This was the london day game pdf I was using the last 6 months: ttps://

I'm going to be transparent with you gentlemen, I have nothing to hide. I'm no sperg, fuck that's not right.. I am a sperg and it's because I chose this path. Unlike the natural and beautiful ways of the cosmos, I've replaced natural conversation with an over sanded, jungle-brained interpretation of TRP seduction. I've been taking all the seduction related material extremely literal for far too long. I'm pulling back on the strategy

This is obvious from my field reports and many conversations had off the forums. I'm not a sperg in any other social contexts, just with the female and seduction aspects on TRP. This pernicious view is rooted in my game/seduction, and it needs resetting. @Vermillion-Rx and a couple other guys have been saying this to me for a LONG time now. I'm not saying I'm forgetting TRP or anything, I'm just starting over with seduction. I'm going to pull back on the strategy and go with the flow now.

Field Report

Before I walked into class I reviewed the steps to a london day game (LDG) pdf like I usually do before a social day. The information is solid, it's just my internalization and application of it goes south because it all gets caught in a "sperg filter." With the pressure to adhere to the LDG structure, I was feeling uneasy. I skipped algebra and went straight into calculus. (It's a great pdf.. I'm just too spergish for it).

Girl 1 HB6.5-7 I am not exaggerating the events of this field report, I said what I said.

She was sitting alone at a table in the common eating/snack area. I think we made eye contact once as I walked into the building, I approached later. My silly ass couldn't come up with a better opener so I chose her water bottle. m e: hey, I like your water bottle. You must really like blue.

her: uh it was just what the store had

me: I'm nick, what's your name? (she gives name)

me: didn't stack, and couldn't vibe very well, so asked a couple more questions

me: I see you got a planner there, you like staying organized.

her: yes

me: im gonna guess you're a nurse.

her: no

me: oh, cool. pause I gotta run, what's your number?

her: awkward uhh, I have.. a boyfriend.

me: I understand, have a good day.

I doubt she had a boyfriend, but I deserved that answer. I may have already been in a heightened state for other reasons. Undoubtedly though, trying to adhere to the pdf's structure coupled with approach anxiety made this interaction so rigid and unnatural, I deserve some virgincoins. Besides trying to hit on those girls at the teenybopper fair last year, this was literally my worst approach ever.

Being rusty (and was never even proficient to begin), and a lost sperg is a sure way to dry up vaginas.

Girl 2 HB6 She's on the chubbier side and dressed slutty. She's also from my public speaking class, so the goal was to use our professor as an opener.

me: hey, you're from class right?

her: yeah I am

us: (got each other's names)

me: our professors kinda cool, yeah? he's a hippy, you can tell by his hair.

her: yeah, I'm also a little hippy

me: did you know he also helps out with the band?

her: no I didn't

me: yeah I think he said that the first class (he 100% did). you probably had some fuzzy memory from the haze that morning.

us: (talk a little about what she does, sports journalist and loves baseball. my spergish conversation led it to this point, and it was all rapport building).

her: (something) where are you from?

me: guess

her: idk, Arkansas

me: no

her: Texas?

me: nah, do I sound like I have an accent? I'm actually from the a land out on the west coast.

her: (cant remember)

me: California

She goes on to explain how her boyfriend is from California or something. Fuck. I tuned out after that line, told her it was nice meeting her, then left.

Girl 3 HB7 short and tight latina walking down the hallway opposite direction of me.

me: (while she's still in front of me) those are nice shoes

Her eyes widened and with a big smile said thanks. Because I didn't think I could stack, vibe, invest, and close all in that short hallway interaction with us about to walk by each other, (plus being 0-2) I just kept walking. The irony is this girl expressed the MOST interest from my opener than all the other girls. I really sperged out on this one.

Today's realization is that my spergish outlook on seduction is killing my results. I'm starting fresh by cutting it all away.

While still being honest, I didn't feel any sting of rejection either of those times. My last job conditioned me to rejection, BUT I WAS ADRENALIZED FROM THE APPROACH ANXIETY.. It lingered for a good hour afterwards. It's the big "cold approach", pickup, TRP, guru shit that frightens a sperg minded individual.

While still being honest, I didn't feel any sting of rejection either of those times. My last job conditioned me to rejection and using law of averages etc. BUT I WAS ADRENALIZED FROM THE APPROACH ANXIETY.. It lingered for a good hour afterwards. It's the big "cold approach", pickup, TRP, guru shit that frightens a sperg-minded individual. Today is probably going to be my biggest realization of the year, I'm way worse than I thought. It's a blank slate with seduction and approaches for me. For the rest of the week and all next week I'm just going to be present in conversation with people, formless and free of conversational structure, and just have fun. I'll follow that with closes and numbers. Shit tests still exist, and I won't think twice about passing them. Let's just see how far I can go with my natural self.

If someone or multiple users on these forums are calling you a "sperg", fucking look into it. They're onto something, it's 100% destructive behavior.

The sperg-outlook has effectively ruined my chances in succeeding at seduction. 100% failure rate. It's also bled into other areas of life, my shit-head supervisor saying I ask too many "dumb questions." He's right, not all of em were good or worth answering. I've also doubted my social intuition on a few occasions, but that's separate. It's time to dial back the compulsion I have for game and just work with my personality and RP awareness. I've been here since the start of last year, and then some. I know this isn't necessary, but I want thank everyone and this wonderful community for their investment in me, trying to help me grow. I've already started this year off differently, and will see this all through. I'll lose my virginity in time, and things will fall into place from my hard work and sound thinking.

Thanks for reading. Have a good lay.