Most of my life has been 2 long committed relationships with bleeding virgins both which ended in me really hurt and them too. Burned everyone down to the end each time all-in style. I think my first one was cheating too. That's for frame of reference because I've been reading about TRP for years but I've only been practicing it in the PUA sense since divorcing a few years ago. I haven't had multiple plates spinning because, for some reason, when I meet a woman that I like enough to have sex with, I'm already pair bonding. This is a weakness of mine and when women do things that I really like, I get excited about them. I am prone to oneitis but thanks to TRP I am aware of it and I don't succumb to it.

I have had oneitis for my main bitch for a few months. She is young and crazy, drugs, party, hoe phase, etc. She had me going at first but the trickle truths, the lies that come to light, the contradicting stories, the not knowing how much cocaine you "bought" because it's "such a hoe thing to not pay for coke," and many other examples. She came over on the first day and I have been repeating the mantra and trying to feed the she's not mine, it's my turn wolf. She's convinced I have bitches because I picked her up on the street and had the BDSM gear ready at hand. But when I can call up the most submissive, dark, kinky young slut that I've ever had and have many hours with her whenever I want... I was not busy looking for other women.

I did keep in my mind from the constant advice here to keep gaming other women. Sometimes my bitch would be busy, and I would assume that she is sucking cock for coke in a frat. It helps to assume this. I did get numbers but these women can really tell I'm not into it. Finally, I got the number of a feminine, tall redhead bartender. She is my first VERY tatted and pierced girl. I hit her with a real quick hi, name, gotta go, number hand phone. She liked me and I kept her in my pocket.

One night my 1itis main bitch needed to have a ketamine night with her pals. I was traveling and didn't act like it was a big deal, but she had shared stories of ketamine parties and spacey "where am I" hook ups. Like usual the stories all made her look like an innocent girl who ended up in situations, came to her senses and got out or tried to get out. I was a little bit eager now to get a revenge bang, because I am hard assuming that she is fucking college athletes and top frat guys on coke and k (yes).

The night before travel, I called up my new girl. She came over very annoyingly late. She has a chiseled beauty that runs in my family and some men appreciate, but it reminds me of my distance family members too much for real attraction. She is hot. She is pierced everywhere and has the craziest nipple piercings that like fortify the nipple. I just kiss her in my door and she asks "Bedroom?" She is way too forward and into it to really turn me on, but I banged her out which is what she needed. She freaked me out with a condom pull and a "Cum in me!" and I told her mouth first a few times. So I banged her again in the morning. She lives near me and left easy. No hanging out, in and out, business bang. I've never had one like this. I did well and it was fun and shit. I gave her a that was fun text, she responded yes but her back is blown out. Ok great.

I did not text this new bitch again. My main bitch met up with me at the end of the week and trickle truth'd a hookup with a girl in a room where they were taking care of a sick frat guy. Don't worry, he was in the corner of the room sick and spaced out and I was in the other corner sucking tits. I did see a pic on her phone later on of her, the other girl, and the guy. Guy was a 10/10 chad with a 6pack in a toga, looked drunk but 100% with it. I felt ok about it because I was banging too, but again oneitis. I didn't say shit though but I'm pretty sure she had some form of 3some

New girl texts me a week later, "Omg!" "You really just pumped and dumped!"

I ignore for a few days, and text back "Maybe" as I bang my oneitis main bitch freely.

She texts me back very angrily, "We live close." "You asked for MY number!" "Backhanded!" etc, etc. I ignored and I called her 3 days later. She ignored my call.

Now, I ignored her for about a month, and texted recently. "Come over."

She responds instantly that she's not around and makes plans for later. She keeps texting to make sure.

I've ignored a bitch for a month and re-ignited conversations, but I've never had them so eager to bang like this.

I think that my new bitch can really sense that I'm banging and not in need of her. While my oneitis knows that I'm banging her so much, my oneitis is bi and wants to have a 3some and doesn't give a fuck about other chicks (until one starts occupying my time more than her). Well, now my oneitis is away for the summer and she's texting me like crazy and I'm following the advice of this forum and keeping it short and rare. I am working whenever I'm not busy to build this roster because I see that there is power in this abundance thanks to the constant reminders from the community.