often. All good things.

The red pill is good news.

The red pill, if you really think about it objectively, isn't "bad news" - it's not really something we should have to "come to grips with" (although I get that, and have been there myself). The alternative, what we once were indoctrinated with, would've been way worse if it were true. Because it would essentially make us into simping slaves to women. We'd have to be in order to get what we wanted. Quit your band, get rewarded. Ditch your friends, get rewarded. Ask for permission, get rewarded. Sacrifice your own wants and wishes, and be loved in return.

No thanks. I'd rather have the reward structure be just the way it is.