This post is partially a field report, but mainly at highlighting for some of our newer members how easy getting sex from Tinder can be if you approach it in the right way.

Too many people approach Tinder with caution. They spend too long talking, or trying to set up dates and take these girls out for drinks/dinner. I'm going to show you that none of this is necessary at all to get laid.

Most of these sluts are on tinder for one thing: to get dicked down by an alpha. They will load up Tinder with the intention of getting dick that night. Strike while the iron is hot, move with purpose and you shall be rewarded.

Without further delay, onto the field report:

Any of you who may have been following me on the forums will know that I recently came out of an LTR and have been tentatively dipping my toes back into the dating scene. Leaving an LTR it takes me a little while to reorient myself, so I've mostly been focussing on hitting the gym, grinding work and having fun with my buddies. This past week has been the first week where I've really decided to jump back in and start getting laid again.

I match with this HB7 on Tinder the other night. Cute, skinny with a nice peachy ass - exactly my type. She has the usual nonsense in her bio "not here for hookups" (sure) and some general fluff.

The conversation goes something like this (edited/paraphrased for brevity and privacy):

  • Me: Cute and shy. Just my type.
  • Her: hahaha good to know. I'm very shy but I open up when I get to know you
  • Her: How are you? x
  • Me: I'm good. Deciding on something fun to do tonight. You?
  • Her: haha what are you going to do? I just had dinner, now im chilling at home
  • Me: Well if you fancy some wine and sunshine
  • Her: When?
  • Me: Tonight
  • Her: I have work tomorrow haha
  • Me: So do I. What wine do you like?
  • Her: Okay haha. I like red but white is fine
  • Me: Red it is then. Whats your address
  • Her: [Address]
  • Me: Number?
  • Her: [Phone Number]

That is it gentlemen. No asking her out on dates, no pussying around. I simply invite myself over to her apartment.

Notice how she says "chilling at home". In my experieince if a girl says she's bored, chilling or anything along those lines - theres a very good chance she's up for some bedroom gymnastics. Immediately assume she is, you can always pivot the approach if she isn't.

Also notice the feigned resistance "I have work tomorrow". It's not a no, it's not a rejection. Merely by doubling down and continuing regardless she agrees. This is a semi shit test. She's not putting up resistance, but if I had tried to bargain or convince her, I likely would have been shot down.

The Meet

I drive to the address and meet her. She very sensibly gave me the address for another street. She meets me, and after a brief conversation to prove I'm not a weirdo/catfish, she invites me to her apartment.

Right off the bat she is displaying a lot of IOIs, complimenting how tall I am, my muscles etc. I ease her in with a bit of banter. I like to very quickly establish a vibe where I jokingly mock them and they jokingly mock me back, I find this puts them at ease and starts to build the sexual tension.

We sit and drink some wine, chat and flirt. I begin to escalate and she's very receptive. Cue some more banter and she starts getting cheeky. I say she better pipe down or I'll put her in her place.

Of course she grabs this and runs with it. Oh you're gonna put me in my place? What are you gonna do?

I pick her up, pin her down on the sofa and just maintain eye contact about an inch from her face. I then kiss her and begin escalating. At this point she's getting turned on and starts going for it. I move my hands to her tits and she gives the whole "whoa, whoa" and moves away.

LMR? Not quite. She gets up off the sofa and kinda just walks around in a bit of a daze. I casually sit back and start drinking my wine again. She walks over to the window and pulls the curtains "My neighbour will be home soon".

She comes back to the sofa and straddles me. We start kissing again and she begins to grind against my dick. Escalation continues, she lets me grab her tits this time (No bra, she knows what she wants tonight). I try to take off her top but she stops me. She then begins to take off my top and run her hands over my body.

I try again to take off her top, no again. So I kiss up from her belly to her tits. She's hesitant but doesn't stop me. Now she lets me take her top off. She suggests taking it to the bedroom.

I carry her to the bedroom and throw her onto the bed. I take off her yoga pants to reveal a very nice lingerie thong. This tells you everything you need to know lads - this girl had already decided that she was going to fuck me before I even arrived.

There was more LMR when it came to taking off her thong, but it soon came off.

While we were talking earlier she gave me an entire story about how she's recently single and complained that her ex boyfriend and some of the guys she's been seeing are complete betas. She says she's "exploring herself" and wants to have fun. I took this as an open invitation that she wanted to be man handled, and boy she did.

We had some rough passionate sex. Lots of throwing her around, choking her, yanking her hair, and just generally treating her like a complete slut. She fucking loved it. She was shaking like a shitting dog and gushing like a waterfall.

Afterwards she's totally dick drunk, starts doing the whole cutesy running her hands/nails over my body and validating herself to me. She tells me she "doesn't usually do this" uh huh, sure lady. She also tells me she's never been fucked like that before, and its so liberating being with a man who "actually knows how to fuck".

I get hit with the classic "so... do you do this with many other girls?" which I deflect with humour. She keeps telling me how hot I am and how great the sex was. "This is crazy I have work in 5 hours". Lots of random chat and validating herself to me hard.

We go for another round and then I have to leave, it's late and I have work the next morning. She asks if I'd like to stay the night as it's late, which I politely decline. She tells me to let her know when I get home safe.

I didn't text, I was tired and went straight to bed. I hit her up this morning (few days later) with a text, we'll see if I get a response.


Don't overcomplicate Tinder

You don't need to chat excessively or arrange dates. I simply assumed she was DTF and invited myself to her apartment.

I went for what I wanted: a hookup. If she had pushed back or put up some resistance, I would have recalibrated the approach and settled for drinks. But by going for the hookup first, I didn't have to bother with any dates or drinks.

As a high SMV man, just going over to a girls apartment for easy sex is normal. She doesn't want to go on dates, and neither do you. Cut the bullshit and set the frame.

Watch their actions, don't listen to their words

From the very beginning her intentions were clear, she wanted to be fucked.

She was more than happy for me to come to her apartment, she purposely wore no bra and a lingerie thong, and she was dropping heavy IOIs from the second we met.

She put up some LMR at various stages as we progressed to sex, but I had no issues moving past them. It was never going to be a challenge, she had already made up her mind that she was going to fuck me.

The LMR is theatre, for her own peace of mind to assure herself she isn't a slut. She didn't give it up easily, things "just happened".

Fuck her good

We're doing the lords work here gentlemen.

Spare a moment for these poor lovely ladies, who have to deal with mediocre sex from betas and wannabe alphas who can't lay pipe to save their lives.

All they want is to be fucked mercilessly. To be manhandled. They want to submit, let go completely and be treated like a fuck toy.

Give them what they want, and they will be putty in your hands.