The Dicarlo Escalation Ladder is a famous staple read. Dropping homeage to it here for influencing me.

The VRXXX escalation strategy differs in that the goal is to get them as horny and in need of a dick as humanly possible through the most natural possible escalation so that they will pursue sex themselves or affirmatively just accept sex at peak sexual tension

This is what personally works for me and I wouldn't do it any other way. Your mileage may vary, or you may have a better way, but at any rate, this is what works for me in virtually completely avoiding ASD and LMR

Note: this guide is geared towards escalation after the pull, not the game or escalation before pulling

Detailed post, TL;DR in-post link below


Abbreviations used:

R&R = rinse and repeat

ASD = anti-slut defense

LMR = last-minute resistance

Pre-pull/isolation game

I'm going to skip the "game/pull" part of this because there are a million posts on game/pull already (including Dicarlo)

Assume in this guide that you have already pulled the chick to some place you can comfortably escalate for a lay and that she isn't rejecting the kissing/makeout while isolated at the lay location

While this post isn't about pre-pull game, do NOT neglect it. It is extremely important to mentally and emotionally stimulate a woman before pulling, so that when she is in private with you she is already excited at the possibility of sex

Post caveat/disclaimer

If a girl is already desperate to fuck you, and actively trying to, just let her. Obviously don't follow this guide if a woman is basically quickly trying to fuck you as is

Post forenote

Generally stay on each step of the escalation for a half-minute to two minutes so she can adjust to the current stage of escalation before moving further. It helps solidify progression on a first lay with a chick

The most obvious sign you can progress at any step of this escalatory progression is if she squirms, moans often, breathes noticeably harder, or escalates you or herself on her own, but its not a pre-requiste, per se

Also, if you suddenly get resistance, go back to the previous part of escalating till she relaxes and/or gets turned on more (evident by bodily reactions/ breathing harder/ moaning)


The atmosphere

You might be reading this and thinking:

"Fuck, Vermillion.. Atmosphere? Really??"

Yes. I am serious.

If it's at her place who cares, that's her responsibility and up to her whether she alters the room's atmosphere.

However, if you fuck enough chicks at their place, you will pick up very quickly that most will go to lengths to control atmosphere a lot of the time to enhance their comfort and enjoyability of possibly fucking a guy, so learn from them

It is easier for a woman to fuck and escalate in a more dimly-lit and cleaner, low-distraction room than a bright, messy one. It does matter a lot of the time

As a matter of practice try to keep your own room clean with flexible lighting options. It helps

Foreplay & why

So many of you guys ignore foreplay to an extent that is shocking. I get it, you want d1¢k in va-jay but don't cheap out on foreplay unless she's trying to defile you

Lack of natural progression towards sex is why so many of you guys get smacked by LMR and ASD. Don't shoot yourselves in the dick after pulling, it's retarded to seppuku your own dick by skipping strategic foreplay

Men and women are NOT the same. Men are visual; women are emotional and imaginative, and need mental channels unlocked for zero ASD and zero LMR

Natural progression defined

She still wants to feel that it "just happened" moment.

"It just happened" = that the escalation felt completely natural and irresistible instead of requested or suggested like she's a hoe or that it was planned

"One thing led to another" as if she didn't actually make the decisions herself to get ravaged, it was just incremental turns of events that absolve her of responsibility without being forced upon either

Make it psychologically, emotionally, and physically easier for her to fuck you with natural progression

The female tendency for requiring/ preferring foreplay and mental stimulation for sex is your friend, not your enemy, use it to obliterate ASD and LMR

First kiss of the lay

Note: The first kiss you do the first time you intend to fuck in isolation. Not referring to any previous kissing that did not have the potential for sex on the spot)

Go in for the kiss intended to lead to the lay, slowly, yet firmly but not too hard, and be sure to either hold the side of her face before or after initiating a solid kiss (all fingers behind the ear, but thumb in front of the ear) this kind of kiss will drive a woman crazy. It's intimate, and it's not sloppy nor inexperienced.

