Hello all, here are two field reports. I am in my mid 30s and I am approaching mostly 18-22 in a multi college area. I was married for long time and had only two LTR's prior to that. I have been a red pill reader and occasional question asker for many years even while I was married (I never did MRP).

[Time: Monday, 6:30pm | Weather: Rainy Night | Location: Outdoor Trolly Stop, Living/Metro Area] [19, Mongolian, Petite]

I am training another divorced friend who had been lifting beers from his couch for the past 20 years. He is a good man who shows up to work every day. He is completely Red Pill unaware, getting scrubbed by the ex with children, and he is thirsty for success. He's a dog right now, a beast. He almost has his first pull up. He comes over after work and we train, and sometimes go out afterwards. This evening, we finished training and had our traditional beer as well as our protein and broccoli sprouts (he is a smoker and I am getting him on the broccoli). I decided to walk with him to the bus so he could stay under my umbrella.

We are bummed about the storm because we were hoping to talk to girls. It is just starting to spit, and we are coming down a lane of row homes past a large outdoor trolly stop. The sidewalk gets tight around a corner and two lines of people form. My friend walks abreast me in the alley when I spotted what could be a beautiful Asian woman. I was wearing sun glasses at this moment for some reason. My friend sees me activate and instinctually walks out from my umbrella, into the rain, and leaves me to work.

"Hi," I say in my most masculine voice.

She pulls out an ear bud, looking annoyed in the rain. "Uh?"

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Yuni," she says with an interested spark.

"Come here so you're not in the way," I commanded and grabbed her by the shoulder to position her under my umbrella.

I now notice what she looks like under the light. She is a petite young Asian woman. Her nails are flashy and expensive. Her hair is styled and highlighted. She smells amazing. She is accessorizeed with gold ornamental jewlery and modern technological comforts. She is the ultimate rich foreign student.

"I'm walking my friend to the bus, don't you have an umbrella, or a friend to walk you?" I asked.

Giggling, she replied that "I should walk her home."

I told her that I couldn't, and that the rain wouldn't be too bad on her. I had to go, and she put her number in my phone. I texted her that night, she responded, and then I ignored her until Wednesday. I called her on Wednesday, and she didn't pick up. I called her on Thursday, and she didn't pick up. Then, on Friday she texted me that I keep calling her while she's busy. It was around 6:30pm, and I called her immediately. I told her that we're going out. She was with the sisterhood, who actually took my side, and helped me break her resistance to going out.

She told me she was too young to drink, so I made it a hot chocolate date. I told her to meet me at the trolley stop, and then I ordered a Dunkin with a few donuts. I brought them to the date, took her to the park, and we hit it off. She was wearing a belly tank top with no bra, and she was extremely easy to talk to. It turns out that she was on her period when I brought her home. She made herself extremely useful in other ways, and did something for me which I had only experienced one time from one crazy black model since my high school sweet heart. I hugged her and said "Mine." Boy, was I wrong.

I texted her the next day and got a great response. I ghosted, and then she called me that evening (Saturday night). She started texting that she was drunk. I got excited for another visit, and perhaps she was ready to stop lying about her period (or it was really over). Being the responsive guy in this saturday night was my mistake. I called her and invited her over. The sisterhood was there in full force, rating me at every moment. I could feel the heat through the phone from the sahara desert her panties became. But I didn't get it yet. I struggled for about a month mixing "nexting" with texting again in a week or two. I thought about her every day. I turned on Tom Leykis (look it up, boys) and started realizing what I did. Sometimes, you find the voice you need when you need it. This opened a floodgate of acceptance of the things I've been reading for years about women. I had experienced the savage nature of women, and it completely blindsided me.

[Time: Friday, 4:00pm | Weather: Overcast Afternoon | Location: Main city street running through college area] [20, Mixed Latina/Italian, Thick and Young Enough to Not Be Fat]

I was fighting the demons on this day. I finished up work from home and pried myself off of the computer to go walk for some water. I had the slight inclination that I'd talk to women, which I grew into a a desire. I turned the corner and saw the blur of a girl. She was showing a ton of leg in tight black spandex gym shorts.

"Hey," I said before looking at her fully.

She pulled her ear bud out.

"Hello?" she asked inquisitively.

"Nice to meet you," I said, and offered my hand. She gripped me with one of the strongest shakes I have ever felt from a woman. Sometimes women do this when they are lesbians, but she was smiling. We flirted about this for a while.

"I might want to hang out with you," I suggested.

"Look, I'm going somewhere now, why don't I give you my number..." This was the first time a girl was asking to give me her number, and I hadn't asked for anything yet. I had to push it.

"I'll get your number after our date. Come on, we need to get some coffee." I grabbed her hand. She began rambling behind me. I said to myself, "This is the hamster!" Wait, how old are you? Where are we going? What did you say your name was? My dad is a powerful lawyer. My location is on right now, so you know. I am not going home with you (hearing this excited me!). After this, you are coming with me to run my errand. I was amused by all of these, and sometimes answered, and sometimes joked. For instance, I agreed that I am a serial killer but I only kill men. Women are too easy, no challenge.

I took her to buy the water that I needed, with the plan that I'd need to drop it off at home before running her errand. She obliged, and hamstered for nearly the entire way, until I kissed her. This shut her up and made her immediately melt submissively. She started begging for more kissing instead of questioning my intentions. I took her home and had a great domination session. I learned her name after she left and checked my phone. This girl was extremely addicted to me, and it made me feel very safe, and very compassionate toward her. I love a submissive, feminine woman. She is also a rich party girl and has an ex boyfriend in her life. But, thanks to my lesson learned, I was never expecting anything from her to begin with. I appreciated her honesty and her willingness to hamster her sex life to me. This time, I realized that a woman who is so open about her porn watching, about her kinks, about her past sexual experiences, is also the same woman who came home with me after meeting on the sidewalk.

I have respected that she is a plate, or more like an FWB because I enjoy spending some time with her. I had a stage of oneitis when she went back home and was being unresponsive. I came here to The Red Pill, this time looking for fellowship. I found a lot of oneitis posts and advice, and began focusing hard on other women. I didn't fuck up once with this chick. I didn't send needy texts, I didn't call. I didn't get grouchy or needy when she finally did call. She had been going through a lot and deserved some respect after being such a great, kinky woman with no strings attached. I checked off a lot of bucket list items with her, and gave her the most amazing sex of her life, many times.

Now she is making it clear that she's not fucking anybody and has broken it off completely with the ex. She's on a loyalty arc. I took her out the other night to a place dancing and she tried to get a girls number. She has sexual experience with women and I think that's pretty hot. She wants to tie women up like I tie her up. She has commented a lot that she would love to fuck another woman with me but I don't really respond to that because it seems to be dangerous territory (involving another woman).

I am assuming that I will get The Talk soon. I have been reading about The Talk and the different types of LTRs you can shoot for. I assume that this woman is for the streets but it appears that she is organically organizing herself into what appears to be LTR material. She is in school and lives across the country, so it may be worth some kind of trial run.

Thank you for reading.