Every so often on the AskTRP forum, I see a question like "should I bang this ugly chick?" So I've typed up a guide to help men make tasteful decisions in those situations. Even though women are the gatekeepers of sex, men still should be selective with potential mates...hence why I've titled this post "Sexual Selectiveness."

New TRP Users

If a man recently discovered TRP, and has begun applying basic principles of game, then I believe he should have sex with as many mates as possible (within reason, of course). It's important for beta/blue-pilled men to gain experience with women. Sometimes that leads to hooking up with hot women. But that also includes fucking fat chicks, single moms, etc. All of these experiences will allow the man to learn more about female nature as well as his own preferences, which he can then utilize further down the road.

Assess Your SMV

More-advanced TRP followers might find themselves in a situation where they could have sex with a woman who they perceive as lower value. These are typically the men who ask the question on the forum. My advice for those men is to assess their own SMV. Oftentimes they view themselves as a 7 or 8, when in reality they are a 5. So they meet another 5, then get confused while responding to the IOIs.

The reality is that everybody over-estimates their SMV. Men and women alike. By definition, the vast majority of people are average, aka a 5 out of 10. Even if a man looks like a 7, his financial situation (which is important to women) might be a 3, and his SMV is balanced to a 5. Similarly, a woman might have a sexy body, but her personality is shit, which turns off men.

But I digress. As a general rule of thumb, if a man thinks he's a 7, but only attracts 5 and below, then that's a good indicator that he over-estimates his SMV. This leads to disappointment and frustration. Therefore, in the aforementioned situations, I advise men to re-assess their SMV to determine if they're actually higher value than the woman. From there, they can make a decision based off the context. Which segues into my next point...


Each sexual relationship exhibits slightly different dynamics. No matter what, the man must understand how to manage his bitches (read the sidebar post about this). The context of the relationship with a woman is important to consider.

The usual suggestions of TRP apply. Don't shit where you eat. Avoid women with STDs. And for Rollo's sake, keep it legal.

It gets a little more complicated beyond that. How did the two people meet? Is the man just hanging out at the club and wants an easy lay? Going through a dry spell perhaps? Or does he want something more long term and stable? Does the woman seem crazy? How will fucking her improve the man's life, if even for a brief time? And so on. Each situation is unique and personal.


With all of that said, the question still remains. "Should I bang an ugly chick?" My simple answer.

If you're new to TRP, yes.

If your more advanced, re-assess your SMV first. You'll probably realize that you and the woman have similar SMVs. So...green light.

If you're truly a high-value man, consider the context of the relationship. If the juice isn't worth the squeeze, then no. Otherwise, go for it.