I had a friend I was in a band with, a good guitarist. Not a good looking guy though by any means. He looked like one of the fucking orcs from Lord of the Rings. There was this really cute, popular girl he and pretty much everyone else was into in our large music scene, and he was always sending her the same boring messages nearly every day, "Hey, what u up to?", little did he know though, I was already in a relationship with her. I met her outside of the music scene, so wasn't aware he knew her initially. I remember when I told him face to face, it was like he was shell shocked. Understandable I guess, wasn't my intention though. It just came up in a car conversation.

That passed, and we carried on as a band. I didn't notice at first, but every time we went to a party and there were girls around, he would subtly try to sabotage me or bring me down. He wasn't specifically the only one (I have loads of examples), and every time I handled it like it was a joke or nothing serious. Flip that around though, I knew he was having a hard time with women in general and I actually genuinely tried to help this motherfucker, gave him pointers, tried to be his wing man etc. Me and that girl broke up at some point later down the line, and what is the first thing he does? He starts hitting her up immediately, and to absolutely no avail. She had zero interest in him and I wasn't actually that bothered by his actions, but it did open my eyes a little more. I found all of this out though funnily enough when she and I hooked up for a few ONS post-breakup.

Anyway, we stay in the band, and we continue the parties. No arguing ever, I was just slowly downloading info and becoming more aware of the kind of dude he was over time. And he was one of many. I remember I started seeing a different girl who was within the same large friends circle/music scene. We had a party at her place one night; him, my band and some others all came over and it was a cool night. Later on that evening though, most people have left, but he sticks around. I'm sat down on the couch with her, and he walks into the room after using the bathroom and randomly just calls me a "bitch", and I laughed and said "Nah, I'm not". I thought it was odd, but in that moment I just let it go. He then follows the girl I'm seeing into the kitchen where she is making food, and she texts me saying that she feels really fucking uncomfortable and he's stood right behind her breathing down her neck basically. We ask him to go home.

Now, I went through some trauma during this period of time for a few months. Nothing to do with this guy or anyone in particular. Just some depression and personal demons I was dealing with. I clearly wasn't my usual self, but I was invited to another party after not seeing anyone for months and months. This dude was at the party, and miraculously he'd got himself a girlfriend at last. I was happy for him, and I expressed that as best I could despite feeling anxious and depressed. He notices I'm not my usual self though, and took that as an opportunity to try and belittle me in front of everyone a couple of times during that party. Obviously he was riding the high of having an actual girl be interested in him at last, but I also saw it as pathetic behaviour, like he was trying to get one up on me despite the fact that I'd never stabbed this guy in the back or given him any reason to dog on me. He was happy to see me going through a hard time. To add to that, he also had the audacity to say/joke before I stepped into the party "don't hit on my girl" or something to that effect, I can't really remember. And not that I'd ever hit on a friend's girl but it made me realise 3 things:

  1. He was a fucking hypocrite.
  2. He was insecure as fuck.
  3. He obviously saw me as a threat which I hadn't even fully realised up until this point.

Honestly, I've always had a healthy mistrust of people, I don't ever hold grudges but I let this dude get away with way more than he should have simply because I considered him a "friend". Contrast his actions with another guy who was in the band who to this day is still my best fucking friend in the world - he's like a brother to me. A guy who always had my back, was never ever jealous, generous, kind, optimistic and loyal to a fault. Lesson learned.

I didn't see that dude again for a long time after that party, but during that depressive phase and isolating I thought about all of this shit and it made me angry realising how much of an insidious, jealous little hater he was and angry at myself for not seeing it sooner, and I promised myself that I'd be more aware of this kind of thing in the future and learn to cut off the people who are like this immediately because they are pure poison, and you cannot help them. Trust me, I tried. We have jammed once or twice since, and I don't enjoy his company or particularly even being in the same vicinity as him but there are other people in the music scene I'm there for, plus my love of music. And as I said, he was one of many during that time. I have so many stories.

Anyway, if any of you dudes have stories like this, then please feel free to share here. I'd be really interested in hearing about them and what you've learned. Cheers!