Friend who usually runs security at a club invited me out tonight with his friends. It was one of the guys birthday's, so it was 3 other guys and I. They were all older that I was, and I got to hang with them. One of the guys even saw his coworker there, and she was there with her friend, who was also coincidentally there with her Mom (birthday girl) and her friends. So that was just a lot more social proof because I showed up with these guys. Going clubbing with people is advantageous because it's social proof, and you can retreat to your friends when you need space or to rest.

Side note: Despite only having 2 drinks, clubbing makes it hard for me to fall asleep. It might be the lights and loud music, it's hard for me to settle down in bed after.

At our table this milf (HB 6.5) walks up two of us and gets our names. She's married and talks asks about us and what we do. She looks good for her age (37) and we both guess 28 and 27(my guess). This woman celebrating her 3 friends birthday in the text I mentioned earlier. Made the mistake of asking what her plans were for the night, she replied she's here to dance then go to bed. She's talking with me and telling about how she's old, but I keep denying and saying she's young. Then she's talking about how I'm so young, and that she'll buy me a tequila shot because I need to experience life. I accept, but a great flirty line would've been "you can help my lack of experience with more than just a tequila shot." Didn't think of it at the time, but that would've been gold. There was definitely light flirting going on. Some light kino, and she reciprocates, she walks off to dance. Mate turns to me and says she's into me and that I should start dancing with her. Also that I should dance on her, but I said that's going too fast for a married woman, and I need to warm up myself. I still have some reservations about myself, but I drop all those later as you'll read about. If a married woman is giving IOIs, flirt back. A little bit of harmless flirting isn't gonna hurt anyone. Also let them live in the present, and go with the flow. Don't ask them about their future plans.

We were all sitting at a table, and I decided to be the first one to step onto the dance floor with my Corona. I was a little stiff starting out, but as I was getting to the bottom of it I loosening up a lot (I actually like dancing). Danced next to the milf a little, she gets us both a tequila shot, and after more dancing she sits back down with her friends. Now I'm loose and popping moves with this girl (HB 5) across from me who I start dancing with is like "YEAAAH" and "YES". Spin her a few times and my inhibition's are gone now, I'm having fun. We start dancing closer and then like a smooth mofo I move from her side to slightly behind her and she starts grinding on me for like 5 minutes. This is the second time a girl has ever grinding on me in my life, so that's exciting but she isn't my type. I didn't get erect, and we're having fun even after I stop to break it off after the few minutes. I'm not 100% on this, but I thought I saw for a second a small look of disappointment on her face when I stepped out from behind her.

Still dancing more, but move into a couple larger groups and now other guys start hitting on her. It's truly a great vibe and we're all just enjoying ourselves (my group is still elsewhere). I ask the milf sitting down by herself to dance, and she said she's good and has to watch the drink.. my immediate response was "okay, have fun." It seems being loose and relaxed when dancing is a turn on for girls. If you're genuinely enjoying yourself on the dancefloor, it exudes confidence and breeds comfort with everyone around you. Just don't forget to move your hips.

The girl who grinded on me was definitely interested. When we'd both be off the dance floor, she'd grab my shoulder touch my back when walking by. Glad she had a good time. Back to dancing, now one guy from our group is on the dance floor with me and his coworker. It was a nice little small group, we owned the dance floor for a little while there. I took a break to approach 2 girls that were playing a little game the bar had set up. I had internalized what you guys told me about trying too hard, so I was more myself and during the night. I wasn't trying to game one of girls (HB 6.5) per se, but getting her number was on my mind. I'm beating her when this guy walks up and starts fucking up the game by pulling out and moving pieces for her. I instantly knew he was running asshole game he looked to be late 20s). I decided not to really one up him because I wanted to see his asshole game. Of course lots of it was directed at me, but I was cool about it. She had to go and he got her number, then explicitly told me "I don't care about this game anymore, I just wanted her number". I'm new to handling guys throwing shade at me over girls, how do I handle these assholes?"

Wrapping up the night, it's the second to last dance and off away from the dance floor are a couple of women (30s) dancing. A JAY-Z song just came on and I'm just a few feet away standing and talking with my group, so I decide why not dance with the ladies. I approach one of em from the side while grooving and making eye contact and after about 30 seconds she turns slightly and I position myself behind her. We start grinding, then I have one of my hand on her hips and the other one free. Now I could've pulled her a little closer, but it was chill. I saw her friends a few feet to our left smiling and talking about us. I couldn't help but let out a small laugh. Now one of her friends comes over from the bar and starts dancing on me from the behind, then moves to my left. Her side then her ass was pointed at me, and I thought for a couple of seconds she was trying to push me outta the way. Maybe she wanted me to grind on me too, but I wasn't sure so I just stood my ground. Then before the song ended, one of her friends legit grabbed her by the hand and pulled her away from me to the bathroom, LOL. Then the lights turned on and I thanked the boys then went home. If a girl is dancing on you, her friends may try and push you outta the way. Always hold ground and frame.

My confidence and comfort with women went up a solid 2 points from this night alone.

Thanks for reading.