It sets up suspense and ramps her mind and emotions up

Pulling back for a few seconds while your foreheads are still touching can be an incredibly powerful tension/desire builder as well before the make-out.

Make out and caress

Making out

Once you hit the make out, keep coming back to it, it's extremely effective at maintaining tension and amplifying their arousal and they like good kissing

The makeout is also the ultimate staple gateway to escalating further. Women will generally want to keep moving forward during each step of escalation if they are being consistently kissed or stimulated at all times

Make sure most of your kisses are controlled and not sporadic nor hectically out of control nor too fast, but vary the speed to keep her thinking.


Let your hands and fingers roam at this point: back, shoulders, arms, legs, ass. They shouldn't really stop you after solid making out

Occasionally pull her in by placing your free hand on her back and the other hand on the back of her head. Pause passionately when you have a good intimate squeeze (like a sexualized hug).

An effective closing before the next step is to take both hands behind her ears and pull her mouth away just a couple inches from yours while your foreheads are still touching. Makes your kiss seem close and far away at the same time and builds higher tension

Finish the step by kissing her mouth again or skip to the next step

Neck and shoulders


Start kissing down from her mouth to the base of her neck and back up. At some point of repeating this, focus on the base of her neck. Just keep looking for it with kisses until she reacts, they almost always do. Memorize her "neck spot" for later. stop where she moans or gasps the most


The shoulders part has to do with clothing choice. If it's a straight up tee-shirt this step needs some accomodation, but otherwise doesn't

If straps or loose flexible fabric, move from the sweet spot on the base of her neck to a strap of her bra/dress and movie it aside and kiss where the strap used to be. The rest of the shoulder doesn't matter too much but just go to the end of the shoulder bone. It moreso matters where the strap used to be

R&R on the second shoulder

Pulling their bra straps forward into a deep kiss is pretty powerful for them too ...

If she has a tee shirt, etc. just move the fabric as far over slightly without coming close to over-stretching the fabric

Testing her escalation interest

Flip her on top of you so that she straddles you while you lay on your back

  1. You can see how into it she is so far. She is the one that has to make out with you, etc.

  2. You can see where and how her hands roam

  3. She will more or less decide where to straddle you. Some will sit on your stomach, others will rest their clit straight over your dick

  4. Subsequently, some girls will grind their clit on your dick as a result, and is a good gauge for sex

  5. Some decide to get topless on their own in this position because their arms, back, and clothes are now unobstructed

  6. Also important, this position allows you to very easily dovetail into the next part of escalating

Pre-undress (inside shirt)

This is basically a step that can simultaneously go into the previous one. Just combine her straddling you with this step

Virtually all women at this stage will let you put your hands under their shirt. Hold off on touching her breasts here, not yet. Just roam everywhere under their shirt BUT their breasts

It shows restraint (i.e. lack of thirst) and builds suspense and anticipation for later

2nd base (breasts and clit)

Breasts (clothed)

Flip her back onto her back

Basically R&R of the shoulder strap step but on her bra cup (if she has one)

Kiss from the base of her neck's sweet spot down to whatever part of her upper breast tissue is exposed (bare)

R&R to other breast tissue

You can tug the bra cup/clothing down a bit, but refrain from exposing the nipple


If tee shirt, again, just move what you can down without stretching her clothes. In this case just briefly kiss down to the cup line over the shirt. No cleavage shirts are just unfortunate for escalation but this still works well enough

Clit (clothed)

Like the Dicarlo Escalation Ladder, while making out and kissing neck clothed breasts, reposition/nudge your knee/thigh into her clothed clit

This clit action can be much sooner in the escalation, it tends to work even earlier in the escalation just because it seems incidental to the girl

Like kissing breast tissue, they don't seem to give a shit if it's a knee instead of a hand. It's incidental even if it feels deliberate.

