Long overdue field report up till this Thursday.

Last week

Early in week was walking towards a girl (Allison) who I already knew had a bf. Was just like fuck it and stopped myself to talk to her because I was having an approach anxiety reaction to the thought (so I overcame that thought). Had a small convo and brought up her shoes. Mentioned her bf got em, okay cool. Talked right past it and asked about places to thrift for clothes (I was about to go). Wrapped up the convo.

Saw the hb7.5 aura girl (her face is an 8) a few times (posting a question later about her), talked with her. She's still dating this weird chubby film student.

Last Thursday

Saw an hb6 just standing near the door standing eating a slim jim, and I was putting food in my bag. A couple thoughts about fear of rejection crossed my mind, but I barely noticed em and took action and walked up to her. Opened up by asking if she was afraid of the rain (it was raining). Led to her talking about her coat, and there was kino. We were discussing Halloween costumes, and she was then showing me pictures on her phone. Wrapped up by saying "we should hangout some time, what's your number?" Got her # and started texting. She said she had a bf in text she plays video game with, I was like "next." She then kept texting me (this week), and since I need texting practice, I was like why not. Now she hasn't responded. https://imgur.com/a/Vn735FH

Last Saturday

Driving through a burger king on my way to hangout with some members of theatre club. This 6 (7 in face) was at the window and wanted to get her #. I was confident, and it was the drive through so once I had my food there'd be nothing to loose.

me: hey, you're cute. What's your #? (before she could respond) Put it in my phone. What's your name?

her: name

me: I'm (name), mucho gusto. See anyone can do that. (her boss was tryna be funny and talk Spanish to a customer).

Told her to have a good night. https://imgur.com/a/bcRfLTJ

This Wednesday

Saw Emily hb5, her bodies nicer than face. So idk if she’s true 5. I’d hit. (busty redhead, DD cup) again sitting at the library. Did some small study myself then walked over and started talking to hear. We spoke for about 40 minutes and she was super comfortable at the end. She said she's autistic and has very bad social anxiety. Then she proceeds to tell me more personal things (well I ask, but she's revealing a lot). While telling me all these things she's like "Idk why I told you that" and "Idk what I said that." Due to her social anxiety she was saying things like "my hearts beating so fast right now." She was also getting giggly. Good kino of hands though all of this.

Also kept saying things like "my tops sliding down again, I had to wear these layers cause it's see through" and shit like that. Not sure if that's even supposed to mean anything, but I refrained from making any thirsty comment. Got her # this time as I was tryna convince her to join theatre. We got up and left together and I showed her the school auditorium and where theatre club would meet.

her: I can't act

me: I'm like it doesn't matter, you don't need to. We all have fun.

She asks if I can act and I say I can. I have her give me a small like to react to

her: your mom died

me getting into character and starts asking how she died

She's like "stop, you're gonna make me cry."

We got up and left for the auditorium. She'd be like "don't look at my shoes, I look like a grandma" and so I'd point out little things about her shoes. She was laughing and very comfortable in the end. She sent me a pigeon game on imessage which I lost so I did a rematch of 8ball pool on hard, and it's taking forever to beat her. I'm gonna play no more pigeon games with her after this, it's too platonic.

So that's my field report guys. Driving away from the burger king last Saturday gave me a realization. One that put a tear in my eye, I'm growing by cold approaching and doing the hard work most men skip. I’m talking to more women out in the world all the time now and cold approaching has gone up. I’m still a virgin, and have never had this kind of momentum before. It’s still difficult but the growth is worth the pain.

Thank you so much for the support.