Just noticed title can be misleading, giving the impression I was being an ass. Too late to change now.

I don't mean to sound like an asshole typing this. We had a fun time playing pool afterwards in the game room. I got Biology girl (HB 4.5-5) to be friendly with another girl I knew. I was very inclusive, but at the time I had decided to break the rule I established for myself of only gaming 6s and up. If I'm going to put up with shit tests and girls, it will be from ones I'm into. I made this rule for myself when she ghosted me the last time I invited her to hangout. We already know she ghosted me because I fumbled my texting game hard, so now I'll fumble with a girl I'm actually into.

So I was set on breaking my rules because I wanted to make out and have my hands in a vagina, maybe get a BJ (and of course fuck, even got 4 free trojans from my school yesterday because it was National Contraception Day). I told her to follow me to a park, and this is how the interaction went once we got outta our cars. I'm leaning on my car, and she's across from me. I was already deciding against it on the drive, but I took another look at her and settled against it. I do want BJS and access to pussy, just not from her.

Her: So, I almost lost you back there.

Me: pause

Her: awkward laugh

Me: small laugh Hey, I actually gotta go.

Her: What, noooo. Where?

Me: without hesitation Optometrist as I'm walking away

Her: Did you just remember?

Me: Something like that.

I was gonna swing by tomorrow anyways to pickup some trial contacts. Just did it today instead. I've still been cold approaching and gaming other girls that are 6s and up. This isn't a bragging post, so please don't interpret it that way. I was very friendly to her today. This is about me sticking with to my standards, and not wasting time on dead ends. I’m not going to game her anymore. I really hope you guys can see this from my POV.