You can move your knee gently into it on repeat or a lot of girls will grind their clit on your thigh/knee

It is extremely effective. They will generally get or already be very horny at this point

Undressing her


A lot of girls won't give a shit if you've taken your shirt off at this point but if you've followed everything else here pretty well so far you can pretty much take her shirt off no problem at all at this point

R&R flipping her over into straddling your front side

Just start lifting her shirt and the sign they will just do it is lifting their arms straight up in the air


R&R the earlier upper breast tissue kissing down to cup line and past it

Be sure to be caressing the free breast over the bra with hand/fingers while you kiss the other one

At this stage, pull both her bra straps to the side if she has them and then unclasp her bra and slide it off if she doesn't do it herself (many do)

Most will take off their bra on their own by themselves at this point if they are turned on enough

Breast foreplay

Topless torso

Kiss all the way from their mouth to neck down to between her breasts. Then kiss down to her belt/panty line.

It's a low-pressure move that makes them horny

Refrain from immediately touching breasts with hands, see next step


Either flip them back onto their back at this point, the previous step or keep them on top. Up to you

Dry hump is optional, it's not really determinant one way or the other for getting a lay, though it can give a good preview of how you would fuck her, which can be good if you know how to move

She's topless now. Refrain from immediately touching breasts. The restraint and anticipation makes them root for you to progress further

Kiss down to below nipple line

At this point, kiss in a circle around the nipple without touching it with hands

R&R for the other breast


Come back to mouth, R&R to the first breast and at the end of circle (or two circles) kiss the nipple

Give free breast hand/finger attention

R&R on the other breast. Her first breast you orally stimulated should be pretty lubricated, stimulated it with your your fingertips

The trifecta of knee-on-clit, oral, nipple, and finger on nipple stimulation drives them INSANE

Getting her naked

Hand on clit (clothed)

Regardless of the last step positioning, she should be on her back again for this one

Move your hand that is hand stimulating their nipple down their body. Go past the belt line and stroke their legs as far as your arm reaches. Start innocuously at first and then get closer and closer to their clothed clit

When your fingers can't get any closer, select one of the following:

R&R till you touch clit, going back up their body/legs before touching it, or slowing down your fingers tremendously on your way to it works well. Just use whatever is right here it doesn't matter, all work here

Gently rub over where her clit is while stimulating nipple or making out with her HARD for a minute

Pants off

We're approaching a solid GG lay here if done well.

Go back to nipples (or makeout) at this point while undoing her belt. Take pants/shorts off. Leave panties

Underwear off

Caress her clit again with just her panties/underwear on while making out with her hard or continuing with the oral nipple stimulation for a min or or so

Either reach into her panties now for bare clit or take them off entirely.

Depending on resistance (if any) just keep stimulating and go for getting panties/ underwear off

Take panties/ underwear off


If she is fine with being completely naked at this point, congrats, you probably are getting the lay hands down

Clit stimulate them about 50-75% toward orgasm with fingers while simultaneously either making out hard or nipple stimulation here

The vast majority of the time they will ask to fuck at this point overtly or with the classic womanese: "do you have a condom?" (Which means "sex, please")

If they haven't already asked to fuck in a minute or so of this step, just say:

"One sec" or "One moment, be right back," etc.

Get a few condoms out and leave them near her while you keep stimulating her

If she STILL hasn't tried to fuck at this point, open a condom and put it on. Put your wrapped dick near her vaginal opening and say "is this okay?"

If "yes": insert. Sex achieved. GG

Final notes

Talking during escalation

Talk to a prospective lay during escalation as need be. Sometimes it can be good to make a joke at an awkward movement or ask "are you good?" if something seems off. Talking helps if it's necessary to communicate.

Don't be nervous to verbally speak during escalation if necessary. Most girls will make a few one-line quips or so on the way to sex so be prepared to answer with rather short remarks as need be, especially if she's showing some kind of reservation.

Be amicable and relaxed in anything you say to her during escalation, but don't shoot yourself in the dick with unnecessary comments

Some comments like "that feels good/you feel good" can help.

Women escalating themselves

Often times during this escalation strategy, women will just escalate themselves into sex or nudity

As mentioned prior: proper foreplay, proper stimulation, and proper escalation are extremely powerful.

It is not uncommon for women to start stripping on their own or asking for sex before you've gotten too far into this strategy, if done well.