Update to that toxic group that kicked me out on a false accusation due to NPD girl. I'm satisfied. Also, lesson to give all of you on revenge (at least partially)

A bit long but I want to vent and to illustrate a valuable point at the same time. Yeah my post is shameless and smug for how I normally present myself, but I want to relish in my victory over people who stabbed me in the back, so, so be it.

Tonight I went out to a country bar, the one I by far have the most social proof at.

Texted a girl I was hitting it off with on last Saturday and we met there tonight.

About 30 mins into being there and killing it on the dance floor I see the group that kicked me out over NPD girl from my previous posts.

(Turns it out is was a male asshole that falsely accused me, not the girl. Must of saw me as a threat to his fragile ego or something. Got a text meant for him one time saying I was picking up NPD girl to take her home and for him not to bother). I think he had an axe to grind after that and used my moment of weakness to accuse me

Anyhow, I see a good chunk of the people there that shot me in the back firing-squad style during that rapid betrayal, including a white knight that NPD girl sounds like she was also fucking at the time.

Thing was, however, that two girls in that group love me and still do. Their opinion of me is almost indestructible, and they were sitting smack dab in the group of girls that threw me under the bus when ass-wipe falsely accused me. They've stayed on my side through this.

On the other end of the dance floor was NPD girl's other possible fling. As to why he was being a damn loner when there was a group of other girls he came with that he knew is beyond me but he was talking to no one.

So anyway, I don't let the traitors phase me, even though I can feel my mood shifting a bit at first. I just keep doing my thing, which is killing it on the floor and having a good time.

All of a sudden I hear these wildly loud cheers and I look up and it's the girls that love me. They're cheering my name and everything every time I do a fancy dip on my partner. This goes on for like 3-4 songs

One of the organizers that personally voted to kick me out was behind them and doing that sideways mouth pout where girls get frustrated and blow air out of their mouth with mostly closed lips.

That cunt's blood was boiling and it made me that much more determined to rub it in her face. I kept doing my best moves in front of the bitch after that because I'd get cheers from the girls next to that cunt.

There were other girls in the group that didn't bother to help me at the time I got betrayed that had to sit and watch as well.

Then there was that other NPD girl's fling that tried sabotaging me and putting in a bad word for me (not the dude that accused me, just NPD girl's other possible fling)

Dude was already jealous of me before shit hit the fan. He hated watching NPD girl prefer me at these dance venues so he helped throw me under the bus when push came to shove.

He was watching the shit out of me. I started doing fancy ass dips right in front of where he was sitting just to rub it in as well. I knew 100% he didn't know the moves I was doing and I was calculated about it.

He was pissed. I could see the contempt brewing under the solemn poker face he was struggling to keep up past his dead eyes. Dude had to re-live getting one-upped by me and watch girls cheer my on while he sat alone.

I was having the time of my life, the girl I was dancing with was laughing her ass off and smiling ear to ear with me, while every other fuck that stabbed me in the back looked fucking miserable there. Girl I was with had no idea any of these fucks disliked me because of the cheers.

They couldn't even enjoy themselves. They were stuck being unable to take their eyes off me as I became the center of attention and was clearly just beaming from ear to ear, all the while girls in their own group were bucking their negative opinion of me in front of them.

The rest of my night was awesome. People kept putting in good words for me all night and I kept making more friends. I couldn't escape a compliment despite seeing a number of people I despise infiltrate my scene.

I didn't know any of those girls from that group were coming, friend or foe. I was just doing my thing. I didn't let it phase me. I used it as fuel if anything and they had to soak it in. None of them could escape it except by leaving, which they did at some point.


No matter what people put you through, no matter how outnumbered you are by the people that have dragged you down, stabbed you in the back, or left you for dead, stand tall and live a good life.

There's no sharp amount of words I've had brewing around my mind to say to these fucks that could have ever peirced deeper than them having to see me live a better life than them in-spite of what they thought of me.

Let miserable people watch you flourish while they languish. Revenge is better served by living a good life than by digging two graves.