Rollo has been warning about this for a while now and it's connected to the election cycle. Most of us left reddit, facebook, and other platforms after getting rando-banned and falsely reported. So that left a bunch of social justice warrior armchair activists with nothing to do. So they got bored and started following us around.

The latest incarnation has been to take down youtube channels, get people demonetized, and go after viewers in the comments sections. Some content creators are going to alternative platforms like locals, patreon, and rumble. I'm one of those viewers that was recently falsely reported for harassment/cyberbullying. I wasn't told what the comment was, who reported me, there's no appealing the decision, and my channel could be taken down. I promptly deleted all my comments and will never comment again. Any of you could be next. It's not just the big guys anymore, they're going after everyone.

Are you prepared? I can guarantee they will come brigade this forum at some point after they've scared everyone off every other platform.

Edit: For those who don't see the connection between youtube/media and the elections it has to do with the fact that the lions share of ad revenue comes from political parties.