Over the last week I've been mulling over an offer I received from a friend of a close relative. He lives on a wooded couple of acres 2 min away from a beach, been there for decades and knows everyone.

The offer is as follows: move to a cabin on his property, work part time for his business and have a free run to build and grow as much garden as I want. It's something I've wanted to do for a while and have even done stretches of it during last summer.

My niche technical trade I've been plying for the last 8 years would however have to take a bit of a backseat. I have about 600k at 33 years old chugging along in index funds so I'm not necessarily jumping into the void. Expenses would be minimal and barter, whether labor or product, is quite lively in the area.

The area I'm thinking of moving to has piles of retirees and not a whole lot of nightlife. Im in my mid 30s and have generally had very minimal success with women. In effect, making this lifestyle change to semi-rural green thumb would further cement me on a mgtow path. Personally ive never really used that label, but figure that at some point you have to be realistic with what you are to yourself. I do not want to marry in NA due to predatory laws and my boorishness is another nail in the coffin.

Have a married friend with 2 kids that thinks this is a childish flight of fancy. But I'm sick of cities and want to live on the cheap, fish in the untouched coastline and build subterranean greenhouses by hand. It puts me further on the path of no legacy(kids), but I wasn't getting anywhere in that regard from where I am now anyway.

Tell me if I sound crazy for wanting to live a Richard Proenneke life.

Thank you for your time.