TL;DR at bottom

I took my first big trip to Europe for about 2 weeks to go see the Monza F1 race and explore some cities in Italy. I'm 25 and sell Ferrari in the States so I had an opportunity to use the factory and some vacation time to explore over there. I met this Finnish chick who lives in Italy on tinder and met up with her the second night. Gaming went great with great Kino etc, closed with sex on the first date, made her cum 4 times both clit and pen. All things considered I felt it was by the book. Met her the second night as well with the same outcums, and after that session, she kept saying why can't you live here, I hate that you live so far away etc. Definitely made a good impression on her based on the other guys she must've been seeing.

Monza is a small town, and she had let me know the whole town new she was with me and all her friends were asking etc. We were out and about eating and drinking before I closed ofc, so some of her friends saw us out. She was very feminine, went out of her way to please me etc. and was really upset that I was leaving. Even said she was scared to lose me to girls in my city.

I left for Venice where I spent a few days, she would hit me up on what's app constantly, but I only talked with a voice message once a day, and I think we talked once on the phone over the 4 days I was there. I had decided to extend my vacation and head to a lake country with a buddy and his family, and I called her to say I wanted her to stay out by the lake with me for the weekend. She got super excited, and made plans to take a train to meet me there.

Obviously while we were together, I got to know her a little better. She's 25, had a LTR from 19-23 and was engaged until she was cheated on and they broke it off. Spent the last 2 years finishing school and working for a makeup manufacturer that deals with mostly US based companies. Her friends try to hook her up with guys, but she says they aren't what she's looking for, and she's become a little more independent and said she wanted to make up for lost time/learn more about what she likes and wants to do in life etc. (May be CC, or just experiencing life outside the LTR). Her family is from Finland, but her brother lives in her Berlin, and her Parent's live in Singapore to run the Asian market of their company. Definitely a wealthy family, but I can tell her parent's aren't giving her handouts.

The biggest thing I noticed about her in comparison to these US girls is a value system of traditional views, and her willingness to be super submissive and let me lead. I live in one of the biggest party cities in the US, and all these girls here are just here for the thrill of the weekend and are super basic and barebones. Basically, I found Unicorn qualities. I led a textbook frame through the weekend. And she cried while I dropped her off at the train at 5:30 AM so she could head back.

She really wants to visit me in the US, and her work has her Traveling here in February, but she also wants to plan a trip before then. I have never had the opportunity of a LDR before so I'm in the dark with to do here. I'm 100% understanding this is a FWB situation, and if we see each other again so be it. I have plates in my city. But what is to be done to maintain a connection for months at a time? Do any of guys lead a successful LDR while gaming girls locally? I figure the most important part of maintaining something like this is to have calendar dates and goals to meet each other again. Set a time line etc. Some of you military guys may have some input on this.

TL;DR I met a finnish girl in Italy, had a movie script love weekend by the lake where I left a great imprint on her. She want's to visit me in the US in a few months. How do I maintain something like this?